Zenra Meshi (Naked Dining) – J-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Coriander As An Excuse

Episode 2 of Zenra Meshi (Naked Dining) starts with Souta back at work after spending the last weekend at his late grandmother’s house. His colleagues notice that Souta was not being his usual prim and proper self and that he was making a lot of errors at work.

Souta recalls being caught eating nude and how Mahiro had apologised for finding him in a compromising position before leaving.

His colleague tells Souta how he was jealous of his partner. This makes Souta realise that he had never gotten jealous of anyone in his life. Meanwhile, Mahiro is at work and he smiles to himself thinking about Souta eating naked. He goes on to work for the rest of the day keeping the thoughts of a naked Souta at bay.

Later that day, Mahiro goes back to Mizuchi’s house and discovers that Souta was not there. He cleans around the place as he usually does and finds that Souta has left his belongings in disarray before going back.

Mahiro cleans up everything and recalls the time he spent with Muzuchi in the same kitchen. That evening, Souta goes back home and cracks open a fizzy drink. When the drink spurts out of the can onto his shirt, Souta gets an idea.

The next day at work, his colleagues are shocked to see the old Souta back. He is working non-stop and later that evening, Souta leaves to go back to his grandmother’s house. He goes looking for Mahiro at the farmer’s market.

Mahiro’s boss tells Souta that he was out delivering vegetables. The boss also tells Souta that they had an online website that customers could order from to have items delivered to their doorstep. However, when he spots Mahiro returning to the store, Souta hides away.

At Muzuchi’s house, Souta places an order at the farmer’s market and immediately upon hearing Souta’s name, Mahiro packs the order and hastily rushes to deliver it. Mahiro’s boss finds this suspicious but lets Mahiro go along with the delivery anyway. Before delivering the items, Mahiro packs in some fresh coriander leaves for Souta even though he hadn’t ordered them.

Once Mahiro delivers the items to Souta, the latter asks Mahiro to him help make the meal. Souta is preparing to make the Mexican dish – Pescado Frito with Tajin powder. Souta is trying to give Mahiro an explanation about the time he had caught Souta eating naked. However, Mahiro is excited about the meal and introduces Souta to the ingredients that will be included in the dish.

Mahiro tells Souta the different names of the ingredients in Spanish and shares his memories of making the dish with Muzuchi. Souta tries to bring up the incident from the week before and tells Mahiro that he had accidentally spilt some tea on his suit which forced him to strip naked. Mahiro claims that he assumed the case and Souta is pleased that his excuse worked.

Mahiro tells Souta that the pepper Munich had ordered will be coming in the next month and wonders if Souta would be willing to come back to the village then. Souta asks if Mahiro can cancel the order because Muzuchi’s house would be sold out by then.

Mahiro seems upset but changes and gets back to cooking. He asks Souta if he needs to place the order for the whitefish but realises that Souta was least interested in making the meal.

He takes the ingredients back stating these recipes held a lot of importance in his life as they did in Muzuchi’s before her passing. Souta tries to stop Mahiro but he leaves with the ingredients thinking to himself how he hoped for things to still be the same between him and Souta.

Inside the house, Souta recalls a conversation with his late grandmother where he had promised to take her to Mexico one day.

Souta blames himself for being selfish and only thinking about himself. Souta rushes to the farmer’s market and begs Mahiro to return the ingredients because he really wanted to make the dish. He also asks Mahiro to keep the order for the spices because he wants to fulfil his grandmother’s wishes now.

Mahiro seems unaffected by the request but Souta claims that he was really apologetic for his selfish behaviour. He claims that he did not ever put the needs of his family members first and that he always thought of himself.

Souta adds that he was so busy making his own career that he forgot the promises he had made to his grandmother as a child.

Seeing Souta’s newfound determination and guilt, Mahiro is touched. He tells Souta that Muzuchi and he had both worked together to build a farm with fresh ingredients. Souta feels guilty and starts helping Mahiro in tending to his late grandmother’s farm.

The episode ends with Mahiro and Souta working together and weeding.

The Episode Review

The short epilogue at the end of this episode gives viewers snippets of the past where Souta and Mahiro could have been friends. Souta is clearly a senior at the high school where Mahiro studies and he is often looked up to by everyone.

Meanwhile, Mahiro is a young timid kid who wants to be friends with Souta. However, the present-day dynamics between Souta and Mahiro are very different.

Souta possibly feels guilty that Mahiro was closer to his grandmother and that he had spent most of his life working in the city to give enough time to Muzuchi. I would love the see the romantic dynamic between Souta and Mahiro but over that, I hope Souta gets to learn more about Muzuchi from Mahiro.

The preview to the next episode is interesting. I am excited because we may probably get to witness Souta experience jealousy for the first time in his life.

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