My Sweet Mobster – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Drunken Kiss

Episode 5 of My Sweet Mobster starts with Hyun-woo arriving at the coastal town and sees Ji-hwan with Eun-ha. He is flustered upon seeing Eun-ha with Ji-hwan, so he starts listing a series of different scenarios to show that Ji-hwan’s decision to bring Eun-ha along could have hurt her. Ji-hwan decides to leave Eun-ha behind and asks Hyun-woo to bring her back.

On the drive back, Eun-ha realises that Hyun-woo has a deeply seated negative view of Ji-hwan as he insists that Ji-hwan is a very dangerous man she should not be associated with. Hyun-woo drives Eun-ha home, insisting that she should not trust Ji-hwan. As he drives away, a flashback reveals why Hyun-woo hates Ji-hwan, thinking he is dangerous and can never change. We see Ji-hwan covered in blood in a violent gang rampage at a funeral where a woman, Mi-jin’s grandmother, was injured. 

After being dropped off at her place, Eun-ha waits until Hyun-woo drives away, and she heads to Ji-hwan’s house. Jae-soo finds her at the gate and lets her into the house. She leaves soon after taking her bag, and when II-young shows concern about letting her leave at night, Ji-hwan thinks that the streets might be safer for her than his home.

With nowhere to go at night and Mi-ho not picking up her calls, Eun-ha ends up in the sauna, where she runs into Hong-ki. He is hiding away from Ji-hwan because he stole his seal and drafted a fraudulent contract with Ye-na to stop her from making a promotion deal with a competitor. Hong-ki tells Eun-ha how Ji-hwan saved him from the gang after his father sold him off to pay off his debts. Later, Hong-ki and Eun-ha get into an altercation with some gang members at the sauna, but Ji-hwan arrives on time to help them. 

Ji-hwan knows about Hong-ki’s lapse in judgment, and he is disappointed in him. Therefore, he asks Eun-ha to return home together and leaves Hong-ki at the sauna. Ji-hwan no longer thinks the streets are safer than his house, so he urges Eun-ha to stay at his house until she finds a new place. Eun-ha does not want to freeload, so she offers to become a tutor for his group members.

The members, especially Jae-soo, are not very accepting of the situation, but Dong-hee thinks getting their GED is a good idea. Ji-hwan warns that they need to take the tutoring seriously because there will be tests to determine if they will get promotions or demotions at work. 

While exploring the house, Eun-ha overhears a conversation among the group members. They think Ji-hwan is too harsh on Hong-ki and should understand that he made a mistake when considering the company’s welfare. Ji-hwan reminds them that they might view what he did as a mistake, but others will not see it the same way.

As ex-convicts, they cannot afford to make mistakes because they will be judged more harshly. Therefore, they must adhere to protocols and follow the correct order. Afterwards, Ji-hwan and Eun-ha have an interaction that makes Eun-ha’s heart beat fast, but she shrugs off, saying that it might have happened because she was embarrassed. 

Later that night, Eun-ha walks around the garden since they used to play with Hyun-woo, and Ji-hwan mistakes her for a trespasser. He asks her why she found her around this place that night in the rain, and she discloses how the neighbourhood holds special memories of her childhood with a particular person. Therefore, she only thought of coming to the same neighbourhood on the day she was evicted and had nowhere to go. Eun-ha says that she is happy that she ran into Ji-hwan that day.

The following morning, Ji-hwan and Eun-ha met each other outside their bedroom doors, and Ji-hwan said he would introduce her to everyone later that night at her welcoming party. During the conversation, Ji-hwan finds himself unconsciously patting Eun-ha’s head.

After leaving the house, Eun-ha finds Hong-ki at a restaurant. Under the pretense of asking for the delivery money, she lets Hong-ki know that Ji-hwan cares about him and that anything he says is because he is worried. At the same time, Ye-na meets with Ji-hwan about the forged contract, and Ji-hwan has no choice but to agree to the partnership for Hong-ki’s sake. The contract has special clauses that direct that Ji-hwan has to take special care of Ye-na during the contract period by being available in all her shoots and bringing her back home. Ji-hwan lets it slip that he remembers her and the debt when he wonders if she is doing all that for just 20,000 dollars. 

Later, Eun-ha meets Hyun-woo at a restaurant. She tells him about a person named Hyun-woo, whom she has been searching for. She blames herself for losing contact because it was her mistake. Eun-woo wonders if he is the person she has been looking for since he has the same name as him and is a prosecutor. 

Then, Eun-ha arrives at her welcoming party and brings Hong-ki along. She makes him apologise to Ji-hwan, who only agrees to let him stay if he writes an apology letter about the contract incident. They enjoy food and drinks together and even play a drinking game, which leads to Jae-soo’s blacking out and Eun-ha getting a little more drunk. At the end of the episode, Ji-hwan joins Eun-ha outside the garden, where she enjoys more drinks. In her drunken state, she holds Ji-hwan’s face, admiring his beautiful eyeballs, which she says shine brightly. Eun-ha kisses Ji-hwan and then passes out in his arms. 

The Episode Review

The episode introduces a subplot explaining why Hyun-woo shows so much interest in Ji-hwan. Was Ji-hwan involved in the incident with Mi-jin’s grandmother, or was it a misunderstanding? Hyun-woo has a deep-rooted hatred for criminals, and there might be a reason for his views. Eun-ho might have to take the initiative if the relationship is to blossom.

Ji-hwan believes he does not deserve anything good since he is an ex-convict, which is heartbreaking. Hopefully, his character arc involves growing to believe in himself so he can fight for his love if it comes to that. Seeing him leave Eun-ha just because Hyun-woo pointed out that he put her in danger was upsetting. What will happen now that Ye-na is squeezing her way into Ji-hwan’s life? 

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