Naughty Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 3 Recap & Review

First Phase of The Plan

Naughty Babe episode 3 picks up where we left off, with Yi explaining he just wanted to kiss his fiance. Diao is surprised and says Yi should have asked for permission. Yi claims it is only natural he would want to kiss him. He asks for more kisses, but Diao quickly turns him down. Yi pouts and asks Diao to kiss his broken arm instead. The way Yi looks at Diao with so much love in this scene is chef’s kiss!

Later, Yi and Diao head home after Yi is dismissed from the hospital.  Of course, Diao takes this opportunity to reintroduce Yi to his pet puppy, Nong. He claims the puppy and Yi are good friends, but Yi knows it is a lie. Diao asks him to greet the puppy with a kiss, and Yi opts to kiss Diao again. This man has a plan and is sticking to it! Diao is flustered and tries to hide his smile. 

He asks Yi to head to his condo and explains they don’t live together. As expected, Yi acts like this is news to him and asks how that is possible if they are engaged. Diao reminds him that he had agreed they would break up once he was discharged from the hospital. On the other hand, Yi claims no one will take care of him at the condo, and he needs to stay with Diao. 

He demands evidence that he agreed to a breakup. Diao says he should trust him and insists it is over between them.  He lies that before his accident, Yi stated he wanted to get married to someone else, and they broke up. Yi demands to see the person he allegedly dumped Diao for.  Once again, Diao is flustered and insists that Yi trust him since he has an intact memory. He counters Yi’s argument, saying making him fetch his mistress would be cruel. 

Yi brings up the engagement ring still on Diao’s finger and says that if they were truly over, Diao would not be wearing it. He may have ‘lost’ his memory, but he remembers the family heirloom. Diao moves to take off the ring, and Yi threatens to beat him if he does. Diao promises to beat him, too and gets ready to throw a punch. Yi grabs him, and they struggle. Yi pretends to be hurt, and Diao realises he is being teased. Ahh, these two are intriguing!

However, Yi is one step ahead of Diao and quickly uses this opportunity to his advantage. He promises to follow Diao’s order if he lets him stay. He refuses to accept any of Diao’s conditions and claims he is tired and hurt. He then asks for a kiss to recharge. Diao feels pity for him and gives his consent. Yi doesn’t waste the opportunity and closes in for a sweet, deep kiss that shakes Diao’s resolve to leave him. 

Diao shows Yi his room and says they will sleep in separate rooms. Yi refuses to accept this, pulls him close, and makes him sit on his lap. Before he knows it, Diao finds himself in Yi’s lap. Yi teases him by asking if they have slept together before, and Diao lies again. Yi finds it cute and says Diao has a tell when he lies. Diao tries to object and acts shy, but Yi kisses him again. This time, Diao gives in to his feelings, and the kisses intensify to the point they fall off the bed.

Diao comes to his senses, quickly apologises and escapes to his adjoining room.  He looks at his reflection in the mirror and tries to pace himself. Before he can pull himself together, Yi knocks on the door. He asks if he can come in, and Diao kisses him again. The kiss deepens, and Yi lifts Diao.  Damn! He has a broken arm but is strong enough to lift Diao. Let that sink in! The moment was going well until Nong, the puppy, ruined it. Now, we understand why Yi considers the puppy his enemy! Diao picks up the dog and takes him to the kitchen for food.  Yi follows them and lovingly teases Diao while acting like he is threatening the dog. 

Elsewhere, Aon quietly works on uncovering what caused the accident and asks other employees to avoid speaking to the media.  We also learn that one of Makorn’s men is the mole and has been feeding the enemy information. This time, he informs the enemy that Yi has lost his memories. 

Back to our lovers, Diao gets back at Yi by ordering his least favourite food and tries to trick him into thinking he usually likes it. However, Yi is already onto him and plays along. He begs Diao to feed him. Later that night, he pretends to sleep and hears how Diao plans to punish him. He is, however, glad that Diao laid on his chest for a while. 

The following morning, Aon stops by to pick up Yi and drop him at Makorn’s place. Diao helps him get ready and questions why Yi is still aggressive towards the puppy. For a moment, he wonders if Yi’s memory is back but dismisses this idea. How long do you think it will take for Diao to discover Yi’s secret?

As he helps Yi get ready, the latter uses this opportunity to shake up Diao’s heart. As Yi can’t take a shower himself, he asks Diao to help him and finds it cute that his fiancé is shy. Before leaving, Yi kisses Diao, thanking him, which melts the young man’s heart. 

On the ride to Makorn’s house, Aon updates Yi on his secret investigation. Unfortunately, he has not found out much.  Upon arriving at Makorn’s house, the dad immediately calls out his son. He knows him too well to know he is faking his amnesia. Yi tells him his plan to find out the cause of the accident and reconcile with Diao. Makorn is firmly on Team Diao and says this much to his son. He asks Yi not to repeat his mistakes and treat Diao better. 

In the meantime, Diao visits Kuea at Lian’s house and has a heart-to-heart talk with his friend. The recent events between him and Yi have confused him. He feels Yi has changed and has become more sweet and clingy. Kuea is happy for his friend, who seems to be in higher spirits than before. 

As they have their meal, Diao says he is scared that once Yi gets his memory back, he won’t want to marry him. He wants Yi to recover but is afraid that it will be time for him to leave once he does. As a good friend, Kuea advises Diao to put himself first. He tells Diao to talk to Yi about his desire to move to Switzerland and the end of their relationship. Kuea promises to be there for Diao no matter what he decides. 

Yi arrives to find them being all friendly and acts jealous. Kuea makes it worse by teasing him, saying he is closer to Diao than him. Kuea claims Yi and Lian are also close as they are best friends. The scene cuts to Yi and Lian cuddling up to each other on the sofa. Never in my ghostship dreams did I think we would have such a scene. It is so funny!

Kuea brings up the cheating allegations against Yi and shows him a photo taken by Syn at the airport. Diao is adamant that Yi has been cheating with a female celebrity named Ing-ing Chatchada and an air hostess named Aun-aun. They have been seen together on numerous occasions. Even Kuea spotted them at a bar one night. She is the woman Diao confronted Yi about in Episode 1. Yi is surprised to hear this and demands to know who confirmed he is dating Ing-ing.

Kuea claims he got the confirmation from a reliable source, his husband, Lian. According to Kuea, Lian said Ing-ing and Yi are close. At the same time, Lian arrives home looking like a seven-course meal, unaware of the chaos unfolding. Yi looks like he is about to punch his handsome face!

The Episode Review

This episode delivered like always. Yi is determined to get his man back and is sticking to his amnesia story. We are not sure this is a good plan, but watching it is entertaining. I don’t blame Diao for having second thoughts about staying. The way Yi kisses him conveys all his feelings for him. It would be more surprising if Diao felt nothing after such kisses! 

It is a good thing our boy Kuea brought up the cheating allegations. Let them solve this matter once and for all. If Diao finds out Yi didn’t cheat, he might be less inclined to leave. If he stays, Yi has the chance to tell him the truth about the nightmares, and they can work on their relationship. 

Seeing Syn and Nuer in a happy relationship is a bonus, and we are grateful. We are looking forward to seeing more of them. Seriously, when will Domundi drop Middleman’s Love? 

Lastly, Makorn deserves an honourable mention for being a great dad and supporting Diao unconditionally.

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