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From its humble beginning last year as a lowly gimmick show, Nailed it! has grown from strength to strength. Between a Mexican-flavoured series and Christmas-themed treats, Nailed It! sticks closely to the formula that made it so popular while mixing things up with enough originality to keep you coming back for more. With a returning Nicole Byer and chef Jacques Torres, sets of inexperienced chefs compete for the chance to win $10,000 while the judges do their best to encourage, and ridicule, their cooking.

If you’ve seen the previous seasons, Nailed It’s formula is largely unchanged. For those unaware, three contestants enter each episode with the chance to win some money by competing in two separate challenges. The winner of the first (called Baker’s Choice) goes on to get an advantage in the second round (and a funky gold crown) in the form of either a Panic button or an imaginative distraction for the other contestants. Ultimately though it’s the final reveals that really sell the concept. Seeing the contestants unveil their disaster-piece is almost always hilarious, with some great reactions from the judges to back this up.

This time around Nailed It! tackles a lot more intricate, artistic work in a bid to really take the contestants out of their comfort zone. From Marvel cake toppers and fruit-filled tiaras to a tropical T-Rex cake and a sculpted replica of Michelangelo’s “David”, Nailed It! pulls out all the stops this year. It works really well too and for the most part, there’s a consistent theme throughout the season.

When I first watched Nailed It! last year, I really didn’t like Nicole Byer’s exaggerated mannerisms but she’s definitely grown into her role on the show and, ironically, I can’t imagine this cooking show having the same impact without her. Much like the other seasons, there’s a lot of comedy throughout the episodes too although the helpful cooking tips are back again, helping to balance things out.

If you’ve seen the previous seasons of Nailed It! and the other spin-offs, you already know what to expect going into this. The big reveals at the end are the real selling point though and the contestants really do a good job trying to create some of these, admittedly tricky, cakes. I cook regularly with my kids every weekend and seeing some of the things these guys have to make, it’s amazing how well some of them turn out. Having said that, if you weren’t a fan of the previous seasons, that’s unlikely to change here but for everyone else, Nailed It! nails the winning formula again in its third season.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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