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Mythomaniac season 1 revolved around a white lie that got completely out of hand. Clinging to the adage of “a little lie never hurt anyone,” this soon snowballed into devastation.

Interestingly, season 2 of Mythomaniac takes the polar opposite stance, pedaling the idea that “the truth will set you free.” It’s such a clever juxtaposition to the first, and for most of its run-time, Mythomaniac takes this to heart. The focus this time is still on Elvira, but all the other members of the family have their own subplots to contend with too.

Exiled from the family, Elvira starts off at a neighbour’s house, spying on Patrick and the gang with her binoculars. Patrick has moved on now, shacking up with new love interest Sandrine. She’s weird, to say the least, but it’s evidence of how far removed Elvira is from this family unit. In fact, she’s reduced to sending the kids letters in private.

Most of this season takes place just before Christmas time, with twinkling fairy lights and festive cheer to boot. But things aren’t too cheery for Elvira and her kids. Sam has a new love interest in Renan, whom he ends up involved in a will they/won’t they fling throughout the six episodes. Carole gets mixed up with Lorenzo and eventually initiated into a cult called the Awakening while Virginie starts to rebel. If that wasn’t bad enough, family secrets come tumbling out through Lorenzo, threatening to destroy the splintered remains of this family.

The tone of Mythomaniac continues to flirt that thin line between comedy and drama, with a mixture of absurdist and dark humour thrown in. It actually works surprisingly well, arguably more so than the first. With home truths being revealed, there’s still an air of melodrama about this and not everything works.

The ending in particular is frustratingly left open, with very little resolved by the time the credits roll. With the exception of perhaps Sam and Virginie, there’s little closure for many of the characters. That’s a shame because Mythomaniac’s second season is arguably better than the first.

While the content itself isn’t anything special, the way this season complements and juxtaposes the first is why it works so well. The truth is sometimes hard to hear and as such, there’s some absolutely shocking reveals dotted throughout the show – including a big one at the end of episode 4. No spoilers here of course, but it’s certainly welcome after a relatively slow opening few chapters.

Despite this though, Mythomaniac season 2 is a compelling watch all the same, and fans of the first will be in their element with what the writers have cooked up here.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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