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Birthday Blunders
Blood, Sweet and Tiers
For Butter or Worse
Party Foul
Sweet Explosion
Fails from the Crypt 



Building on the success of Netflix’s strangely endearing cooking series Nailed It, Mexico takes the reigns of this unconventional show for another slice of cooking fails. Adding a distinct Mexican flavour to a familiar recipe, new host Omar Chaparro teams up with cake decorator Anna Ruiz and a different guest judge every week for this new slice of Nailed It action. While the show sticks to the same formulaic structure that made the original so appealing, including the eccentric, charismatic host, it’s ultimately the cooking blunders that keep you coming back for more.

For those who’ve never watched Nailed It! before, the concept is very simple. Three lacklustre chefs come together, competing against one another for a cash prize by replicating lavish and outlandish sweet bakes. From a pinata cake full of sweets through to tequila-infused cupcakes and scary monster sculptures, every episode sees three different people don the chef apron across two separate challenges.

The winner of the first challenge gets a slight advantage over the others in the form of a golden crown, with the second challenge seeing creative advantages coming into fruition to gain an edge over the competition including the host himself irritating and putting off the other competitors. This then leads to the final reveal which sees the chef present their final creations which regularly breeds the biggest laughs as the judges then test the taste and appearance of each bake. At the end of each episode, the judges deliberate on the winner and that person then goes home with 200,000 pesos.

The wacky, eccentricity from Nicole Byer is something so rife in the American version that it put a lot of people off from the show. In the Mexican version, there’s an opportunity here to try something new with a different host but sadly this doesn’t come into fruition. From high-pitched squeals through to region-specific singing and pop culture references, Nailed It! Mexico keeps the spirit of madness running rampant here too through new host Omar Chaparro.

Fans of the original show will instantly gravitate toward the Mexican version though and bringing this guilty pleasure to international audiences is certainly worth it. All the conventional aspects of the show are intact here, including the various cooking tips, but the final reveals of baking disasters are easily the highlights of the show. Those turned away from the original format may be left a little disappointed here but for everyone else looking for more Nailed It! fun, you can’t really go wrong with this Mexican flavoured cooking series.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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