My New Boss Is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Wanna visit my family home?

Momose and Shirosaki are leaving on a business trip at the beginning of My New Boss is Goofy Episode 8. They have some advertisement business in Akita Prefecture, which also happens to be Shirosaki’s hometown.

Momose and Shirosaki go on a field trip to the hometown, where Shirosaki’s childhood fears are reawakened by namahage demons. Regardless, he overcomes his fears and finishes the task.

Shirosaki invites Momose to his family’s home after finishing work. With much enthusiasm, Momose agrees and can’t wait to meet Shirosaki’s grandma.

Shirosaki and Momose are treated to a delightful trip down memory lane upon arriving at the family home, all thanks to grandma. Following this, she summons Shirosaki’s brother, much to his surprise. Since it had been some time since he last saw his brother, Shirosaki gets quite emotional.

Shirosaki, Momose, and Shirosaki’s brother enjoy some quality time together in the episode’s closing moments. Over their time together, Momose notices a striking resemblance between Shirosaki and his brother—they’re both incredibly goofy.

The Episode Review

Momose and Shirosaki visit Shirosaki’s house in Akita Prefecture during episode 8. Even though Shirosaki’s traumatic memory of being abducted by a namahage monster as a kid at a local festival is resurfacing, he manages to stay safe enough to finish their field research.

The two make their way to Shirosaki’s home after his grandmother calls him and says she has something to show him. Momose, Shirosaki and Shirosaki’s grandma look through picture albums and remember the good old days. Following this, she springs a surprise on him.

When compared to the previous episode, this one does a good job of developing the show’s plot. This episode is captivating owing to its entertaining adventures and nostalgic journey. It will be intriguing to watch what the show has in store for the future if it maintains this trajectory.

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