Naughty Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Truth in The Lies

Naughty Babe episode 5 picks up where we left off, with Diao embracing Yi to calm him down. After Yi recovers from his panic attack, he thanks Diao for comforting him and assures the young man that he is fine. Diao promises to be there and is willing to protect him. He asks Yi to put aside what is bothering him or at least tell him about it. 

Yi admits he has to always act strong for Diao’s sake. However, Diao reminds him that no one is perfect and he doesn’t have to bear the burden on his own. Diao is hoping Yi won’t be burdened with looking after him. He says he is no longer a 7-year-old boy and can handle himself. He confesses it has been tough for him not knowing why Yi is caring for him. He is afraid Yi is only doing it out of duty and not love. 

He notices Yi is hurt and stands up to fetch the first aid box, he ends up stepping on shattered glass and hurts his foot. Yi carries him to the bedroom and they administer first aid to each other. They continue with their conversation and Yi claims he doesn’t act out of duty; he protects and cares for Diao because he wants to. 

Diao asks him to propose again even though his memory is gone and he can’t remember Diao trying to escape. Once Yi gets on his knees and proposes again, Diao accepts him.  They then seal the proposal with an affectionate kiss. 

The next morning, Diao questions if Yi’s memory is back because he keeps referring to Nong as the bulging-eyed dog. Yi quickly leaves for work and Diao promises they will continue their conversation from the previous night later.  He sees his man off and insists he has something to take care of at the house.  Through a flashback, we learn Diao asked Yi to tell him about the dynamic between their families. Yi was ready to tell him everything but Diao then claimed he was sleepy and they went to bed. 

Back at the office, Yi informs Secretary Kim and Aon that he plans to marry Diao in three weeks. Secretary Kim reminds him that she has a newborn baby and can’t help with the wedding preparation. Yi understands and asks Aon to get everything ready. He is adamant that the wedding should be kept secret and Diao’s security should be prioritized. Later, Aon calls someone to share the news. 

In the meantime, Diao calls his dad and asks to know why the Chen family have to take care of him. His dad is not forthcoming with the details and says he doesn’t want to be reminded of the past. He asks Diao to continue living with the Chens and stop complaining since he has a better life. Diao says he wants to help his family and the dad insists he can help by staying at Yi’s side. He hangs up after telling Diao he loves him. 

Sathaphon drops by Diao’s dad’s office and they talk about their strategy to get more money from the Chen family.  Sathaphon questions why Diao’s dad won’t tell his son the truth. Diao’s dad explains it is because he made a deal with Makorn never to tell Diao about the past. Sathaphon asks if Diao has mentioned his upcoming wedding and Satha ( Diao’s dad) is shocked to hear this news. 

The two discuss more about the racing circuit. Sattha says he has no money to pay for Sathapon’s auto parts business.  Sattha suggests they wait until Diao and Yi’s wedding to get the money. However, Sathaphon notes that the marriage between the two families has no guarantees. Satha informs him that he will try to get the Chen family to sign a new contract before Yi and Diao get married. He wants to split the dowry fairly, especially the land share of the racing track. Sathaphon pleads with him to remember to give him his share. Sattha assures him not to worry.

Back at Diao and Yi’s home, Diao struggles to put the pieces together. The more he thinks about it, the more confused he gets. Yi arrives home and is shocked when Diao suddenly gives him a back hug.  Diao shares his frustration about being in the dark. He tells Yi about his call with his dad. Diao is disappointed that his father is using him to extort money from the Chens.  He is also concerned that Makorn and Yi allow his family to take advantage of them. Diao thinks it is because he is with Yi. He argues that it might be better if he left. He starts crying and Yi comforts him. The thought of Diao leaving terrifies Yi. 

On the other hand, we see Chen on a call. The other party informs him that Yi’s car is being inspected at the Chen family factory. He is also told about the staff changes in Makorn’s house. The other party wants Chen to handle the matter on his own. Instead, Chen approaches Sathaphon and asks him to intervene. Sathaphon believes there is nothing to worry about as long as Chen followed all his instructions.

He asks Chen if he checked all the security cameras and watched his back when messing with Yi’s car.  However, Chen didn’t and he also went to the hospital during Yi’s stay there. He is sure no one saw him. Unfortunately, Aon did but not long enough to be able to positively identify him. Sathaphon is furious and asks Chen not to act suspiciously any more. He offers to handle the matter.

