Mythomaniac – Netflix Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Final Lie

Mythomaniac has been quite the controversial series. While quite slow paced, it does have some interesting ideas and has certainly kept me intrigued right up to the end. It raises some ethical questions around how far people are willing to go to get what they wish for in life. The strongest point of the show was definitely the performance of the actors though, each bringing a touching and believable depiction to their difficult roles.

We begin in Germany with Sam and Niklas’ mum doing yoga. He confides in her about what he’s been going through and how his mum has always supported him with who he wants to be in life. Before leaving to head back home, Niklas says sorry to Sam about hitting him. After Sam also apologises about his lie, Niklas reveals that the whole situation has been hard as he fell in love with Samantha but had to find out that she didn’t actually exist.

Back home, Elvira starts taking all of her husband’s tablets, ready to kill herself. As she lays down, Virginie and Carole say goodbye before they head out but believes that she’s asleep. On their way to school, the strange cult woman offers them a lift and gives them some more reading to do about her beliefs.

After seeing Elvira waking up and spitting out the tablets, we cut Patrick and Brigitte visiting the gynecologist who reveals that Elvira doesn’t have cancer. Angry and outraged, Patrick sends her a text calling her a monster which prompts Elvira to seek help from her friend Isa. She then receives a text from her boss asking her to meet at the printing factory. There, she meets the employees who committed fraud but they angrily explain that they had no choice due to the unfair terms in their policy. Heading back to her car, Brunet awaits her and after arguing about her behaviour, she reveals what she has been lying about and her reason why, which prompts him to realize that telling the truth all his life hasn’t really helped him.

Back home, the same journalist comes back as she wants to do an in-depth program about Virginie’s blog because it has been helping many children. However, Patrick quickly dismisses her and throws her out while we see both sisters being invited to eat pancakes in the cult woman’s house.

After seeing that Sam is back, the sisters head back home where their father waits for them to reveal that their mother have been lying about her illness. Elvira comes back and her family confronts her. She explains that she was so unhappy and felt so unappreciated that the lie just came out, as everyone was acting so nice when they thought she was ill. Eventually, they tell her to leave as Sam delivers the final blow, saying she would have preferred it if she was dead.

Driving away, Elvira has another vision of her neighbour who killed her husband, telling her that her children will understand and thank her one day while Brigitte calls Patrick offering her help. As she hangs up the phone, we see that she’s holding a pregnancy test. Still desperate to end her life, Elvira drives to the forest which is on fire and parks her car, waiting for the smoke to engulf her. However, she doesn’t go through with it and runs away into the night. Meanwhile, Virginie decides to carry on with her blog, continuing to lie about her mother’s illness while we see Carole has joined the cult.

Lorenzo finally arrives in the street and knocks on Elvira’s neighbour’s door. The blonde woman points him to the house in front and after he leaves, she heads upstairs where we see Elvira hiding. We then end the episode with Elvira watching her family meet Lorenzo and smiling as she sees them looking happy.

The finale ends on a rather odd cliffhanger as Lorenzo, seemingly Elvira’s first love, suddenly resurfaces while she looks on with a strange smile on her face. The show leaves many questions unanswered and while a second season is in the works, I feel that some of these questions could have been answered here, especially the reason why Lorenzo has decided to visit her after all these years.

Mythomaniac has been quite the slow burn but with all the tangled web of lies within the family, the drama still offers some entertaining scenes as we see the consequences of what bending the truth can do to the people around us. In the case of Mythomaniac, this is pushed to extreme lengths with the disease Elvira pretended she had. The show did a good job at developing her character as we do end up feeling sorry for her somehow, despite her terrible lie.

While it may not be the strongest series out there, Mythomaniac is not a bad show either. It has some interesting ideas at its core and enough drama to make it entertaining for anyone looking for an unusual and well acted show. Quite where season 2 goes from here is unknown but I hope some of these questions are answered sooner rather than later.


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10 thoughts on “Mythomaniac – Netflix Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. Elvira has a tattoo of Lorenzo on her back. That seemed a bit strange. Who is he exactly? Also her dad knows she was called Maria and that’s how Lorenzo recognized her in Paris. Remember when her dad goes to the hospital to check if she has a room in her name he mentions Maria. That’ is something I found weird. The weirdest was brunet’s drunk scene. So many questions.
    I love Sam though!

  2. How did Elvira have no sickness from all those pills? Just a little cough cough and spit out a few solves that? Yikes. Also it was Brigitte who texted “you are monster.” she took the phone from Patrick and sent that message. Was the doctor a radiologist? Where do you get gynecologist, it was not ovarian or cervical cancer. I am also wondering why the heck Brunet had a picture of Elvira at his bedside. Weird. Thank you for your theory about Lorenzo, you are probably right. A final thought: my heart broke for Sam when Niklas said he was in love with someone who didn’t exist. Yes she did! Sam exists and is standing right there! Maybe it was easy for Elvira to lie because she has been covering up Lorenzo all this time. The closing song is Charles Aznavar “Morire d’Amore”

  3. Na verdade essa série devia se chamar de hipocrisia. Elvira mentiu e erro feio, mas olha o lixo de marido que ela trm que mente todos os dias por ter uma amante. Olha os filhos ingratos, imaturos e mentirosos que ela tem. Quem são os filhos e marido pra chamar ela de mentirosa? Pq a série deixou claro que ela é quem mantém aquela casa, o marido ajuda pouco com dinheiro. Os filhos a tratam pior que empregada. Elvira e os filhos são mentirosos, a diferença é que a Elvira os sustenta, ela ao menos é útil.

  4. Lorenzo is her first born, from another life before the one she has been living. Remember when she went to the cemetery, to see her mom, she put up a stone for each child, and had a fourth that she just called “him”.
    The idea is that this isnt the only big lie she has told. Clearly she changed her name at some point.

  5. I think the naked boss looking at Elvira’s picture was a dream she was having which shocked her back into consciousness just before the smoke from the forest fire killed her.
    Kind if like after taking all of the pills Elvira has a dream that Patrick was arranging and photographing her corpse on the bed, and that shocked her, waking her up.
    The boss came home drunk to his apartment building and tried to enter the wrong apartment. Those tenants brought him to his apartment and put him to bed.

    Thank you this review because i had no clue who Lorenzo was

    A second season of this show will he as unnecessary as the second season of Dr Foster. Mytho ended just fine. Do we need to see episode after episode of Elvira trying to win her children’s hearts back?

    Btw Elvira is NOT a Mythomaniac, who is someone who tells lies and then starts to believe them. Elvira never believed her lies- she knew all along that she was lying over and over- to get stuff. She’s not to be forgiven, along with slimy Patrick and those three nasty brat children who are also liars.
    A solid show but one season was enough.

  6. I think that was just a dream. The boss was drunk and tried to enter another apartment upstairs and the neighbors put him in his bed.

  7. No comment about the naked boss caressing the photo of Elvira? And who put him to bed? That was so bizarre – I need answers!

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