My Sweet Mobster (K-drama) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Eun-ha spends the night at Ji-hwan’s house

Episode 4 of My Sweet Mobster starts where we left off, with Ji-hwan asking Eun-ha to continue making videos since he misses watching them. After a brief, intense stare into each other’s eyes, Eun-ha breaks the tension by mentioning that it is late and time to go home. She wonders how to help Ji-hwan get home, but fortunately, II-young calls and comes to pick him up.

The following day, Ji-hwan remembered everything that had happened the previous night at the park and felt extremely embarrassed. He cannot get the incident out of his head and gets even more disturbed when Eun-ha texts asking when he can pick up his jacket. 

Meanwhile, Eun-ha visits the prosecutor’s office, and Hyun-woo waits anxiously at the entrance to show her to his office. Learning that his name is similar to that of her childhood friend and that he is also a prosecutor, which was her friend’s dream job, Eun-ha gets curious and starts questioning Hyun-woo about his age and dream job.

However, Hyun-woo focuses on asking questions about the incident at Club Cat. Hyun-woo realises that Eun-ha calls Ji-hwan’s name comfortably and asks about their relationship. Eun-ha explains that since the incident, she has been running into Ji-hwan quite often due to misunderstandings, but Hyun-woo thinks the meetings are not as simple as Eun-ha thinks.

After leaving the prosecutor’s office, Hyun-woo follows Eun-ha to give back her umbrella, and she is even more excited upon running that they had run into each other before. Eun-ha wants to ask Hyun-woo more questions to ascertain if he is her childhood friend, but Chief Oh calls him back to the office. He leaves, promising to call her later.

Ji-hwan is distracted during the meeting about rebranding led by Hong-ki. He keeps thinking about Eun-ha and figuring out how to talk to her after the embarrassing night. He intends to text back but ends up sending a risky text, so he calls to ask her not to read the message but to delete it immediately.

While on the phone, he overhears Eun-ha arguing with someone who is kicking her out of the house. Eun-ha rushes to the office to ask CEO Ma about the eviction, and he responds by saying that he is not renewing her contract with them, so she has to return the house key. Meanwhile, Ye-na arranges a meeting with Hong-ki. 

Eun-ha is heartbroken after losing her job, so she takes only a bag of clothes and Ji-hwan’s jacket, goes to the neighbourhood where she grew up, and reminisces about her time with Hyun-woo. It starts to rain, and she has nowhere to go, so she runs around in the rain and finds herself outside her old house.

She runs into Ji-hwan, and it turns out that he now owns her childhood house. Eun-ha notices Ji-hwan’s puzzled look, and she lies about going on a trip, and it starts raining. However, Ji0hwa already knows about her unemployment and getting kicked out of the house, so he makes an excuse to get her into the house.

At the same time, II-young is helping Mi-ho look for Eun-ha, and after learning that she is with Ji-hwan, Mi-ho invites II-young in for a meal, but he turns it down. 

At the prosecutor’s office, Hyun-woo wonders how Eun-ha is doing after seeing a post about the channel being under construction. He gives her a call, but she does not answer.

In Ji-hwan’s bathroom, Eun-ha breaks down after reading comments under the post about her channel, remembering all the fun times she had making content. She wants to leave after freshening up, but Ji-hwan uses an excuse for food before she leaves to make her stay. After making her ramen and warm milk, Ji-hwan finds Eun-ha asleep, so he covers her up and lets her sleep.

The following morning, Man-ho prepares a delicious breakfast as usual, and the Thirsty Deer’s departmental heads prepare the table, wondering about the boss’s guest. Jae-soo is angry after Eun-ha shows up for breakfast since he still considers her their enemy. However, everyone else is welcoming because they understand the video was not uploaded by Eun-ha but by her boss. In addition, she posted the original footage to clear their names.

After breakfast, Eun-ha tries to get close to the other housemates by offering to help, but they all turn her down. She overhears a conversation between II-young and Ji-hwan about Ji-hwan visiting a seven-year-old to ask about Yoon-taek. II-young thinks that Ji-hwan should go with someone who can talk to kids without scaring them, so Eun-ha offers to help. 

On the way to visit Yoon-taek’s younger sister, Eun-ha asks Ji-hwan about reasons for starting a company with ex-convicts. He answers that ex-convicts are more likely to be repeat offenders if they stay in an environment and associate with people who make it easy for them to go back to a life of crime. He says that he does not work with them because he trusts them, which is why he is anxiously looking for Yoon-taek. 

Ji-hwan and Eun-ha arrive at a coastal town and park outside Yoon-taek’s house. Ji-hwan asks Eun-ha to stay in the car as he looks around first, but Yoon-taek’s sister confronts him, stopping him from entering the house. Ji-hwan stands still, unsure what to do next, so Eun-ha steps out of the car to help.

Ji-hwan looks around the house while Eun-ha helps Yeon-taek’s sister repair her kite. She tells her to write a wish on the kite since Hyun-woo told her that doing so will ensure the wish reaches heaven when the kite flies. Yoon-taek’s sister wishes for her brother to come home sooner. 

Ji-hwan is done looking around the house, so Yeon-hee and Eun-ha ask him to fly a kite with them. He chooses not to join but enjoys watching them play. Suddenly, he notices a car driving fast toward the location, so he rushes to Eun-ha and Yeon-hee’s side. The vehicle comes to a halt, and Eun-ha recognises prosecutor Hyun-woo. The episode ends with the three of them looking at each other tensely. 

The Episode Review

The episode concentrates on bringing Eun-ha and Ji-hwan even closer. She learns that Ji-hwan stays in her childhood house and lets her spend the night at the house since he knows she has nowhere to go. He is subtle about it and does not make her feel bad. The morning after was the highlight of the episode.

Seeing the company’s chief executives spend the morning together, all dressed in black, was thrilling. Hopefully, in the upcoming episodes, Eun-ha will spend more time with them in the house, and they get even closer.

The end of the episode leaves the viewer wondering what will happen between Ji-hwan and Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo already shows animosity towards Ji-hwan judging from how he drives to the location and his expression after getting out of the car. Will he use the opportunity to tell Eun-ha he is her childhood oppa so he can take her away from Ji-hwan? 

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