Naughty Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Love Always Prevails

Naughty Babe episode 8 starts with Diao and Yi preparing for their wedding. Before the big day, Yi introduces his mom and stepsisters to Diao. They are all warm and welcoming towards Diao. Diao is touched by Yi’s mom and says she reminds him of his mom. Yi reckons Diao’s mom would be so proud of him and living more than his dad. On their way back to the room, Yi asks Diao to reconsider his plan to escape. Sadly, Diao says his mind is made up and refuses to tell Yi more. 

Does Diao manage to escape?

 Diao’s friends try to help him escape in the most outrageous and ridiculous plan. For the better part of the episode, Kuea, Nuea, Syn, Winner and Thames help Diao disguise himself and get away from Yi and Makorn’s bodyguards. Their first escape plan doesn’t work, and they improvise. Of course, Yi does his best to stop Dia, and they comically fight before Diao uses a distraction to escape again. Only Lian remains behind to watch the chaos unfold and enjoy the drama. He is a total vibe! 

What happens after Diao ‘escapes’?

Makorn threatens to make the Wongtheerawit pay since Diao is the one who messed up by running away. Makorn threatens to take away the racing track land and leave the Wongtheerawit with nothing. Makorn asks him to reflect on himself and blames him for how things turned out. He insists that the Wongtheerawit were the first to start the blackmailing game. 

Once Satha realises his mistake, he apologises and begs for mercy. Makorn forgives him and asks him to stop protecting Sathaphon and his son. They continue to wait for Diao to turn up. Makorn is adamant only Diao can decide his fate, and he asks Satha not to force his Diao to get married if he doesn’t want to.

Does Yi find Diao?

Well, technically, he never left. He didn’t manage to escape the hotel so Yi finds him and proposes again. Their friends watch as the two of them confess their love and decide to get married. 

Does the wedding happen?

Thankfully, Yi and Diao love each other and want nothing else but to tie the knot. With everything finally settled, they walk down the aisle in a beautiful ceremony and celebrate their love. Their friends, parents and family cheer and wish them well.  

Diao makes up with his dad and asks him to consider selling the racing track land at a reasonable price to the Chen family. He is clear that he will no longer be a Wongtheerawit but will still respect his father. He begs his dad to stop using him to threaten the Chen family. Satha apologises. He acknowledges he is proud of Diao and loves him. 

After the wedding, Yi and Diao consummate their relationship in one hell of a steamy scene! It felt like we were invading a private moment! The chemistry was off the hook. 

How Does Naughty Babe End? 

The show ends with a three-year time jump, and Diao is happy he married Yi. The couple is thriving and adopted two kids, a boy and a girl. The show ends with them celebrating their daughter’s birthday and taking family pictures. 

The Episode Review

As Lian said, love always wins. Nothing fully encapsulates the relationship between Yi and Diao like this statement. They battled within and against themselves and survived. It is a beautiful ending to a rather sweet love story.  As fans who first saw them in Cutie Pie, we can’t ask for more. 

Sadly, as the show takes a final bow, it dawns on us that this is the last time we will see other characters, such as Lian, Kuea, Syn and Nuea. We will certainly miss them!

With that said, let us know what you liked about Naughty Babe; we love hearing from you guys!

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