My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

I Can’t Resist My Instincts!

In episode 6 of My Tiny Senpai, in his dream, Takuma finds Shiori directing him to hand out gifts while dressed in a Santa costume. As things start to get slightly more intense between them, he awakens. Akina texts him at precisely the same time and asks him not to worry about his dream.

The next day, Takuma and Shiori find out that Hayakawa requires help from somebody to finish the manuscript she has been putting together for some time. Interestingly, Akina offers to assist with the artistic aspect of the situation and it appears as though he is skilled as well. Hayakawa and Akina work together to finish the manuscript on time and even make an attempt to sell it at an event where Hayakawa’s friend thinks Akina is her partner.

Shiori eventually summons the courage to express her gratitude to Takuma for all that he has accomplished on the first day of the new year. The two make a commitment to continue working together in the coming year. Yutaka, on the other hand, has been observing her brother intently for some time and has noticed significant changes in him. She is under the impression that she must learn the truth right away.

Unexpectedly, Akina tells Takuma to meet up with Shiori at the Hatsumode shrine. The next day, Takuma goes to the shrine at which point he runs into Shiori along with his other coworkers. He was unaware that his sister had been following him up until this point. Takuma is unable to take his eyes off Shiori as he is astonished to see her dressed in traditional clothing.

Shiori is visible to Yutaka from a distance, and she recognizes her right away as her sibling’s girl. She simply seizes the opportunity to give her a hug right from behind rather than attempting to make small talk. Shiori is understandably shocked as Yutaka compliments her appearance and calls her the cutest. The supervisor then reveals to her that the woman is in fact Takuma’s sister. Shiori is thrilled to finally meet her.

She keeps praising his senpai as Takuma gets nervous and attempts to calm his sister. In the meantime, the manager interjects and says that both of them are truly compatible. When he finds out that Yutaka wants a younger sister, he even goes so far as to suggest that Takuma should simply wed Shiori so that Yutaka can have one.

Takuma makes an effort to explain the situation and convince Shiori of the fact that his sister can be exactly like him. The pair, however, is suddenly startled when Akina and Yutaka inquire regarding their preferred choice for the wedding speaker.

The Episode Review

The episode explains Takuma’s dream concerning Shiori, and his boss oddly advises him to refrain from thinking about it too much. Surprisingly, Akina assists Hayakawa in finishing her manuscript. Yutaka chooses to investigate Takuma’s odd behaviour after noticing him.

The episode maintains its tone despite being a little too cringe-inducing this time around. The anime is quite superficial and repetitive because it prioritises cuteness over literally everything else. While physical attraction is important, basing an entire show around it can occasionally be exhausting and grating to watch.

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