My School President Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained – What happens to the band?

Officially Dating

Episode 12 of My School President starts with Tinn and Gun talking to their mothers. Tinn’s mom intends to talk to him about Gun but seeing her son so frightened, she decides to not ask about the relationship. She instead asks if Gun’s mother was doing okay after her surgery.

Elsewhere, Gun opens up to his mother about Him and Tinn dating. His mother is happy he has found someone and hugs him. Later, Gun calls Tinn to tell him that his mother is okay with them dating and he is overjoyed. However, he is slightly heartbroken since he could not open up to his family about Gun. Gun does not mind them continuing to be secret lovers.

What Happens to Tinn and Gun?

Tinn and Gunn are now officially dating but their friends – and Tinn’s family – do not know about it (or so they thought). Thiu, the only one in the friends’ circle aware of their relationship has a field day watching the two bicker in public while being romantic behind the scenes.

During the shooting of the prom movie, Gun gets jealous of Tinn acting sweet with his costar. Thiu suggests Tinn spends some time with Gun after the shooting and they go on their first date.

Unfortunately, someone takes a photo of the two of them being sweet during the date and posts it online. Their friends at school see the photo forcing Gun to disclose that he is dating Tinn.

The band (less the clueless Por) members are not shocked by the news since they had somehow figured it out on their way. The council members are not very accepting of Tinn and Thiu tries to help him but lies that they were trying to promote the prom movie. Tinn is however not okay with lying and he admits to Jorn that he is dating Gun. Jorn feels used and he intends to quit the council.

Gun is worried about Tinnn since his mother is the school principal and the teachers might treat her differently. He suggests that they say they did it to promote the movie. Tinn however wants to not lie anymore but Gun had already posted online about it. It breaks his heart to have to lie about dating Tinn.

It’s raining outside and Tinn wants to walk him since he has an umbrella. Gun thinks it is not a good idea for them to be seen together. He breaks down in the rain and Tinn not caring about what others might think runs to him. He promises to stay next to Gun regardless of what people think. They will walk on together.

The other students see them hugging in the rain and more photos of them being a couple are spread all over the school. The students have positive responses to the news but the teachers’ responses are negative. Tinn’s parents are worried about him.

Gun and Tinn overhear one of the teachers Gun is close to talking ill of Gun. He says that thinking about Gun coming to him for advice sends a shiver down his spine. Gun is horrified and runs to the student council room. Tinn runs after him and the teacher follows them in a wicked attempt to apologize.

His words anger Tinn even more and he almost punches the teacher but Jorn who was in the inner room packing his stuff to leave the council punches the teacher first. The teacher reports to the principal and Tinn finally tells his mother about dating Gun. Jorn is put on probation and the principal says he will report the teacher to the authorities.

Gun gifts Tinn a music box at the pool. Tinn is happy that he fulfilled his wish of having a boyfriend before he graduated high school and Gun thinks that love songs listened to while in high school are the best since they are original soundtracks of first loves.

After graduation, Gun visits Tinn’s house officially for the first time. The meal time goes well though a little uneasy. It rains heavily and Gun is unable to o back home. Tinn’s parents allow him to sleep over. Alone in Tinn’s alone, Gun asks Tinn why on their first sleepover, he had asked to look into his eyes. Tinn says it was because he wanted to determine if Gun was making him blush. He admits that he was blushing to death then and even now with Gun next to him.

Tinn tries to kiss Gun but Gun whom at first covers his mouth and then allows Tinn to kiss him when he tries to again. Tinn feels shy. They confess their love to each other and the ending is them bickering about whether it’s TinnGun or GunTinn.

What happens to the Chinzhilla Band?

The band had a rocky time in the previous episodes after losing the hotwave competition but they worked through the differences. They perform at the school prom and include an amazing song to encourage their fellow students to keep going even when their dreams seem to be far beyond reach. The members share what they intend to do next.

Sound will become an actor, Yo a politician, Phat a pharmacist, Win a sound engineer, Por a lawyer, and Gun a singer. Many students apply to join the music club and the band has one last heart-to-heart appreciating their friendship and saying goodbye to their home and family. They present one final track reminiscing the times they spent together.


What happens to the School Council? 

The outgoing school president, Tinn, gives his last speech during the assembly on the last day of school. He congratulates those who already know what they are going to do next and encourages those still finding their paths. He later hands over a log of issues he encountered and the suggested solutions to Jorn, the potential next school president. Gun delivers a meal to the school council with a note for Tin to meet him at the pool.

The Episode Review

All in all, My School President has been an entertaining ride and we had a great ending to everyone’s story. Over the past year, we have been getting more mature-themed BLs and it was nice to go back to our roots with a cute love story between high school students.

It was nice to see Tinn and Gun battle with some of the things most teenagers go through and overcome it. Acceptance of LGBTQ+ relationships is still something that most people are yet to have and this show covered the issue really well.

The amazing talent that Fourth and Gemini displayed in the show makes us eager to see more projects from them.

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