My Name Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Sudden Endings

How does Jiwoo get out of prison?

Episode 8 of My Name begins this finale with Jiwoo behind bars. Ms Kang shows up with a message from Mujin, promising that she won’t end up in prison if he has anything to say about it. In fact, Jiwoo is transferred to hospital not long after, which gives Mujin just the opportunity he needs to strike and bring Jiwoo in to him.

Does Pil-Do learn the truth about Jiwoo?

Pil-Do receives a call from Captain Cha while on watch, learning that he’s awoken from his comatose state. Rushing over to see his boss, Cha covers for Jiwoo and reveals that she’s Donghoon’s daughter. He also unveils the truth about Song and how he was undercover, which in turn makes Pil-Do realize that they’ve got the wrong person. He also confirms that Taeju was the one who stabbed him and that Mujin completely deceived her.

Speaking of which, Mujin’s guards infiltrate deep into the hospital as Jiwoo is helped out by an undercover nurse. She gives instructions for how to get away, as she singlehandedly fights off three of her colleagues and slips out wearing a hospital gown. Only, Pil-Do notices her in the parking lot and hurries up to see her.

Having learnt everything, Pil-Do puts his trust in Jiwoo and brandishes his handcuffs, deciding to handcuff themselves together as a desperate ploy to stop them driving off to Jiwoo’s death. A car chase soon ensues though, as Pil-Do and Jiwoo work together to evade Mujin’s goons. Eventually they do lose them out on the road.

Do Jiwoo and Pil-Do hook up?

Realizing they need to lay low for a while, the pair drive to an abandoned beach resort that Pil-Do’s friend has rented out long-term. Pil-Do helps patch up Jiwoo, cleaning the wound on her shoulder. This act of kindness, and his willingness to try and understand Jiwoo, sees our protagonist open up as the pair passionately kiss and make love. Well, that was certainly unexpected! Anyway, they decide to stick together and fulfill Donghoon’s wishes of stopping Mujin no matter what.

Mujin though is consumed by his unfinished business with Donghoon and Jisoo. He’s convinced that everyone has betrayed him, unsure where else to turn. With an arrest warrant out thanks to an unspecified eyewitness (who is probably Captain Cha in truth), Mujin loses control and forces Ms Kang out.

Does Pil-Do die?

Mujin dons a motorcycle helmet and hits the road, stopping at Jiwoo’s car on the road where he shoots Pil-Do in cold blood. As his body slumps lifelessly on her lap, blood oozing from a gunshot wound on his head, Jiwoo grabs his gun and takes off into the street. This is the last we see of Pil-Do but it’s very clear that he’s dead.

Does Jiwoo get her revenge?

With a gun brandished, Jiwoo heads straight into Mujin’s club, using a single handgun to thwart an entire army worth of goons. It’s basically John Wick at this point but impressively shot nonetheless.

Jiwoo fights through the room, hitting off four bullets before reloading. She then leaves a single bullet as she rides the elevator up to the penthouse. It’s either a continuity error or this young woman has just taken a few too many blows to the head! Despite only holding a single bullet in her handgun, she takes out a hallway worth of soldiers, leaving her one on one with Mujin.

Alone at last, Jiwoo confronts Mujin with her gun drawn, gritting her teeth as the boss talks about her father’s lack of conviction. He had several chances to kill her and didn’t take it. Mujin believes that she’s different, almost salivating at the prospect of dying at her hands.

After a little more talking, the pair eventually decide to get involved in a good old fashioned knife fight. Jiwoo and Mujin duel it out with knives drawn, eventually leading to Jiwoo stabbing her enemy in the throat. She watches with satisfaction as he slumps down against the wall, bleeding out.

With police bound for Mujin’s base, Jiwoo stumbles away, a trail of blood following her.

How does My Name end?

We then cut forward an unspecified period of time as Jiwoo pays her respects to her father, placing a picture of herself and Donghoon together on his grave. As she reflects back on the moments that have led to this point, Jiwoo pays her respects to Pil-Do as the show comes to a close.

The Episode Review

They say an ending can make or break a show and for me, this one does break the enjoyment that’s been had up until this point a bit. Episode 7 had some plot contrivances creep in, which we mentioned in regards to Jiwoo escaping out the police station, but episode 8 is particularly egregious. in this respect.

