Naughty Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Heart Never Forgets

Naughty Babe episode 4 picks up where we left off, with Lian arriving home to find Yi, Diao and Kuea angry. Lian questions what Yi did to our cuties and the most unserious fight ever ensues. As expected, Kuea is firmly on team Lian and Diao is on team Yi even though he is still pissed at his man. It is giving loyalty vibes!

After the fight, Diao comes to Yi’s defense and they all try to calm down. Yi- then explains that the two women mentioned, Ing-ing and Aun-aun, are his step sisters. Kuea is immediately apologetic and turns into the most soft-spoken man ever. He claims he is only worried for his best friend and begs Yi to have mercy on Diao for wrongfully accusing him of cheating. 

As Kuea takes Diao to the side, Yi begs Lian to warn Kuea to stay out of his relationship matters. He wants to handle the situation with Diao personally and Yi apologises for the misunderstanding.

With the matter settled, Yi and Diao head home. At home, they talk about Yi’s memory of his family. Diao is sad that Yi doesn’t remember him and questions if he is important to the latter. Yi tells him that he knows things have been hard for him. Yi admits he has most likely been acting like his dad and not expressing his feelings enough. 

He confesses that he still loves Diao even with his memory gone. The brain might have forgotten but his heart remembers. For a fleeting moment, we can’t help but wish this was true. What if Yi had really lost his memories and fell in love with Diao all over again? However, at the moment, he is only pretending to have amnesia.

Nonetheless, Yi clearly loves Diao and wants him by his side. We only have an issue with how he is going about this! Diao is touched by Yi’s words of assurance and they end up making out. 

The next morning, Aon arrives at Yi’s office looking fine in his black suit. He gives Yi the wine bottle Lian sent as an apology and some documents relating to Chen’s financial records. Aon then leaves and calls someone to inform them Yi has received the financial records. We only hope he is talking to Makorn!

Aon being in cahoots with the enemy will be a twist we didn’t see coming.  Why they gotta make the fine men villains?

Back at home, Diao plays with his puppy and misses his dad’s calls. Diao is worried about Yi’s return to the office and is pondering visiting him. Meanwhile, Yi calls Lian and thanks him for the wine. Lian apologizes again and asks if Yi finally told Diao the truth.

Yi promises to do so at his own time but Lian insists he should come clean soon. Lian worries that Yi will suffer the consequences and lose Diao if he keeps lying about his amnesia. Yi is surprised to see Diao at his office and more touched when the young man explains he is worried about him.

He invites Diao to spend the day with him working. Diao is pleasantly shocked and agrees to join Yi as he delivers a car to one of their VVIP clients.  

During the ride they flirt, making Aon and all of us blush simultaneously. Yi calmly explains why he has to deliver the car to the VVIP clients and the company’s motto of giving their clients the best. He also gives Diao his tie clip. We then learn the tie clip was customized for their engagement. How sweet! 

The VVIP client turns out to be Mr Chenne; he has a son who Diao teaches Taekwondo. Chenne has feelings for Diao and doesn’t even try to be subtle about it. He is surprised to see Diao as he thought the man was in Switzerland.

Yi tries to keep calm as this conversation continues. Chenne offers Diao his place since he believes the man was fleeing the country after being chased by his lover. Yi clarifies that he is the man in question and he plans on marrying Diao. He invites Mr Chenne to their wedding.

During the car ride back, Yi is angry and Diao tries to calm him down. He asks Yi to eat even though he is mad since he has to take his medicine. Yi admits he is hurt that Mr Chenne knew more about Diao than he did. He says he is mad at himself and seeks comfort on Diao’s shoulder. Once again, he blames his amnesia. 

They return to the office and Diao’s family pay them a surprise visit. Diao’s dad is angry that his son didn’t pick up his calls. They sit down to have a talk and Diao’s family keeps asking for money and favours.

Yi’s family has already helped them open different stores but they want more financial help and are not taking good care of the investments. Diao is too dumbfounded to speak. He never realized how greedy his family is and is deeply ashamed of their actions.

After returning home, Diao helps Yi wash up and apologises for his family’s behaviour. Yi says he is okay with everything as long as he has Diao. He doesn’t blame Diao for his family’s greedy actions.  He confesses he doesn’t want to lose his love and feels hurt thinking about Diao leaving him. He reaches for Diao’s hands and proposes to him again. 

Elsewhere, Diao’s uncle, Sathaphon and stepmom liaise to find a way to get their hands on the family’s wealth. They are the ones behind the accident and think they need to be cautious. If Yi dies before the wedding, they will have nothing. Sathaphon insists he has a perfect plan and will target Yi. 

As the night draws by, Yi and Diao get ready for bed. Diao confesses that he is surprised they were able to make up. He didn’t think it was possible and worries Yi might leave him. Yi gives him more assurance and they cuddle. Diao tells him, he has been sleeping better since Yi came back to the apartment.

For the first time, he talks about his recurring tiger nightmare. You can literally see the blood drain from Yi’s face and his eyes popping out in sheer panic. 

Once Diao falls asleep, Yi heads downstairs and starts having a fully-fledged panic attack.  Diao hears the fracas and heads downstairs too. Given Yi’s current state, all he can do is embrace him and try to calm him. The episode ends with them crying as they embrace each other.

The Episode Review

Seeing Yi have a panic attack was beyond heartbreaking. He kept looking at his hands as if he had blood on them. This might symbolize the guilt he feels about what happened to the man and Diao. It is best if he tells Diao the truth. Maybe they can heal together and he should have more faith in their love for each other.  Hopefully, by the next episode, he will stop lying to Diao.

As always it is good to see Lian and Kuea. They are bringing the comedy and we are here for it.  What did you like about this episode? Do you feel Yi is wrong to continue lying about his amnesia?

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