Mythic Quest – Season 3 Episode 6 “The 12 Hours of Christmas” Recap & Review

The 12 Hours of Christmas

Episode 6 of Mythic Quest begins with David super happy and getting into the holiday spirit… but the staff are not happy. They’ve been roped into working on Christmas Day and despite David’s insistence that this is going to be the best day ever, the other staff clearly don’t feel the same way.

Ian shows up for the holiday party at MQ, much to David’s disdain, and offers some words of encouragement to him. He suggests David needs to get their mind off the fact it’s Christmas. David refuses to let the staff indulge in their comforts, with alcohol off the table, and plenty of forced fun games on the table instead.

Meanwhile, Rachel shows Dana her new monetization venture, but Brad is lurking about and whispering ideas in her ear (more like shouting them from the rooftops but you get the point!) Dana stands up for her girlfriend though, and reminds her that Brad is the assistant here, not the other way round.

Jo shows up with gifts for Poppy and Rachel, but both of them are awkward and not sure how to react. After all, the gifts are necklaces with parts of the crushed car on. Things go from bad to worst when Jo is forced to dress up by David.

David and Jo though find themselves in an empty office, and soon realize why. Ian and Poppy have all the staff downstairs, intending to throw a big party and let them all blow off steam. That’s not David’s idea of fun though and he breaks the whole thing up by getting on the mic, acting like a scrooge and forcing everyone back to work.

Ian and Poppy decide to do something nice for David and bring the art department in to spruce the place up and make it a white Christmas after all, complete with fake snow coming down. Thanks to the monetization from Rachel’s giveaway, they’re now in a much better place financially and can give all the staff a Christmas bonus too, hoorah!

The Episode Review

Mythic Quest bows out a special holiday episode with a nicely paced chapter that brings everything round full circle, with the on running jokes with Jo getting some good punchlines – especially the gift at the end with the game.

Ian and Poppy do something nice for David too, even if he was acting like a scrooge, while the entire chapter hinges around Mythic Quest being super busy in all these different regions worldwide.

On the whole though, Mythic Quest bows everything out on a high, leaving the door wide open for next week’s follow-up.

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