My Sweet Mobster – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Ji-hwan Rescues Yoon-taek

Episode 8 of My Sweet Mobster starts with a flashback to when Ji-hwan bought the house eight years ago. II-young asks why he insists on moving into that house, and he digs up the time capsule, saying that he had briefly lived in that house a long time ago when he was Yoon Hyun-soo.

Back to the present, he hands the capsule to Eun-ha but lies that he told the guys to dig it up since he saw her looking frantically for something in the yard. Ji-hwan tells Eun-ha not to go looking for some memories since they are better left behind. 

At the prosecutor’s office, Chief Oh explains to Hyun-woo that Ji-hwan is the person he seeks. His name was Yoon Hyun-woo before, and he had taken his mother’s maiden name because she was not his father’s legal wife. Ji-hwan was added to his father’s family registry at age 16.

When his father went to prison, and Ji-hwan started Thirsty Deer, he moved into the house he grew up in with his mother. Therefore, the man he wants to arrest, the one Eun-ha is looking for, are the same, and Hyun-woo thinks they are ill-fated.

Back at the house, Eun-ha goes through the capsule, recalling her memories of Hyun-woo. She decides to give Jang Hyun-woo a call and asks to meet up the next day since she has something to show him. Ji-hwan overhears the call and figures out that Eun-ha thinks that the person she is looking for is Prosecutor Hyun-woo.

II-young arrives later and finds Ji-hwan at his home office. He gives him the location of the drug deal and suggests they inform the police. Ji-hwan is reluctant since Yoon-taek might be hurt if anything goes wrong. Dong-hui listens in on their conversation outside the door. 

Ji-hwan considers informing prosecutor Hyun-woo and asks II-young about his character since they went to the same school. II-young says he is strict and not easily corrupted and is unusually hard on assault victims.

Ji-hwan mentions that he might be more sensitive to Ji-hwan if he gets wind of the fact that he intends to be at the drug deal because of an issue at the hotel ten years ago. II-young says that the incident is not Ji-hwan’s fault, but he insists that he is to blame since it all started with him. 

Next, we flashback to ten years ago, when Jae-soo, II-young, and Ji-hwan were driving to their hotel, discussing how Ji-hwan had reported his father for embezzlement and other crimes. Jae-soo is afraid that his father’s gang might find out and come for Ji-hwan, but he says he is ready. After dropping Ji-hwan at the hotel, Jae-soo leaves to take II-young to school since he has an exam.

Yang-hee ambushes Ji-hwan inside the hotel with his men. He wants to kill Ji-hwan. After all, he inherited the gang and all its properties from his father because he is his son, and Yang-hee got nothing. Then, Ji-hwan ratted out his father and the gang to the prosecutors.

A fight ensues, and Gang-gil stands Ji-hwan. Mi-jin’s grandmother was also hurt in the chaos, and that is when Hyun-woo saw Ji-hwan stumble into the hall, covered in blood and carrying a baseball bat. Hyun-woo and Mi-jin help the grandmother out of the room while Ji-hwan collapses on the floor.

Ji-hwan leaves home alone to find Yoon-taek the following day, but II-young follows him and insists on tagging along. At home, the guys find out from Dong-hui that Ji-hwan will confront Kitty Gang alone. They are worried about him, and while wondering how to find his location, Eun-ha remembers that she has her phone and Ji-hwan’s connected for location tracking.

She refuses to hand over her phone to the guys since she knows they will not let her come along, so they agree to go together. 

Meanwhile, Hyun-woo gets an anonymous tip from II-young about the drug deal, so he dispatches narcotic detectives and the police to follow Tawan and find Ji-hwan’s location. The detectives arrest Tawan after a long car chase while Hyun-woo and Chief Oh arrive at the warehouse where the drug deal was to go down.

By this time, II-young had already rescued Yoon-taek and left, so Yang-hee and his men were frustratingly beating up Ji-hwan. The police arrive before Gang-gil can finish up Ji-hwan. They arrest everyone at the scene, but Yang-hee manages to escape with the bad of money. At the same time, Eun-ha and the guys arrive but do not drive to the scene since the police have already made the arrest.

Eun-ha and the guys wait outside the police station for Ji-hwan. Eun-ha is so restless and worried about Ji-hwan that she starts to cry. Hyun-woo calls her to cancel dinner plans, saying he has a case that came up. Eun-ha starts to ask questions about the case and what is happening, but without making it obvious, she asks about Ji-hwan. When Hyun-woo hears police sirens in the background during the call, he figures out she is waiting for Ji-hwan outside. 

In the interrogation room, Hyun-woo tries to connect Ji-hwan to the case and even insinuates that he went there to finish Yoon-taek. Ji-hwan holds that he went to save Yoon-taek and stayed behind to buy him time so he could escape. Hyun-woo learns that Ji-hwan made the tip-off, and he ends the interrogation.

Hyun-woo calls Ji-hwan by his birth name, Yoon Hyun-woo, and mentions that he is the one Eun-ha desperately seeks. He even thinks that the prosecutor is Hyun-woo. He says that he was planning to help Eun-ha find her childhood Hyun-woo but thought otherwise when he learned about his identity, and he knows that it is the same reason why Ji-hwan is hiding his real identity from her.

Ji-hwan responds by saying that everything has nothing to do with him. II-young arrives at the police station with Yoon-taek, whom he had first taken to the hospital. Ji-hwan heads out to tell the guys to go home and ignores Eun-ha. 

 At home, Eun-ha waits for Ji-hwan to arrive outside the gate. He continues to be cold to her and says that she is nothing more than a tenant. The following morning, the guys ignore II-young and Ji-hwan during breakfast and refuse to let them eat since they lied to them and kept secrets. Later, Eun-ha meets up with prosecutor Hyun-woo and says he wants to tell her something about the Hyun-woo she is looking for.

At the end of the episode, Eun-ha arrives home late at night drunk. She finds Ji-hwan waiting for her outside. She tells him that she has finally found the person she buried the time capsule with, so she and Ji-hwan should never see each other again.

The Episode Review

The episode resolves all the pending mysteries about the case at the hotel and Yoon-taek. However, it leaves viewers at a cliffhanger, wondering what Hyun-woo told Eun-ha. Did he lie that he is the person she is looking for or tell her the truth?

The episode also introduces a rift in the relationship between II-young, Ji-hwan, and the other guys in the house. They are angry that they did not trust them with such a dangerous issue and decided to handle it alone. It is also funny how the guys are rallying around their sister-in-law even though they didn’t like her or the classes at first. Yoon-taek needs to take some time to reflect because he really hurt their feelings.

In the next episode, we will probably see them try to work through their feelings of mistrust. However, viewers are most curious about the relationship between Eun-ha and Ji-hwan. Will she leave the house now that she says they should no longer see each other? Will he ask her to stay? Danger might lurk in the darkness since we do not know what happened to Yang-hee. Ji-hwan will have to worry about Eun-ha’s safety because Yang-hee knows about her. 

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