Mythic Quest – Season 3 Episode 9 “The Year Of Phil” Recap & Review

The Year Of Phil

Episode 9 of Mythic Quest season 3 starts with Joe doing his motion capture material for the upcoming MQ movie. He has his own custom-made helmet too, although Ian shows up and points out he’s taking a break from GrimPop for a while. He heads into the studio and finds out Joe is actually a big fan of him, so the pair decide to do the motion capture together.

Meanwhile, there are a whole bunch of new recruits at MQ, with Carol giving a big pitch to them, embellishing on the truth about Brad and Rachel. When Carol goes on to point out her new diversity rules, Phil (a 40 year old employee) stands up and points out that Carol is being ageist given there isn’t anyone being hired like him and i’s more a box-ticking exercise. As he walks away, he attempts to find likeminded individuals unhappy with the way Mythic Quest is being run.

Down in GrimPop, Poppy struggles with her pitch but Dana is on hand to offer up some words of wisdom… and a reminder that this is her game too. Poppy gets a new burst of inspiration for Playpen  and although she absolutely smashes the pitch, Skeleton Key decide to pass. And why? Well, it’s because Poppy is pitching to the same guy she originally told to “suck her duck.” As a result, the pitch is a bust and Poppy is left reeling.

The Episode Review

Mythic Quest’s penultimate episodes sees all roads leading to a dramatic finale where our characters are likely to find themselves faced with their toughest challenge yet… old Phil.

In all seriousness though, this third season has been an okay watch with its comedy and the individual episodes have fed into a larger narrative that’s worked well in the grand scheme of things.

This third season has definitely been an enjoyable romp, although it’s also clear that the central premise of Mythic Quest as a comedy about a video game company has now changed to a soapy comedy with gaming references instead.

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