My New Boss is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Should I carry you piggyback?

In My New Boss is Goofy Episode 2, Momose and Shirosaki are seen making their way to the office together. A cicada lands on Shirosaki’s shoulder as he walks. When Momose points this out to him, he gets somewhat frightened.

At the office, Shirosaki warns everyone about a fire alarm that’s going to go off for checking purposes. Later that day, when the fire alarm does go off, Shirosaki is alarmed. He rushes to get Momose and take him along. When Momose refuses to walk, he says, “Should I carry you piggyback?” When the reality of the situation sinks in, Shirosaki is left feeling embarassed.

Shirosaki lists Momose’s name to be highlighted later that day as an exceptional employee. Momose is ecstatic with this development. In addition, Shirosaki has asked Momose to collaborate with him on a new advertisement, this time for an amusement park.

Shirosaki and Momose are seen at the amusement park for the rest of the day. Shirosaki believes that if he and Momose go on all the rides, they will be able to come up with a better advertisement.

The bus’s lights turn off as Shirosaki and Momose leave for home. Following that, Shirosaki moves on to the subject of the night sky. Momose then brings up the fact that a night sky advertisement encouraged him to quit his previous job.

Then, Shirosaki fills him in on how he was present during the interview where he brought up the subject. He then tells Momose that he offered to work as Momose’s trainer. Momose is sincerely grateful to his boss for this.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Momose and Shirosaki visit a recently remodeled amusement park to get firsthand details for an ad campaign. The pair rides everything there is to ride at the amusement park. A power loss on the return trip from fruitful fieldwork causes the train to come to an abrupt halt. As the train pulls away from the station, Momose tells Shirosaki the story of the day he chose to switch careers.

The episode, like the previous one, presents a trainer and trainee dynamic that is unrealistic. This portrayal even goes so far as to make the trainer seem dumb and the trainee seems like he needs constant coddling. Furthermore, the sheer nature of the events tends to misuse the impact of trauma by applying it to every conceivable circumstance.

We’ll have to see the direction the show takes moving forward. However, at this point in time, the show is below average and, if I’m being really honest, quite annoying.

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