The sudden forced romance feels completely out of left-field and throughout the show there’s not really been any sort of sexual tension or romance between the pair so it feels a bit weird and a forced attempt at making Jiwoo witness another loved one pass away.

The biggest problem here though are the sheer number of questions left unanswered. What happened to Captain Cha? Did no one else actually see Jiwoo in the car? Did no officers think to follow her? And how did Jiwoo get away at the end when a trail of blood would have led directly to her in that tunnel? And when did Jiwoo get the time to photoshop herself next to her father and place it on his grave?

Although Jisoo does get her revenge and Mujin’s threat is thwarted, the abrupt ending just sort of ends things on an unintentional pang of whiplash. Whether this is intentional, baiting for a second season, or not is up for debate but it definitely feels a bit rushed.

Despite that, My Name has been a really enjoyable watch, despite the missteps with this conclusion.

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14 thoughts on “My Name Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. can someone explain why mujin gave her a knife and told her to use it when she finds the killer? and why did he do all of that for her when he was the culprit the whole time? i dont understand

  2. I think she faked her death or lived as Jiwoo (oh hyejin was dead and that’s how she got away?). The romance between Jiwoo and Pildo was needed and that was my favorite part of the story. She was a lonely woman who needed someone to lean on. See why Mujin shot pildo, but not Jiwoo? He wanted her to rage so she’d come back to him for sure.

  3. my guess for the added urn to her mother and fathers grave was maybe mujins? I’m not sure but I kind of feel like that would be it, there was nobody else really significant that died other then pildo, but pildo was with his sister and the only other conclusion would be mujins.

  4. Thanks so much for the comments guys, that’s really helpful re. the gun reloading. I’ve just updated the article accordingly so it should read better now. Really appreciate you taking the time to educate on this as I genuinely had no idea!

    -Greg W

  5. It wasn’t a continuity error. She didn’t reload her gun (trust me I’m a sport shooter). She checked how many live rounds she had left. When she opened her revolver, we can clearly see that all 5 chambers are loaded with shells, but 4 of the shells have indentations on the primer- an indication that those 4 are spent shells. Which is just right as she fired 4 shots already at that point. So she dropped those 4 and left the only live round in the gun, presumably saving it for her last target. But alas, the last henchman literally had her backed into a corner and she was forced to use her last live round on him.

    Thus, when she went into the office, she was literally brandishing an empty gun. Which explains why when Mujin tried to shoot her with the same revolver, it kept going click instead of bang. It was out of ammo, and allowed Hye Jin to finish him off with a knife.

    It was actually very detailed. Gun guys like me are always looking for things like these.

  6. Like someone said enough time has passed for her to be healed so why couldn’t part of her sentencing be working under the captain in narcotics. The truth would’ve come out about her father being undercover since 2005, and the captain felt responsible for Song Jiwoo working for Choi Mujin. I believe the captain would’ve fought for leniency.

  7. The ending scene in cemetery leaves us with a subtle answer to what she is doing with her life. I think if I’m wrong then directors will need explain purpose of showing herself in police uniform with her father under the name Song. She was known as Oh Hyejin when she was infiltrating. At end her picture in uniform is under Song, so no one would’ve know that but the captain and Pildo. She works narcotics like her father under the captain so she’s not on the run.

  8. {spoilers, all about the ending} Tbh the romance didnt feel contrived to me at all because it’s exactly what I thought would happen the entire season. That being said, I definitely dont understand how she’s just able to walk free now?? I fully thought they would both die together at the end. Story-wise, idk what else is there for her anyways and I dont see her continuing to live as a happy ending when based on the story, she’s now a “monster” and lost all her humanity. As far as the grave site at the end? My only guess is that she’s presumed dead now, explaining the third urn and I personally believe its more likely that the photoshopped photo with her dad was a funeral thing, perhaps done by Detective Cha to honor the parts of Jiwoo that were similar to her dad. Though it just as easily couldve been Jiwoo’s doing to lay rest to the part of her that represented her humanity. Considering enough time has passed that Pildo has had his funeral and Jiwoo is no longer visibly injured, I’m sure there was more than enough time to get a photo like that made.

  9. can anyone explain the third urn in the family grave? The top left is for her mother, top right for her father. Did she fake her own death (again) to add the urn on the bottom row?

  10. My question is…

    Why did Mujin even bother to help train Jason when he had her father killed? Doesn’t make sense

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