Naughty Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Amnesia Plan

Naughty Babe episode 2 starts with Yi still at the hospital as the doctors check his condition. They are still determining why he has lost his memory and are doing more tests to get answers. On the other hand, Yi’s dad, Makorn, and Diao are by his side. Diao is sad that Yi can’t remember him or the fact they are engaged. Makorn finds the whole situation with Yi’s memory frustrating. 

With his memory gone, Yi is a bit distant from Diao but is fascinated by how well the young lad takes care of him. Diao tries to help him remember by answering questions about their engagement. Yi asks if they love each other, and Diao is unsure how to respond. He only clarifies they have been engaged for three years and are on the verge of breaking up. He believes Yi cheated on him, but the latter doesn’t think he did.

His father raised him to be faithful and loyal. Diao insists that their relationship is over, and Yi apologises for hurting and not recognising him. 

Lian and Kuea also arrive at the hospital to check on their friend. Lian is worried about Yi, while Kuea is worried about Diao. Lian heads in to talk to Yi, and Kuea talks to Diao. Lian is surprised by Yi’s demeanour towards him and tries to explain they are best friends. 

Meanwhile, Diao confides in Kuea about his worries. First, Diao is concerned Yi will forget him forever, but Kuea tells him not to cross that bridge just yet. He is also surprised that Yi remembers him as a 7-year-old boy. According to Diao, he met Yi for the first time as an adult after returning from the UK. Kuea doesn’t find this strange and argues maybe Diao doesn’t remember because Yi is seven years older than him.

 However, Diao says he will look further into it. He feels it might have something to do with the dynamics of their relationship and why they got engaged. As they talk, they are surprised to hear a commotion in Yi’s room. They rush in to find the nurses sedating him since he is agitated. Witnessing this makes Lian and Diao sad. Diao stays back to look after Yi and says he feels guilty about what happened to him. 

Through Yi’s dream, we learn what transpired when the boys were young.  A young Yi accidentally freed his pet tiger, which attacked Diao, who was playing in the garden.  

Yi wakes up from the dream with his memory intact. He remembers that Diao was about to leave him and summon his bodyguards. He insists they free him and rushes out to find Diao. He asks for his phone, and they explain that Aon has it.

Aon arrives and explains that Diao came back to look after Yi. He is at home and didn’t leave for Switzerland. Yi starts to recall the last few days, and Aon helps him remember what happened after his accident.  It dawns on him that he attacked Lian earlier that day when the handsome CEO dropped by to check on him. Unfortunately, Yi was overwhelmed and hysterical, so he was sedated. 

Yi orders Aon to keep the return of his memory a secret. He also orders the secretary to find Yi and bring him back to the hospital. Yi starts taking measures to keep his security team close and sends back his dad’s bodyguards.

Once Lian arrives at the hospital, he realises his friend is better now. He insists on being compensated for getting hit before moving forward with their discussion.  With that settled, Yi asks for Lian’s help to find out what caused his accident. Yi is worried that Diao might have been the target since the car was a gift to Diao from Makorn following their engagement. Yi is almost certain the accident was caused by someone who wants to ruin his family.

Yi also wants to keep his memory recovery a secret even from Diao, and Lian thinks it is a bad idea. He urges his friend to reconsider, but Yi refuses. He is scared that Diao will leave immediately after discovering Yi has recovered his memory. He still doesn’t know what he did wrong, and as such, he can’t take the risk of losing the love of his life. He is sure he didn’t cheat and wants to know how that accusation came about. Nonetheless, Lian has Yi’s back and is willing to help him as a true friend.

Back at home, Diao is worried about Yi losing his memory. He starts remembering their happy memories. Diao wonders if it is a good thing Yi has lost his memory. He feels their separation won’t hurt Yi if he doesn’t remember their relationship. It seems Diao is still determined to leave once Yi gets better and can manage himself. 

In the meantime, Lian advises Yi to find out the root cause as to why his relationship with Diao deteriorated to this point. This is when Yi tells him about the tiger incident and the aftermath. You see, Diao lost his memory after the tiger attack, and the guard who saved them got scarred for life and became blind. His family left him, and he soon died.

Yi blames himself for what happened to the guard and Diao. Ever since then, he has had nightmares. After his engagement to Diao, the nightmares worsened as Yi became uncertain if he could make Diao happy. The guilt consumed him, and he started pulling away from Diao. Lian asks him to confess the truth to Diao, but Yi is still unsure if his fiancé will forgive or understand him.

He is also worried Diao’s family will exploit the situation and demand more money from the Chen family if the engagement falls through. The contract signed by the two families is clear about the repercussions.  Yi is scared that Diao might have been targeted to make sure the wedding doesn’t go through, and the Chen family takes the blame for delaying the marriage. 

The next day, Diao returns to the hospital and finds Yi is getting some tests done. He decides to tidy up Yi’s bed and falls asleep. On the other hand, Yi keeps bugging the doctor to explain what happened to his memory while faking his amnesia.  The doctor has no answers, and Yi returns to his room. 

He finds Diao lying peacefully on his hospital bed and moves to kiss him on the lips. A startled Diao wakes up, grabs Yi by his collar, and throws him on the bed.  He asks Yi what he was doing, and Yi responds he was obviously kissing him.

The Episode Review

Naughty Babe maintains its comedic balance and keeps us intrigued as the story progresses.  The hospital scene of Yi kicking Lian had us laughing, but when they start talking about real matters, you can sense how deep their trust in each other is. Lian is a good friend, and he is right. Yi needs to tackle this matter head-on. It is the only way to salvage his relationship with Diao. 

Diao still loves Yi and only wants this man to open his heart to him. On the other hand, Yi thinks Diao is over him and wants out. It is heartbreaking to see two people who love each other tormented because they let misunderstandings fester. However, we get where Yi is coming from. We only wish he had the courage to tell Diao everything. 

Lastly, we love seeing Kuea and Lian, our cutie pie-loving hearts, flutter every time they pop up on the screen. I can’t wait to see more of their married life as the series progresses.

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