My Sweet Mobster (K-drama) – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Ji-hwan and Eun-ha get closer

Episode 3 of My Sweet Mobster starts where we left off, with Ji-hwan saving Eun-ha from humiliation when the milk packet thrown by the angry parent hits him instead. Ji-hwan carries Eun-ha out of the hospital after telling the parents to save the rest of the milk packets and throw them at the manufacturing company.

Outside the hospital, Eun-ha throws a fit and wants to go back inside since she blames herself for the children getting sick. Ji-hwan tries to tell her not to blame herself, but she insists, so he walks out of the way to let her go back. That is when he notices that she is limping. Then, II-young brings the car around and picks them up.

On the way, Eun-ha blames herself for trusting the company and agreeing to promote their products because she felt they were good people. She mentions that she made the same mistake for the second time. 

II-young drops Eun-ha at Mi-ho’s place. He then gives Eun-ha his card and asks her to call anytime she needs him to drop her off. Ji-hwan starts to make silly comments about the stains on his coat, and Eun-ha takes it to dry clean it for him. Mi-ho stops Eun-ha from watching the news about the milk poisoning. She explained to Mi-ho that she got into creating children’s videos to be a companion for lonely kids, just like Hyun-woo was her childhood companion.

The following day, she goes back to the hospital to check on the poisoned kids, and the doctor tells her that they are all sent home and only one is still at the hospital. Eun-ha runs into the mother of the girl still at the hospital, and after a heart-to-heart talk, the mother thanks Eun-ha for keeping her daughter company when she was busy and apologises for pushing the blame onto her.

At her company, everyone blames her for the video, saying it was her individual decision to promote the milk. Therefore, Eun-ha decides to take a break from work. On the way out, eun-ha runs into Ye-na. She antagonises her for losing her job, asking if she wants to take a house-cleaning job. Ye-na suddenly asks about Ji-hwan and is pleased to note that Eun-ha does not seem to know much about him.

Then, Ye-na arrives at Ji-hwan’s company just as Dong-hee reports on how they helped the parents of the poisoned kids by getting them VIP rooms at the hospital and the funds to start a lawsuit. Ye-na has come to make payments on a loan Ji-hwan gave eight years ago. She seems confident that Ji-hwan knows her from seeing her on television and remembers her from the incident eight years ago.

However, Ji-hwan shows no interest in her and asks Don-hee to show her out. Meanwhile, Hyun-woo calls Eun-ha since she is a witness to the incident that happened at Club Cat. At first, Eun-ha thinks he is a scammer, but she hangs up as soon as she realises the call is from the prosecutor’s office. 

Ji-hwan arrives at Cat Hotel and demands to talk to Yang-hee. He wants to know about the drug from Thailand and Yoon-taek’s whereabouts. Ji-hwan swears that he will take back Yoon-taek before leaving Cat Hotel. II-young finds him stressed out and hiding at the gym.

They talk about Yoon-taek and how he stopped doing drugs after he learned about his younger brother, who stays with his grandmother. II-young had recently visited their house and saw that Yoon-taek had been making frequent visits to take care of their necessities and repair the house. 

Ji-hwan can barely sleep when he discovers that Eun-ha’s channel is no longer active. The next morning, he complains to II-young, asking why Eun-ha has not yet called her about the coat.

Therefore, he sends it to Ji-hwan when II-young visits Mi-ho’s hair salon and learns about Eun-ha’s location. Meanwhile, Eun-ha takes the house-cleaning job from Ye-na. She spends the whole day at her house, and in the evening, Ye-na brings back two of their colleagues to spite her. However, Eun-ha shows no reaction and leaves the home, making Ye-na go after her. 

Ji-hwan is heading into the building when he notices Eun-ha heading out, so he hides behind a pillar. He overhears the conversation between Ye-na and Eun-ha, in which Ye-na admits to purposely bringing the two girls to humiliate Eun-ha. Eun-ha wonders why Ye-na hates her; she says it is because she takes the influencer career as a joke. Ye-na notices Ji-hwan hiding behind the column and calls him out.

Eun-ha thinks that Ji-hwan is there for Ye-na, so she walks away. He tries to go after her, but Ye-na holds her back. After the incident, Eun-ha goes for food and drinks at a roadside restaurant and is surprised when Ji-hwan suddenly shows up. She asks if he likes Ye-na too, saying she would like her and her content. Ji-hwa responded that she did not subscribe to her channel, but he likes another channel that is no longer active.

Eun-ha gets tipsy and tells Ji-hwan that he hates mobsters the most because they leave something broken every time they show up at her house. The broken things could not be repaired, and their only option was to sweep them out. She lets it slip that Ji-hwan would have liked him if she were not a mobster. Ji-hwan says he would have liked it too.

After the conversation, Ji-hwan takes a glass of alcohol and gets extremely drunk. Eun-ha tries to help him walk but realises he is too heavy. She calls a cab, but when she looks back, he is gone. Eun-ha goes looking for Ji-hwan and finds him at a children’s park. Ji-hwan becomes completely different, and Eun-ha is surprised by his childlike behaviour. He excitedly tries all the games at the park, from the roundabout, slide, and seesaw to the swings.

When they sit on the swings, Eun-ha remembers sharing a similar moment with Hyun-woo in her childhood. Eun-Ha and Ji-hwan chase after each other in the park and get exhausted. They lay side by side on the ground, watching the stars. At the end of the episode, Ji-hwan asks Eun-ha to continue making the videos even when she takes time off because he wants to see them. 

The Episode Review

The episode touches on another heavy theme about drug addiction and relapsing even when the person with a substance use disorder is trying to change. Ji-hwan and II-young discuss the issue of Yoon-taek, and II-young mentions how he was determined to change and take care of his younger brother. However, it seems like he has relapsed and might be working for the drug-dealing Kitty Gang.

Will Ji-hwan manage to save him from Yang-hee’s clutches? In addition, it seems that Hyun-woo might be obsessed with connecting Ji-hwan to the drug dealing organisation. How will he react after realising that Ji-hwan is interested in the girl he likes? The episode hints at a possible romance between II-young and Mi-ho. 

All the subplots come together swiftly, from the romances, the mystery about Yoon-taek, the police investigation, and the love rivals Ye-na and Hyun-woo. Even though Eun-ha thinks of Hyun-woo, she does not remember him. Will Eun-ha get back to making videos? Will she start developing feelings for JI-hwan? What will happen after meeting up with Hyun-woo? Let us find out in the next episode of My Sweet Mobster.

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