My Tiny Senpai Season 1 Review – The workplace comedy fails due to its shallow plot

My Tiny Senpai Season 1 Review

The workplace comedy ultimately fails to deliver, owing to its shallow plot

Season 1



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Shinozaki Takuma, a young adult who works as a typical employee in Japan, is the focus of the romantic comedy My Tiny Senpai. Shiori Katase, the senior member of his team, is a petite, kind, and thoughtful woman who seems to have a soft spot for the man. She not only takes care of him but is also overly protective of Shinozaki.

It’s interesting to note that the two have feelings for each other, but because the balance of power is also at play, they are overly aware of their behavior. It’s entertaining to watch the eccentric couple’s story, which is often hysterical and heartwarming.

Two couples, Shinozaki and Shiori and Hayakawa and Akina, are followed as they grow closer to each other over the course of the show’s twelve episodes. Throughout the season, we see the various amusing and awkward moments these superior subordinate pairs have, which ultimately lead to them growing closer than before.

If the anime had only focused on the innuendo-heavy storytelling of Shinozaki longing and fantasizing about his senior, the show would have quickly grown dull. However, My Tiny Senpai quickly establishes Shiori’s feelings, as she is attracted to her co-worker too. Their dynamic produces coziness and sweetness.

Having said that, the show isn’t outstanding, but it does have its fun moments. The inaugural episode seemed captivating. The middle portion, however, became increasingly tedious and difficult to watch as it focused excessively on attractiveness. Additionally, things are rushed quite a bit in the season finale. For instance, Shiori and Shinozaki’s journey seems rushed. It seems like the writers were in a hurry to wrap things up since this was the season finale. It would have been far better for the relationship to grow organically throughout the course of the series.

The workplace comedy anime is lighthearted, charming, and chock-full of sexual innuendos. The one thing the anime appears to lack is depth. The show prioritizes physical attraction while downplaying emotional intimacy. While attractiveness is crucial, so is the other side of the coin. It would’ve been interesting to get to know the characters as people and the qualities they admire in each other, aside from their physical attractiveness.

The anime has a pastel color palette, which fits well with the show’s overall adorable vibe. However, the female characters’ designs are so heavily sexualized that it became tiresome to watch.

At times, the show’s characters, notably primary protagonists Shiori and Shinozaki, come across as annoyingly immature. Having a child-like relationship is healthy. Excessive use, however, is annoying and unpleasant to watch. Having said that, the anime benefits from the expansion of the cast of characters. It is refreshing to see a great deal of characters like Akina as well as Hayakawa in this season.

Although pleasant, season 1 of the workplace comedy is hollow. There is a certain amount of appeal between the two potential love interests, but neither of them has enough development as individuals to be deserving of support as a couple. The show’s overall potential was quite high. Unfortunately, the show fell short in various areas due to its overly shallow emphasis on attractiveness. Even the character designs have been sexualized to an annoying degree, with the show focusing almost entirely on cuteness and sexiness. Additionally, the anime frequently pushes cringe-worthy awkwardness and cuteness, which can make for an uncomfortable viewing experience at times.


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  • Verdict - 6/10

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