Night draws by and Dioa asks Yi what he knows about the deal between the Chens and the Wongtheerawit. Diao is suspicious of Yi and blatantly asks him if his memory has returned. Finally, Yi comes clean and explains when he got back his memory. Diao is angry but not at Yi exactly.  He thinks he is to blame for the accident and everything else. He asks Yi to call off their wedding, arguing it will be for the best. He doesn’t want them to be trapped in whatever negotiations are going on between their families.

Yi apologizes and promises to do better for Diao. He begs him not to leave and confesses his true feelings. Sadly, Diao is not convinced he is not to blame in this situation. After Yi begs him, Diao decides to start taking matters into his own hands. He asks Yi to trust him and call off the wedding. Yi is surprised but agrees. 

The following day, Yi visits Makorn and they go over the report of the car involved in the accident. Makorn blames Yi for being too complacent and letting his guard down. Yi argues the target was Diao and the most likely suspect is someone from the Wongtheerawit family.  Makorn asks Yi to find the culprit and deal with him. Otherwise, he says he will step in to handle the matter and disown Yi.  The scene cuts to Sattha at his office, thinking about Diao’s question. He thinks about texting Diao about the upcoming wedding then changes his mind. 

We circle back to Makorn and Yi. Yi orders Aon to look into the possible suspect who messed with the car. Makorn advises Yi to use all the resources at his disposal to find the culprit. Once again, he reminds Yi to take good care of Diao. He is worried something might happen to his favourite son-in-law. 

Yi asks if he should let Diao go just like Makorn left his mom. Makorn clarifies Yi’s mom left him because he was not forthcoming about his feelings for her. He advises Yi to do better than him and treat Diao better before it is too late. Makorn says he is proud of Yi but his son continues provoking him and he orders him out.

Later, Lian and Yi meet at the Pentagon. Yi confides in Lian all his problems. Lian grows concerned to hear that Yi has yet to tell Diao about the attempt on his life. Yi argues that Diao will be heartbroken to learn someone from his family wants him dead.  He is also worried that Diao will take matters into his own hands and fall into the culprit’s hands. Yi wants to at least identify the mastermind first. He also tells Yi about Diao’s plan to call off their wedding. Lian is shocked to hear this latest turn of events. 

Meanwhile, Diao is on his way to Kuea and Lian’s house when he notices two cars following him. One of the cars turns out to be Mr Chenne, who offers to give him a ride. Diao quickly declines the offer. The second car belongs to Yi’s bodyguards and Diao is able to identify them easily. He loses them and safely gets to Kuea’s house. 

There he updates his friend on the recent developments. Kuea advises him to quickly turn down Mr Chenne’s advances and is curious about Yi assigning bodyguards to  Diao.  After hearing Diao lost the guards, Yi calls him. Diao explains he is with Kuea and they have a video call. Yi finds it annoying that Kuea and Lian are using the video call to their advantage. 

After the call, Yi advises Lian to keep an eye out for Kuea. He is sure that whatever Diao is planning, will involve Kuea. Lian asks if Yi will really give up on Diao. Of course, Yi says he will marry Diao at all costs.  He has a plan to deal with the Wongtheerawit. Yi plans to go into hiding for a while and play the victim.  The episode ends with Diao explaining the plan to Kuea and asking for his help. It goes without saying that Lian is on board too. 

The Episode Review

Finally, Yi came clean about his amnesia! Thank goodness!  Although this episode didn’t give us a lot of sweet moments, it allowed us to see Yi and Diao work out some fundamental issues in their relationship. However, to move forward, Yi needs to tell Diao everything. Otherwise, they will be taking one step forward and ten steps backwards. 

Secondly, there are so many suspects that come to mind when we think about the Chen’s enemies. We have Chen, Satthapon, Sattha and maybe the son of the guard who saved Diao and Yi when they were young. We know Chen, Sathaphon and Diao’s stepmom are responsible for the accident but who is Aon feeding information to?

Once again, it is good to see our beloved Lian and Kuea and they continue to be loving and sweet husbands. It is exactly how we pictured them and we are grateful that Naughty Babe allows us to see their happily ever after. We also gotta commend them for being good friends to Yi and Diao. I can’t wait to learn Diao’s plans in the next episode. Are you excited to see how it plays out?

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