My Sweet Mobster – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Ji-hwan and Eun-ha Resolve the Misunderstandings 

Episode 2 of My Sweet Mobster starts with Ji-hwan being admitted to the hospital with two broken ribs and a concussion. Ji-hwan has to stay at the hospital for a few days, and when his men leave, he finds himself thinking about Eun-ha.

Ji-hwan goes on an internet deep dive and finds Eun-ha’s information as Ms. Mini, a kids’ content creator. He watches all her videos on WeTube and finishes all of them. At the same time, our prosecutor Hyun-soo is watching Eun-ha’s videos while enjoying a cup of coffee at home. 

The following day at work, Hyun-soo notices a colleague leaving her child unattended in the hallway, so he looks after her at his team’s office. Chief Oh peaks Hyun-woo’s attention when he mentions the incident at Club Cat and that Ji-hwan ended up at the police station.

While Chief Oh thinks it was a simple incident, Hyun-woo believes there is more to it since Ji-hwan was arrested at Yang-hee’s club, which is his rival. 

Back at the hospital, Ji-hwan starts hallucinating Eun-ha after finishing watching her last video about making bubbles. She appears everywhere in the room as floating bubbles, and Ji-hwan gets busy running around and popping them.

When Eun-ha visits him, Ji-hwan mistakes her for a bubble and almost hurts her. Meanwhile, Ji-hwan’s men deliberate on Eun-ha’s identity and why she hurt their boss. They conclude that she is a dangerous woman Yang-hee sent to assassinate Ji-hwan. 

Ji-hwan’s men visit him at the hospital while Eun-ha is still around, and Ji-hwan hides her under a blanket. She overhears as the men discuss how to punish her since she is a spy for Kitty Gang, posing as a content creator for the Macaron Soft gang. Ji-hwan explicitly warns his men not to lay a finger on Eun-ha before sending them out of the room to give Eun-ha a chance to leave. 

Later, Eun-ha finds out that her company has posted a malicious clout video slandering Ji-hwan’s company without her consent. The video has already gathered millions of views, and CEO Ma is pleased. However, Eun-ha is against it since it goes against her ideals. However, her colleagues and the comments on her channel rebuke her for posting such a video on a kid’s content channel.

Moreover, the footage affects the credibility of Ji-hwan’s company, and they lose partnerships, big and small stores remove their products, and customers boycott Thirsty Deer. Eun-ha tries to add a comment to the video to clarify, but the password has been changed, and she cannot log in. 

Ji-hwa and II-young arrive at Eun-ha’s company with a lawsuit for slander, financial loss, and psychological damage. CEO Ma and Director Lee push the blame on Eun-ha, which causes Ji-hwa to misunderstand her again. Regardless, he stops CEO Ma from firing Eun-ha and decides to let the matter go after they delete any trace of the video from the internet.

Eun-ha runs after Ji-hwan on the way out and tries to explain herself, but he does not give her a chance. He insults her for maliciously attacking his company and employees to earn money and says he can give her the money, which makes Eun-ha sad. On the way out, Ji-hwan runs into Eun-ha’s colleague. Kang Ye-na seems to know Ji-hwan and runs after him, but he is already gone.

The following day, Thirsty Deer is bustling with action as the various teams try to find a way to work around the current predicament. Calls are streaming in at the customer care centre, and the accusations have escalated to the rumour that the company adds drugs to their sausages.

When they are at their wit’s end, more videos are uploaded online by an unknown user, showing the original footage from the kids’ event. Ji-hwan watches the videos and feels remorseful about what he said to Eun-ha. She took the original footage from Director Lee and posted them online to clear the company’s name. 

Later, Ji-hwan sees Eun-ha arriving at the hospital and secretly follows her. She continues to amaze him when he realises that she volunteers at the hospital to have fun with the kids. Eun-ha goes to Ji-hwan’s room with a gift after the volunteer session, but no one answers the door, so she leaves the gift outside. Afterwards, Eun-ha buys some beers at the supermarket and sits at the by stop drinking alone. Ji-hwan, who had seen her leave the supermarket, follows her. This time, they clear the misunderstanding and apologised to each other. 

The following day, Mi-ho and Eun-ha plan a picnic, and Mi-ho mentions that it would be a good day to run into  Hyun-woo. Coincidentally, Eun-ha and Hyun-woo meet at a pedestrian crossing, but Eun-ha does not recognise him. She gets distracted when she sees the news about kids getting poisoned after drinking milk.

Hyun-woo reaches out to help her since the light has turned red, but she bolts, gets into a taxi, and runs a flight of stairs into a patient’s room. She had previously given a child two packets of milk during her volunteer activity and rushed to check if he was okay. 

On the way out, she notices many children being rushed to the hospital, so she enters the emergency department to check what is happening. One of the parents recognises her and blames her for advertising the milk as safe to drink on her channel, which is why they bought it.

The parents scold her, asking how she would take responsibility if anything happened to her children. Another parent throws a carton of milk at Eun-ha, who is already on the floor, but Ji-hwan suddenly appears and shields her. The episode ends as everyone stands around wondering who he is while Ji-hwa squats down and asks Eun-ha to close her eyes and count to ten.

The Episode Review

The episode confirms that Ji-hwan has romantic feelings for Eun-ha. Hyun-woo might also have similar feelings, as shown in his concern for her after the kids’ fair incident went viral. It takes a serious turn by delving deeper into the challenges faced by ex-convicts in the business world.

II-young says it is difficult for them to penetrate the market, but getting pushed out can happen in a matter of seconds, making it unreal. A negative public view of ex-convicts working hard to turn a new leaf affects real people with emotions, as we saw Man-ho breaking down in this episode since he had put much effort into developing a new product. 

The episode resolves the misunderstandings between Eun-ha and Ji-hwan. Compared to the first episode, the story takes a serious turn, and we can no longer say this will be an easy, laid-back, funny romantic comedy. I am curious about how the food poisoning issue will be handled in the next episode.

Even though Eun-ha might not be directly responsible for the food poisoning, she promoted the milk on her channel and influenced many of her viewers to buy it. Can an influencer be held accountable for the harm caused by a product they promote on their channels? Also, why did Ji-hwan ask Eun-ha to close her eyes and count to ten?

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