Narco-Saints – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


The Big Delivery 

The business meeting between Kang and Pastor Yo-hwan continues at the start of episode 3 of Narco-Saints. Kang is adamant that he came back to Suriname to make money and recover from his losses. Soon the discussion turns to the business and whether or not Chen Zhen is capable of delivering the cocaine to Kang.

I find it fascinating how Pastor Yo-hwan unashamedly twists and turns the Bible to fit his religious propaganda when making a drug deal. 

By the end of their discussion, it is clear that Kang will need Pastor Yo-hwan’s cocaine network to make money. The entrapment plan is now in full swing and Pastor Yo-hwan has taken the bait. Let the cat and mouse games begin! 

Kang introduces Pastor Yo-hwan to Agent Chang-ho who is acting undercover as Kang’s contact in Korea named Sangman. Sangman tries to ease Pastor Yo-hwan’s anxiety by answering his questions but the pastor wants an in-person meeting. Agent Chang-ho invites the pastor to meet him in Brazil but the pastor claims he is tied up with church duties. This forces the agent to make an impromptu decision and arrange to visit Suriname.

He shows up looking every bit the part of an egotistical drug dealer ready to make more money. The pastor and his men give him a warm welcome but things go left when they realize that Sangman’s passport shows he visited Suriname two years ago. Yo-hwan is suspicious and wants to verify the facts before moving forward with the deal.

He sends one of his men (David) to check if Sangman’s story holds up. The verification process takes longer than expected and the pastor gives an order to kill Sangman and Kang. Luckily just as the hit is about to go down, the verification comes through and Kang and Sangman live to see another day. Yo-hwan invites them back to his house and they discuss the shipments. Yo-hwan will supply two tons of Columbian cocaine in 30 days to the agreed destination. Sangman will go back to Brazil and Kang will remain in Suriname.

Once the logistics are discussed, Yo-hwan invites them to a celebratory dinner. At the dinner, Kang asks Agent Chang-ho to introduce him to the other undercover agent in Suriname but Chang-ho declines. Yo-hwan also insists that Kang should stay at his house until the transaction is done. Kang is not happy about this idea but Yo-hwan leaves him no choice. 

Kang also broaches the subject of how their skate shipment was inspected without a tip-off. He is angry that he got caught in the middle and was sacrificed for “national interests.” His trust in the National Intelligence Service is shaken and he is sick of being exploited. 

Kang moves into Yo-hwan’s house, as earlier discussed, and sees how they deal with a traitor in their midst. Chen keeps calling Kang and this leaves him in a dilemma over how to handle him, and Chang-ho advises him to not go see him alone. A piece of advice he ignores and pays the price when they beat him up and kidnap him. Being a charming negotiator, Kang smoothly talks his way out of the tricky situation by getting into a deal with Chen to kill the pastor and take his drug empire.

In the meantime, Yo-hwan meets with his Columbian suppliers to secure the large shipment of cocaine. Once Kang sees the shipment, he sends a picture to Chang-ho and he in turn sends the money for the drugs. The only thing left is to deliver the drugs to the planned destination near the border of Brazil. The drugs are delivered on time at the delivery point but the exchange doesn’t go as smoothly as Yo-hwan had hoped. 

The Episode Review

Why are they eating at this diner? They are well aware that Yo-hwan laces his food and drinks with cocaine. During this episode, it seems like the undercover agent is actually in Yo-hwan’s inner circle. I wonder who he is and I’m certainly intrigued to see how his betrayal will affect Yo-hwan.

It is going to be fun to see how the Chen-Kang deal will play out. As the episode ends with such a nail-biting climax, I can’t wait to see what will happen at the delivery point. Will it be a bloodbath or a sweet surrender?

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