Mysteries of the Faith Season 1 Review – An interesting deep-dive into Catholic relics

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Crown of Thorns
Holy Grail
Holy Cross of Brazil
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Mysteries of the Faith is an interesting four-part docuseries diving into the history and perceived power of various religious artifacts. Whether it be the Holy Grail or the Face of Jesus, across to the Holy Cross itself, there’s a good blend of history and drama thrown into this.

Each episode clocks in at around 40 minutes or so, and begins with a brief history of each artifact. From here, the rest of the run-time switches between insightful interviews with experts, animations diving into the past and modern-day shots of either the relics in question, or different religious hotspots across the world.

The show’s main task is to dive into the history of each relic and therefore, it’s not here to question faith itself and the legitimacy of its historical stories. There are tiny snippets of critique within the interviews, but it’s done in a more constructive way, pointing out regularly that “people crave miracles”.

Whether you’re a believer of faith or not, where Mysteries of the Faith shines is in its depiction of history. There are some fascinating facts here, including how King Louis XVI almost bankrupted France by buying the holy Crown of Thorns. Episode 2 meanwhile, dives deep into the history of the Holy Chalice (aka. the Holy Grail) and its continued importance within various stories and tales through history.

All of this stuff is great, although it’s also worth noting that the series only dives into Catholic relics, rather than relics for various other faiths and religions across the world. That’s a bit of a shame in all honesty, because the show could easily expand out and add different seasons for various religions, showing the significance and history of those relics through time.

There’s also a slight tendency at times to go off-track and pad each episode out with more material than needed. Episode 2 for example, spends a lot of time on one long story told about a perceived miracle. These moments drag out each episode longer than they should.

These gripes aside, Mysteries of the Faith is certainly worth watching if you’re interested in finding out about the history of various religious artifacts. It’s far from perfect, and each chapter could have been edited a bit harder to keep things moving at a brisk pace. However, there’s enough here to like all the same.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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