My New Boss is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

It’s A Little Cracked!!

At the beginning of My New Boss is Goofy Episode 1, Momose is concerned that his new boss might leverage his authority to exert excessive demands on him. Following that, Momose arrives at his new office, where he is welcomed by his coworkers and given an official introduction. His new superior, Shirosaki, arrives not long after.

Momose’s first day on the job, he is petrified of his boss. He feels nervous about how his boss will react to his work and ends up getting a stomachache as a consequence. His boss then unexpectedly buys him medicine, which makes him ecstatic. After he finds out his boss purchased him medication for PMS, he laughs about it too.

We find out that Shirosaki is competent, despite his inept demeanour. Shirosaki has a hunch that Momose was mistreated by his previous boss. Momose doesn’t want to risk being disliked, so he lies when he’s questioned about it. Shirosaki notices Momose is uptight later that day, so he and Momose go out for drinks. Momose is emotional at this gesture.

The following day, Shirosaki continues to help Momose in any way he can. At the day’s end, he overhears Momose say that his proposals have never been accepted.

A few days later, Shirosaki requests a proposal from Momose. In addition, he goes above and beyond to help Momose all through the procedure and boost his confidence. When Momose finally presents the proposal to Shirosaki, he approves it, and Momose is overjoyed.

The Episode Review

In episode 1, we are introduced to our primary protagonist. He is nervous about reporting to his new boss because of how his former boss treated him. However, his new boss turns out to be friendly and welcoming while also being incredibly goofy.

It’s not a terribly interesting episode, but it’s pretty fun and sweet. I have to remark that the entire premise is absurd, making it impossible to take the show seriously.

Overly accommodating employees to the point where it becomes counterproductive isn’t a realistic way to run a business, but that’s exactly what we see in the show’s office setting. The protagonist is similarly uninteresting and unlikeable because of how weak and theatrical he is. We’ll have to see where the show goes from here, but thus far it’s amusing, silly and entertaining.


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