Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Mythic Quest Season2 begins with time away from the video game stress for a much more stressful endeavour – a group questionnaire. Each of the characters are likened to a different animal, bringing up plenty of hilarious scenarios.

Brad gets a mouse on his test, which reinforces what happened last episode with his brother. By comparison, Jo gets a shark. This leads the pair to square off and circle each other.

Identity is the big topic here, as the word oppressive is thrown out nonchalantly by Rachel. Carol immediately jumps on this, throwing Rachel under the bus and telling them all she needs 5 minutes to cool off.

As the group head back to the main office, David reveals that he has a new girlfriend. This immediately gets the group talking – and cracking jokes his way – before prompting our mouse and shark to circle each other once again.

Rachel is then called out for not knowing Dana’s middle name, thanks to Ian’s input here. However, Dana has news of her own. She’s thinking about switching and leaving the branch, causing drama to ensue as Rachel storms out.

Poppy then rocks up, as Ian tries to spin her arrival into some sort of a power play. Poppy immediately exerts her dominance, shouting at Dana. Each of the characters take turns signing their sheets, thinning out the room. Eventually it falls to Ian and Poppy – who both end up as a lion on the test. They both pick apart every single question as Carol is stuck as a self-proclaimed hostage in all this.

Eventually Poppy and Ian come to a head, with the latter worried about MQ’s future. He feels threatened by Poppy and openly admits that Mythic Quest is his one good idea. Poppy however, hangs him out to dry and shouts in his face, throwing papers around. Ian nonchalantly signs, leaving Poppy to apologize and claim she’s having trouble with her expansion.

Ian however, is not in a forgiving mood. After opening up to the girl, Poppy’s sudden outburst has definitely affected him and he spins his chair around, telling Poppy she’ll fail without him. And just like that, he walks away.

The Episode Review

Yikes! Well that was some way to end the episode there! This chapter comes to a close with Ian and Poppy coming to a head and both characters seemingly on a collision course in the near future.

Although this episode completely abandons any sort of video game reference or semblance of Mythic Quest’s woes, it does help to add a bit more context to each of the characters. This whole “team building” exercise does well to allow a bit of a stop-gap, but also has some solid jokes peppered in along the way.

Wolf-turned-Butterfly David is a definite highlight, while Ian calling out Rachel and putting her on the spot in front of Dana is definitely another funny moment too.

This episode essentially sets the tone and mood for what’s to follow, with a conclusion that leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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