My New Boss Is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Take Responsibility!

Momose is running late to meet Shirosaki when My New Boss is Goofy Episode 10 begins. On his hasty journey there, he reflects on the harsh punishment he endured at the hands of his former boss due to his tardiness.

Momose quickly expresses his apologies upon arriving at the meeting spot with Shirosaki. However, Shirosaki tells him that he was late too. Furthermore, Shirosaki is able to reassure Momose, which helps to alleviate his uneasiness.

Following that, we see Shirosaki and Momose leaving for a corporate meeting. Momose is anxious about doing well. Regardless of his mistakes, Shirosaki promises him that he will always have his support.

Shirosaki is short on cash following a successful meeting. While he collects change from a store, he tells Momose to wait in his car. In the meantime, Momose takes notes after the meeting while waiting in the car. When Shirosaki returns, he brings snacks with him. Suddenly it strikes him: he totally forgot to grab extra change.

In the episode’s final moments, Momose and Shirosaki enjoy their holiday together. Then go for lunch, which is followed by a walk in a garden and a boat ride, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

There are a lot of “goofy” scenes during the autumn throughout episode 10. With each passing day, Momose and Shirosaki stay housemates. Shirosaki recommends a nearby restaurant that serves wonderful food, so the two plan to visit there on a day off. The two go for a stroll in the park following lunch at an eatery that drew their attention.

Even though the plot doesn’t get much development in this episode, it’s still a fun and interesting watch overall. As the show keeps dragging out the same plot point to the extent that it becomes annoying to watch, the criticism from earlier episodes continues to apply.

In comparison to the previous two episodes, this one rehashes the weak plot found in the episodes before it. The show showed promise in the previous two episodes, so here’s hoping things get better from here.

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