Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Titans’ Rift

Mythic Quest season 2 kicks off episode 1 with Ian and Poppy determined to come up with a new expansion idea for the game. Unfortunately, they both disagree over the best way forward. After several awkward minutes of pondering, Ian decides to pack up and leave for a week to mull it over.

Poppy however, remains determined to try and come up with her own ideas. That night though, Poppy winds up having a sexual dream about Ian. As fate would have it, Dana has actually had the same dream too – which certainly shocks Rachel.

Putting this to the back of her mind, Poppy speaks to David about her ideas for the expansion and settles on the name “Sea of Ashes.” He seems nonchalant to begin with, but does eventually design some cover art for this. The only trouble is, Poppy changes her mind.

With Montreal needing details and David caught in the middle of all this, he runs into Jo in the hallway. It’s inevitably awkward and this eventually sees Jo call him pathetic.

Outside, Carol finds herself caught in the middle of Dana and Rachel’s issues, telling them both they need to be direct to one another. Dana eventually makes a big decision and kisses Rachel; actions speak louder than words after all!

Speaking of which, Ian returns and goes direct to David. David’s working title for the expansion is worse than Sea of Ashes, coming up with Sea of Nazis instead.

Eventually Poppy sits down with David and reveals the perfect name for the expansion, Titan’s Rift. It came to her in a dream… which David realizes is her recurring sex dream. It’s okay though because apparently David has had the exact same sex dream… involving Ian. As the episode comes to a close, we cut to Ian making love with a clone of himself, commenting how weird (and wonderful) it was.

The Episode Review

Mythic Quest is back and the comedy continues to flow easily from this quirky workplace comedy.

The recurring joke about the sex dream is actually really well-worked into the story and the big reveal at the end with David is a great way to top off this episode. There’s some genuine laugh out loud moments here and the series does an excellent job building up to that with this slow-burn gag.

While the first season was a little hit or miss at times, so far this second season has started things off on the front foot and done an excellent job picking up where the last series ended.

As an opening episode for this season, Mythic Quest certainly gets off to a promising start.

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