My Sweet Mobster – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Locked In

Episode 6 of My Sweet Mobster starts with Eun-ha and Ji-hwan waking up in the morning anxious about what had happened between them. When they meet outside the bedroom door, Eun-ha pretends she does not remember kissing Ji-hwan but gets upset when Ji-hwan tells her to be careful not to do something unpleasant the next time she gets drunk.

She thinks Ji-hwan is talking about her kissing him as an unpleasant experience, so she heads out to the garden to vent. She remembers a time capsule she buried in the garden with Hyun-woo and goes to dig it up. She stops when Hyun-woo calls and asks her out the following day. 

Later, during the product launch, a reporter asks Ye-na to take a bite of the sausages for the photos. It turns out that Ye-na is allergic to meat, but she still takes a bite. Ji-hwan notices her reaction, so she stops the launch and takes her out of the room. Later that night, the members plan to boycott Eun-ha’s tutoring session, but they all come out when she texts them, saying she will report them to Ji-hwan.

Jae-soo and Man-ho exaggerate what happened during the product launch, saying that Ji-hwan hugged Ye-na tightly when she felt sick and took her home. Although the story hurts Eun-ha, she does not show it and goes ahead with the tutoring session. Ji-hwan returns home to their noisy arguments during the tutoring session and overhears Jae-soo asking Eun-ha to describe Ji-hwan in four syllables. She describes him as “gangster shoulders.” 

Ji-hwan thinks Eun-ha calls her a double gangster, and he whines in bed. He comes out after the tutoring session and runs into Eun-ha, who is heading back to her room. Eun-ha notices that Ji-hwan has some attitude towards her, and she figures out it is because she used the term “gangster shoulders” to describe him. She bursts into laughter and asks Ji-hwan to google the meaning. It turns out that the term is a compliment. It means that a man with broad shoulders is more attractive than one with a handsome face.

The following morning, Ji-hwan wakes up to work only on his shoulders since he cannot stop thinking about Eun-ha’s compliment. Meanwhile, the other members start to pick on the romance between Ji-hwan and Eun-ha and wonder if they should begin to call Eun-ha their sister-in-law. At the same time, another romance blooms between II-young and Mi-ho. 

The following day is a weekend, and Eun-ha is meeting with Hyun-woo. The seatbelt is stuck when he enters his car, so Hyun-woo leans in to help her. He gets too close to his face, making Eun-ha uncomfortable. She even imagines Ji-hwan scolding her with his angry eyes at the back of the Hyun-woo’s car. Back at the house, Ji-hwan restlessly waits for her to return and even thinks about imposing a 6 pm curfew on Eun-ha. 

Meanwhile, Hyun-woo planned to take Eun-woo out for a meal, but the day was not going as he had hoped. Every hotel he takes her to is closed for the day for either renovation, stocktaking, or personal reasons. Eun-ha ends up picking a random roadside hotel, and they have ramen and sweet potatoes. Hyun-woo splits one of the sweet potatoes into two and gives Eun-ha the bigger half, making her think back to her childhood friend. Therefore, Eun-ha wants to confirm whether he is her childhood friend, but a call from Chief Oh interrupts their conversation. 

Chief Oh tells Hyun-woo that Yoon-taek’s sister and grandmother are missing, so he rushes to their house to investigate and brings Eun-ha along. They confirm that the girls are indeed missing, and it seems they left quickly. On the way back, Eun-ha feels that Ji-hwan might know about the disappearance, so she calls him. Ji-hwan discovers she is with someone and admits to being with Hyun-woo. He refuses to tell her the details on the phone, asking her to hurry home. 

Hyun-woo calls out Ji-hwan for a meeting about the disappearance and Eun-ha. During the meet-up, Hyun-woo continues to show animosity towards Ji-hwan, and he mentions the incident ten years ago, saying he is the witness to the case.

Afterwards, Ji-hwan and Eun-ha run into each other outside the house, and he asks her about Hyun-woo. He wonders if she rushed to call him because she was worried about the girl and her grandmother or if she suspected that he had hurt them. He also notes that she came home in a taxi and asks whether she is reluctant to tell Hyun-woo that she is living with him because Hyun-woo is her friend or that he is a prosecutor. Eun-ha tries to explain herself but cannot find the right words, creating a tense atmosphere between them. 

The next morning, Eun-ha is awakened by alarms blaring inside the house and thinks there is a fire or a burglary. She rushes downstairs, and the group members’ reaction makes her think they are heading out to do something illegal, like get into a fight. Therefore, she sneaks into the car and accompanies them to the factory. It turns out that they got a large delivery, so all hands are on deck to cut and process the meat before storage.

The members get busy working, so Eun-ha is dragged by the female workers to the labelling department. She gets to chat with the women and better understand what Ji-hwan has done for the ex-convicts. She sees him as a person who gives them a second chance at life when everyone else shuns them, and she encourages the women to keep pursuing their goals.

After a short break, the supervisor sends her to get more labels. She runs into Man-ho, and he intentionally sees her in the wrong room. Man-ho knows Ji-hwan is in the cold storage, so he locks it outside to give them time to get closer. However, he loses the key, so Ji-hwan and  Eun-ha get stuck in the cold freezer. At the end of the episode, Ji-hwan notices that Eun-ha’s condition is worsening, so he hugs her from behind to keep her warm, telling her to view him as a huddling penguin. 

The Episode Review

One thing that stands out in this episode is that the writers are not rushing the romance between Eun-ha and Ji-hwan. Instead, they are bringing out all the situations that might be problematic. For instance, they tell the viewers that Eun-ha does not want people to know she is staying at Ji-hwan’s house.

Is she lying about it to Hyun-woo because he is a prosecutor or because he is her friend? If she lies because he is a prosecutor, it might be understandable because she is trying to protect the members by not bringing a law officer to their doorstep. However, if she is lying because he is her friend, then it means that she does not want him to know about her association with Ji-hwan’s group. In this case, she is like all the others who continue to look down on them. 

The show still maintains its comedy, and we are grateful for the light moments between the characters. This episode proves that the writers knew what they were doing. It is so unfortunate that many people are sleeping on this comedy gem.

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