My Sweet Mobster – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

 Will the Real Yoon Hyun-woo Please Stand Up?

Episode 7 of My Sweet Mobster starts with Ji-hwan and Eun-ha huddling in the cold storage to keep warm. After a while, Man-ho and the rest finally find the keys and open the door, but Eun-ha has already fainted from the cold.

Ji-hwan carries her out of the cold storage and to the hospital, leaving the female employee astonished that they were casually interacting with Ji-hwan’s woman. At the hospital, Ji-hwan anxiously waits beside Eun-ha’s bed until she wakes up. She remembers how Ji-hwan took care of her inside the cold storage and wants to know why he did that. Eun-ha asks Ji-hwan who she is to him, and he fumbles with his words, unable to answer the questions.

Meanwhile, Man-ho, Hong-ki, Jae-soo, and Dong-hui crowd at the hospital door, trying to eavesdrop on the discussion. A nurse startles them, and they all fall through the door, disrupting the conversation between Ji-hwan and Eun-ha. Ji-hwan scolds the employees, making Man-ho cry, and Eun-ha tries to stop him, saying they were not at fault since she forced her way into the car when they were heading to the factory. 

At the prosecutor’s office, Hyun-woo cannot concentrate on work as his mind drifts to Eun-ha and wonders about her relationship with Ji-hwan. Meanwhile, Mi-ho arrives at the hospital to bring Eun-ha a change of clothes and runs into II-young.

The two have an awkward moment as they ride the elevator together because they had an intimate moment the previous night. II-young clears the air, saying their intimate moment was a mistake, making Mi-ho even more uncomfortable. Mi-ho meets with Eun-ha outside her room. He sees Ji-hwan and the office executives off, so she heads into the room first to avoid interacting with II-young. 

Inside the hospital room, Mi-ho answers a call from Hyun-woo on Eun-ha’s phone. Therefore, when Eun-ha returns, she asks if the Hyun-woo who called her is her childhood friend. Eun-ha catches her up on what has happened between them, and she suspects that he might be hiding a huge secret, so he postpones telling Eun-ha whether or not he is her childhood friend.

After realising that Hyun-woo is coming to see her, Eun-ha decides to meet him outside to avoid encountering him and Ji-hwan. She leads him away from her room and runs into the kids she volunteers for who think Hyun-woo might be her boyfriend. Eun-ha realises that Hyun-woo is also good with kids.

When she bid him goodbye at the elevator, he asked whether she would continue making kids content, and Eun-ha said she was not sure. She thinks she has done some things recently that might hurt the kids. Hyun-woo asks her to consider why she got into making kids content.

Ji-hwan arrives at the hospital with more necessities for Eun-ha and runs into Mi-ho. He intends to leave things with her and head back, but she insists that he wait for Eun-ha inside the room. When Eun-ha returns, she finds Ji-hwan has dozed off seated on the bedside. She picks up a fleece blanket to cover him up but remembers that he gets startled easily since he always keeps his guard up, even in his sleep.

She tiptoes, sits on the table before him, and starts tracing his face with her fingers as he thinks back to their recent encounters. When Ji-hwan wakes up, he goes to leave, but she insists that he get a drip and rest in the hospital since he, too, was locked up in the cold storage. Eun-ha turns down the lights and sits on the bedside seat.

Eun-ha wonders hoe Ji-hwa was as a child. She states her view of the current Ji-hwan as a person who likes staying in a dark room, sleeps lightly, is highly sensitive to noise, and is a closed-off person. Therefore, she wonders how he was 20 to 30 years old and asks if he ever made friends or slept soundly like a baby. Ji-hwan tells Eun-ha that he did not make any friends as a kid since his family was always moving.

However, he connected with one kid since they shared the same lonely experiences. He moved away and lost contact with that kid, but he is confident she is living well. 

The following morning, Ji-hwan wakes up at the hospital earlier than Eun-ha, so he leaves after covering her up and drops his wallet. Eun-ha gets II-young to drive Mi-ho home since she got a neck cramp after sleeping at the hospital’s wait area.

II-young takes Mi-ho to her family house and runs into her father outside the house. Mi-ho’s father invites him under the guise of interrogating him about spending the night with Mi-ho but ends up asking him to join them for breakfast. 

Eun-ha arrives at Thirsty Deer to bring Ji-hwan his wallet. The security guard does not let her in to see JI-hwan without an appointment, but Hong-ki saves her from being thrown out of the building. She makes it to Ji-hwan’s office and is excited to see Dong-hui at the secretary’s desk. Dong-hui tells him she cannot see Ji-hwan since he is with a guest.

Meanwhile, inside Ji-hwan’s office, he is discussing grounds for termination of the contract with Ye-na since she said she cannot eat meat. Ye-na does not want to end the contract, so she takes out a sausage and wants to eat it since it is the only requirement she cannot fulfil. Knowing that she is allergic, Ji-hwan rushes forward to stop her, and Eun-ha sees the interaction between them. Eun-ha decides to leave the wallet with Dong-hui. 

Elsewhere, we get to see where Yoon-taek is locked up briefly while at the prosecutor’s office. Hyun-woo, Chief Oh, and Officer Song discuss the case. After the discussion, Hyun-woo suddenly asks Chief Oh how he could find a person named Hyun-woo, born in 1988.

Meanwhile, Eun-ha makes a fuss about Ji-hwan holding hands with Ye-na as she digs holes in the garden, trying to find the time capsule. Later that night, the housemates refuse to attend the tutoring session because they are curious about Eun-ha’s relationship with Ji-hwan. When Ji-hwan arrives home that night, Eun-ha continues to whine over him, holding hands with Ye-na while he stutters, trying to explain the situation. 

Dong-hui gets a peculiar call, and he heads out to meet Hyun-woo. It turns out that Don-hui is Hyun-woo’s informant, who is planted in Ji-hwan’s group. Elsewhere, Yang-hee and his crew meet up with Tawan, the drug dealer, at a secret location, and she gives him a cross with another location written on it.

At Thirsty Deer Corporation, II-young rushes in with information on the location of the drug deal. It turns out that Yang-hee abducted Yoon-taek to make a deal with Tawan. Tawan became the head of the drug organisation after Yoon-taek’s help, but she had to kill him to silence the people opposing her in the gang.

At the end of the episode, Hyun-woo, the prosecutor, looks for Eun-ha’s Hyun-woo and finds out that Ji-hwan’s name before he changed it was Yoon Hyun-woo. The house that Hyun-woo lives in now is his childhood home, where he met and spent time with Eun-ha before he moved. Eun-ha arrives home, and Ji-hwan meets her outside with the time capsule. 

The Episode Review

The episode resolved the mystery about Yoon-taek’s whereabouts, leaving the viewer wondering what lengths Ji-hwan will go to save him. The shocking revelation in this episode is that Dong-hui is prosecutor Hyun-woo’s informant and has been feeding him information about Ji-hwan, the corporation, and his friends.

Dong-hui seems to be rethinking the betrayal of his members as we see him contemplating whether to tell prosecutor Hyun-woo about the location of the drug deal. The episode also resolves the mystery about Eun-ha’s childhood friend Hyun-woo.

It turns out she has already found him, but she still has no idea. Will she figure it out after Ji-hwan hands him the time capsule? What will happen to Yoon-taek? Will Ji-hwan be able to save him? How did Dong-hui become Hyun-woo’s informant?

As viewers look forward to the next episode, these questions run through their minds. The most puzzling of all is who Hyun-woo is. How does he know what Eun-ha used to do with her childhood Hyun-woo?

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