Navarasa – Season 1 Episode 3 “Project Agni: Adbhuta” Recap & Review

Project Agni

Episode 3 of Navarasa begins with a gun being loaded and a camera rolling. Vish sits in front of the camera and admits that his memory is a mess. He’s unsure whether he’ll be able to go back to how he was, as fragments of the past start to bleed through.

Vish phones Krishna and requests his attendance at his house. He’s found something major and wants his help. Krishna wants to recruit him but Vish refuses to be tied down. However, he’s too busy studying 2012. Specifically, the Mayan doom calendar.

Although nothing happened, Vish believes an advanced alien race known as the Anunnaki are responsible for the world being created. He goes on to mention astrology and how it’s tied into this too, given its accuracy. No Vish, it’s just ridiculously vague on purpose so it’s relevant to a large group of people. Anyway, I digress.

Vish can somehow control the reality around him, claiming that on the 21st December our dream world has begun to be removed from this plane of reality. Well, to combat this Vish has started to record his subconscious thoughts and has a machine upstairs to help with that.

However, it seems like Vish has somehow changed his reality through using this machine. Those memories of his family are gone – and after using the machine so too are his family photos.

With Vish ready to kill himself in the hopes that it’ll bring him back to his family, a knock at the door throws him off his game. Krishna shows up with his partner. It turns out Kalki morphed himself to look like Krishna to fool Vish into giving up Solution A, the serum used for this machine.

The Episode Review

Navarasa returns for an episode that throws in a litany of different sci-fi film references while blending theories from The Time Machine, Interstellar, Inception and The Matrix together.

While interesting in theory, when you actually dive into what’s being said, there are a lot of flaws to the logic. Besides, astrological signs and using that as part of a compelling argument doesn’t quite work when you realize star signs are just intentionally vague to appeal to a wide range of people.

However, the episode is intriguing and the editing at the start is actually really well shot to really bring you into the world immediately. Beyond that though, the plot fails to really expand on its ideas, feeling like a half-baked medley of different sci-fi influences.

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