My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

My Senpai Is Small And Cute

Shiori Katase, a Sunpick Company employee, is introduced to us at the beginning of episode 1 of My Tiny Senpai. She works as a senior member of Team A for the Product Development division’s Development Group 2 Planning. She works with Takuma Shinozaki. Takuma is a simple young man in his 20s who works at the firm and is infatuated with her. She enchants him with how welcoming she is and with how short and adorable she is.

On his way to work, Takuma notices Shiori calling a cat and making cat noises. He sees her as a tiny, adorable cat and is completely smitten with her. At work, she impresses her manager Akina Chihiro by finishing her work ahead of schedule. Takuma is also impressed by her discipline, and he ends up praising her.

He imagines massaging Shiori’s back as she complains of a backache. She interrupts his fantasy by calling out to him. Takuma then admits to her that he was thinking about getting a massage himself because he has a stiff shoulder. He is immediately taken aback by Shiori after she begins to massage him.

Shiori encourages Takuma later on at work when he is anxious about a forthcoming presentation and tells him not to worry about it. At this point, it is clear that she likes him back.

Soon after, Takuma speaks with his co-worker Hayakava Chinatsu. Shiori notices that he seems to be getting along well with her. He says that they were friends when children as Shiori inquires about her. She then acknowledges that she’s always wanted to be friends with Hayakava and asks Takuma if he can introduce them which he does.

Shiori makes a point of praising Takuma whenever he performs well at work. He consequently finds it difficult to decide whether she does things out of obligation towards him or simply because she is infatuated with him.

Takuma is preoccupied with work and doesn’t leave the office in time to get home. Shiori notices him working hard and invites him out to dinner. They share tender moments over dinner. He notices Shiori calling out to the cat again the following day. After that, he teases her and they have an adorable fight. Following that, Akina, the manager, notices the two of them together and is overjoyed that they are getting along well.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of My Tiny Senpai establishes the primary hook. While Takuma Shinozaki is unsure whether Shiori’s degree of attention is due to her professional responsibilities, we soon realize that the feelings of attraction are most likely mutual.

It doesn’t do stray from what is expected and is a typical first episode in which we meet our main characters in addition to the secondary characters, which includes Shinozaki’s childhood companion and the manager Akina. The series will most likely delve deeper into additional dynamics as the story progresses, but the current episode focuses entirely on Shinozaki and Shiori’s chemistry and the already established will they, won’t they situation.

If the anime had only focused on the innuendo-heavy storytelling of Shinozaki longing and fantasizing about his senior, the show would have quickly grown dull. However, My Tiny Senpai quickly establishes Shiori’s feelings, as she is attracted to her co-worker too. Their dynamic produces coziness and sweetness at its purest, demonstrating that the show will work best once it delves into their shared emotions.

Although pleasant, episode 1 is hollow. There is a certain amount of appeal between the two potential love interests, but neither of them has enough development as individuals to be deserving of support as a couple.


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