Mythic Quest – Season 3 Episode 4 “The Two Joes” Recap & Review


The Two Joes

Episode 4 of Mythic Quest Season 3 starts with Poppy finishing her prototype and wanting Dana to try out Hera for bugs. Dana is too busy on the phone to Ian though, and points out she’s not into bug-testing anymore.

Poppy is quick to tell Dana that once Ian is in her ear, he’s hard to get rid of. There’s a moment of quiet contemplation, but as Dana and Ian spend more time together, they realize they have a lot in common. The latter takes Dana to a warehouse full of the latest metaverse gear.

Meanwhile, David returns to work and receives a call from Joe Manganiello, who wants to discuss the possibility of him being the lead role in the upcoming MQ movie. David encourages Jo to do her homework and figure out everything about Joe and do extensive research, taking notes on exactly who he is. Just before the big meeting, he also tells her to show up as an assistant… and to stay quiet about the cesspool that is Hollywood entertainment.

Poppy shows up to see the coders at MQ, bigging herself up and deciding they should do some bug testing for her. Poppy hurries in and makes them play her game, telling them they’re both to be traded like horses and that she owns them for the day.

Jo heads to the cafe ready for the big meeting, but she ends up having to entertain Joe until David arrives, who’s stuck in traffic. Naturally, Jo doesn’t exactly have the best social skills and the whole gig is awkwardly contrived, especially with David in her ear the whole time. That’s only made worse when Brad marches Rachel in to pitch ideas at MQ, leading to a three-way call with David, which ends in disaster.

Mythic Quest gets the greenlight to add a whole bunch of extras that Rachel wants to implement while Jo boasts about Brad Pitt being considered for the movie role.

When David finally does show up, Joe has already gone. Jo improvised and concocted a sob story for David, securing him for their role.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Poppy who gets brought back down to earth from her big-headed pretenses about her game. The coders haven’t found any bugs (which is a rarity unto itself!) but they admit, it’s not particularly fun either.

The Episode Review

Once more we skip between several different storylines here as Ian and Dana spend more time together and get closer, while Poppy is brought back down to earth after her initially big-headed retorts about how amazing Hera is. The ongoing saga involving these coders looks like it’s going to pay off later on down the line, which should give them a nice, rounded arc.

Meanwhile, the show continues to weave in lots of comedy and there are a couple of good jokes in here, especially the thee-way conversation that ended in disaster.

Appel’s workplace comedy continues to deliver the goods, leaving the door wide open for next week’s chapter.

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