National Treasure: Edge of History – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Treasure Protectors

Episode 10 of National Treasure: Edge of History starts this finale with the reveal of Salazar and Agent Ross presumably dead, with a sword pierced through her gut. Billie tells Salazar that she wants to keep her prisoners around for a while, at least until they’ve found the treasure.

Everyone piles on the boat and heads off, just as the teen extraordinaires arrive on the dock. They intend to try and distract the guards left behind but they’re outsmarted and held at gunpoint. A whole bunch of gunshots sound, as it turns out Agent Ross is still alive. She fires off a couple of shots and saves the kids before they’re killed. Tasha and Oren realize she’s still alive and take her to the hospital. If there’s anything we know from Disney, stomach wounds count for absolutely nothing!

On the way to the hospital, Tasha phones through to Dr Zeke and has his help to enact a life-saving procedure to keep her alive. Thankfully Tasha has an “eco-friendly metal straw” at hand and they manage to help Ross regain consciousness, just as the paramedics show up to help her out.

Do Jess and Rafael escape their captors?

The Wayfinder leads Jess and their group into the “fog of death” which is super thick and difficult to navigate. Thankfully they have their makeshift compass which shows the exact direction they need to go. Jess takes advantage of them hitting a lot of land and grabs something to help escape but she’s not exactly subtle about it. It’s a wonder that no one actually sees her! Anyway, they make land and head off on foot.

There are traps along the way, with Hector hallucinating and Billie distracted with trying to calm him down. Jess and Rafael skip off the opposite direction. When they arrive at a junction, they figure out they need to go left. However, they also walk right into a trap and a large cage encases them.

Billie and Salazar figure out where they need to go based on Jess being sloppy and leaving her necklace on the floor. However, this actually happens to be a fake-out as she leads them the wrong way and right into a bunch of traps, which they do manage to navigate before deciding they need to double-back and return the way they came. However, Kasey is injured and Salazar notices and decides to kill her. Billie is not happy and suddenly turns around and shoots Hendricks, deciding that she’s now going to be Salazar instead.

Do the group make it to the treasure room?

Ethan and Liam arrive and help Jess and Rafael out of the large cage. With the treasure within their sights, they make it into the tomb just as Billie shoots at them and forces the gang to scramble inside. They find the entrance to the treasure room and have to navigate another big puzzle.

Jess uses her brilliance to make it through, hitting the right panels on the ground and revealing the treasure inside. As a Lighting Stone reacts with the skylight, the room suddenly opens up and reveals the wonders around them. That’s a whole lot of treasure! Billie manages to make it inside though, blowing the door off, stumbling inside with her gun pointed.

Billie grabs a burning book and decides to light the place up. However, she’s thwarted by a mirror and a slingshot, as Jess manages to stop our big antagonist and take the gun from her. However, in the ensuing carnage, Rafael ends up knocked out… but he soon regains consciousness thankfully.

How does National Treasure: Edge of History end?

With a smoke signal outside, the authorities show and begin to catalogue all the treasures inside. Jess kisses Liam too, while Tasha and Ethan arrive to look over everything. They take a selfie with the treasure before heading to the museum where it happens to be on display. Whilst there, Liam reveals that there’s another treasure hunt they can go on.

The Episode Review

So National Treasure: Edge f History ends without much aplomb; a simple explanation that sees the final pieces of this treasure hunt wrapped up with a neat little bow at the end. There’s a tease for another season to come and given how cheap this series has looked at times, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s actually green-lit.

The story itself had tiny glimmers of potential at times but overall this has been a really poorly written adventure. The characters get some pretty awful resolutions here too, including Kasey who’s just killed, Salazar who’s killed off after that big reveal and build-up and Agent Ross surviving a sword through her gut, as per typical Disney fashion (it’s become a running theme now with Star Wars and Marvel both using this trope!)

The acting has been poor too and it doesn’t help that the show constantly throws these montages with the most inappropriate music tracks that kill any tension. Disney+ is very much becoming the new CW Channel and if this show is anything go by, this certainly won’t be regarded as a “national treasure” by many people.

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  1. It was enjoyable to watch but I definitely preferred the 1st two movies to this installment in the franchise. The wokeness that Disney wants to shove down our throats is not the way to capture a mass audience. Are we to believe that a board of old white guys is spending a ridiculous amount of money to bug and spy on people for years in the chance they can destroy all non white treasure and history? Good the the dreamer and the eco friendly straw were there to save the day. Just make a good treasure hunting movie or series and we will watch. That part is interesting. I can do without the weekly preaching. Also I’m still not sure what exactly the treasure was. A tapestry and tiny statue? Normally we get a better look at what they’ve been searching for.

  2. I have loved it and have looked forward each Wednesday to being able to watch another episode! I have actually woken up at 4 am to watch it !!! And I am definitely hoping for another season!!!!

  3. your title is right you are a GEEK I watched because I enjoyed it. If I wanted Shakespeer I would have watched PBS. Lighten up

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