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One of the most precious resources in the world is time. It’s the one thing you can’t get back when it’s gone and the one thing all of us have an equal amount of at the start of each day. How you utilize that time can be the difference between a good and a bad day.

When it comes to the kitchen, cooking is something we all have to do and after a hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove and prepare something that requires a lot of prep work and an eye-watering amount of washing up. Step forward Great British Bake-Off Winner and busy Mother, Nadiya.

Fresh off her successful book last year, Nadiya takes to the small screen to share a number of tricks, hacks and culinary delights in this 7 episode series. With a simple format, some genuinely useful recipes and a charming tone, Time To Eat is a great cooking show for people in a hurry or needing to be quick without compromising flavour.

Each episode sees Nadiya cook several different dishes, split up into Prep and Cooking time. From egg and mushroom rolls using tortillas to raspberry filled croissants and apple pie, the episodes are cleverly written to introduce as many tasty and familiar treats as possible while engaging the audience with some really handy tips.

Alongside the usual kitchen scenes, which will be familiar to anyone who’s watched shows like Barefoot Contessa or Nigella Kitchen, are the various home visits which see Nadiya take time out of her day to visit busy men and women with little time left over for cooking. Whether it be instant noodles or curry, Nadiya has a great enthusiasm to share her dishes with these people and show them a different side of cooking.

On top of this, the episodes also feature segments where Nadiya sees how different food items are made, ranging from dairy farms and the yoghurt process through to Marmite and Baked Bean factories. The set-up is simple and the constantly changing settings, ideas and different dishes cooked help to keep things consistent and fresh.

Nadiya herself is great here and whether it be a self-aware jab at how many shortcuts she’s taking with cooking (but not sacrificing flavour of course) or her wonder and awe at some of these hardworking men and women working on the front lines to get food picked and prepped, she makes a really relatable and enjoyable host to the show.

Nadiya’s Time To Cook is a simple but effective cooking program. It doesn’t necessarily break the mould but it does feature some genuinely useful recipes that I’ll almost certainly be trying in the coming weeks. If you’re in a hurry and need a dish whipped up fast Time To Cook is a show you should certainly spend some time watching.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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