National Treasure: Edge of History – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of National Treasure: Edge of History begins with Billie admitting that she knew Jess’s parents. She also reveals to be a Daughter of the Plumed Serpent and claims they’re on the same side. While Jess eyes the door, Billie offers to take her back… or to tell her everything. Jess chooses the latter.

While Jess sits with Billie, she sends a message over to her friends informing them that she’s okay. Does Tasha use her super hacking skills to track her location? Hack the audio feed on her phone to make sure? Nope, she just inexplicably trusts her.

At dinner, Billie shows off an old picture of her brother, Sebastian. Unfortunately he was murdered and the same man that killed her parents also killed Sebastian. It was Salazar. She believes they should work together and with Jess by her side, having the last laugh in the wake of all this. Billie also confirms that Liam is working against her and she was given the journal by Liam, who has been conspiring behind her back all this time.

Jess decides to play along and she’s taken onto the ship, where she meets the team and also the journal. She now believes them and decides to help them out by immediately informing them what she knows and using her brilliant mind to reveal everything. She realizes the journal sports a broken word puzzle, eventually spelling out Alamo Well. That’s where the third box is.

Billie already has the other two boxes, and with the third on the horizon, the group decide to raid this Alamo Well the next day.

Jess eventually heads home, bemoaning that Liam has actually betrayed them. Tasha decides they should go after the treasure but Jess argues back, claiming she’s had enough of Tasha always trying to push her agenda and she should stay out of this. Naturally, she decides to head over to Oren and talk. There’s some shameless Disney plugging in the wake of this, as they’re likened to Captain America and Bucky. Anyway, the pair end up kissing.

Jess heads over to Liam’s place the following day. The secret room is open and the place has been completely ransacked. Kacey shows up and manages to save Jess from an unknown old man, whom they believe is Maddox. After originally snooping about, he jumps out the window and escapes. Kacey points out that Billie is not a bad person and actually helped saved her life given she was on the streets.

Billie, Kacey and Jess show up at the Alamo and find the Well completely surrounded by security guards. They decide to use the upcoming reenactment in order to break in. However, it turns out Billie happens to have crazy VR gear and they all disappear from view and show back up in Billie’s plane.

When Liam ends up in hospital with nasty injuries all over him, Ethan appears and hears his side of the story when he regains consciousness. It turns out Kacey beat up Liam and put him in hospital. No way! The bad guys were the bad guys all along? Crazy twist!

Meanwhile, Jess, Kacey and Billie use the re-enactment outside as a distraction to break into the Well. When Billie heads down to look herself, Jess pings the lock and traps her inside. In the process, she grabs the boxes and manages to get away, eventually thwarting Kacey’s threat and reuniting with Tasha and Oren who just happened to be there. Tasha tracked her by following her search history and reading her note.

Anyway, Jess knew all along that Billie was wrong and she was using her to get the boxes. She figured out the photo was photoshopped and the box is definitely at the Alamo, but not this one. It was the Alamo in Mexico.

The Episode Review

National Treasure: Edge of History returns this week with another bad episode, one that completely forgets its own characters and rules for more treasure hunting adventures and teen drama.

How was the Clue Room completely trashed when we know from the last episode that even touching the wrong item would cause an automatic lock-in? How is it that the door is just wide open now?

Speaking of which, why didn’t Tasha use her hacking skills to try and track down Jess and figure out where she is? She’s already shown herself to be a capable phishing expert, breaking the law and hacking into Liam’s bank account, surely she could have done the same thing with Jess?

I could go on but National Treasure: Edge of History shows once again that it’s just not all that interested in telling a competent story. It’s a conflicted show that can’t quite make up its mind who the target audience is and clearly the writing team have no idea either based on this showing.

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  1. Sorry Greg, I disagree. I think the National Treasure series is very good and captivating. I have enjoyed every episode. Maybe I am too easily entertained. Or you are too critical and look for flaws in everything you watch.

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