My Name – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Blurring Lines

Episode 4 of My Name begins with Mujin concerned about his empire. As he watches footage from the massacre, he demands that his subordinates make sure no one speaks up or talks. Jiwoo though is fronting the taskforce determined too get answers, but no one is speaking up and the department hit a dead-end.

Pil-Do encourages Jiwoo to keep searching though while he receives an urgent call, taking him away. In fact, he joins Cha up to see Taeju and the others who are currently mourning the deceased. Mujin is there too of course, and he doesn’t exactly take kindly to Cha bursting in on him like this.

The pair trade verbal blows, with Mujin vowing too make sure Cha never catches him or takes him down. When he leaves, heading back to the department, Jiwoo twiddles her thumbs, waiting for the forensic report to come back from the gun.

However, the gang do manage to obtain a lead on Gangjae, realizing that he’s the one responsible. Cha understands this is his chance to catch a much bigger prize, knowing that Mujin is going to move soon and hit back. For the time being, he decides to release Mango. More lives will be lost, which Jiwoo is quick to point out, but the operation is due to go ahead no matter what.

Jiwoo messages and informs Mujin that there’s a trap waiting for him. However, Cha is convinced that someone from Gujin’s organization will flip and turn to their side. Given there’s already presumably a mole inside the organization, this doesn’t look good.

Jiwoo remains vigilant though and tails Cha, determined to find out who he’s meeting. However, up on the rooftop, still sporting a motorcycle helmet, she walks right into Pil-Do. The two skirmish for a bit, but there’s enough of a break in the action for Jiwoo to slip away and notice the guy outside waiting for Cha is actually Taeju.

Jiwoo is quick to feed this back to her boss, although Jiwoo’s position in the Narcotics department is also under threat given Cha believes she’s the one who’s leaking information.

Interestingly, Cha appears to be playing a clever game, and has Pil-Do check out Jiwoo’s police file while it seems like Taeju was just a decoy. Cha is determined to figure out what Jiwoo’s game is, although she remains fixated on the gun right now, finding out about the serial number. The gun isn’t actually Cha’s. It belongs to Corporal Song Joonsu, the new recruit to narcotics who was killed.

When Jisoo quizzes Mujin about this, he’s adamant that they’re not cop killers and believes Cha is just playing dirty. She caries this with her later on in the day, as Pil-Do asks her out for a drink. She refuses, but it doesn’t stop him from tailing her.

Eventually he catches up, calling her out for investigating Mango and Gangjae on her own. He joins Jiwoo for the time being, eventually questioning her resolve and ties to her father.

While the pair watch Gangjae conduct an operation, he suddenly turns around and faces the pair up on the balcony. They realize this is all one big set-up, as Pil-Do and Mujin are attacked by a group of thugs. Unfortunately they’re both captured, with their phones. Pil-Do is even thrown out the top window too!

At the same time, numerous armed guards show up and blindside Mujin, who manages to hold his own. It turns out Jiwoo charging in to Mango’s operation was enough to get Gangjae’s attention and he’s been luring her all this time. Uh oh…

The Episode Review

Gangjae’s appearance and sudden arrival is enough to ring alarm bells for both Jiwoo and Mujin. Both of these guys find themselves blindsided, although Jiwoo’s brash attitude, charging in to capture Mango, is partly why she’s in such hot water now.

The show has done well to portray Jiwoo as a competent but very clearly flawed protagonist who’s easy to root for. She has a simple but defined objective and she’s dead-set on finding those responsible for killing her father. Only, the further down the rabbit hole she seems too be going, the more likely it appears that Mujin and his gang are actually responsible.

This sets up a nice dynamic to come while the line between right and wrong continues to blur. As we move into the second half of the season, My Name is setting itself up to be another enthralling and well-written Netflix k-drama.

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