My Man is Cupid – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Things That Do Not Change Even If You Are Reincarnated

Episode 9 of My Man is Cupid starts with Sang-hyuk on the rooftop and Jae-hee pointing a gun at him. On the other hand, Baek-ryeon wonders why she sees the alley and notices that her heart beats faster. Back to the rooftop, Jae-hee shows Sang-hyuk the photos that indicate that he’s the same person. But Sang-hyuk challenges him to find the person who sent the images first. When Jae-hee approaches the rifle, he realises it’s loaded with small rounds and golden stuff. He checks through the rifle and finds a couple having a romantic moment in the office. He concludes that Sang-hyuk is a pervert for watching this. 

In the meantime, Jae-hee is informed that the delivery company that gave him the parcel doesn’t exist. Amid their conversation, he gets a guest, who happens to be Eun-seo’s husband. He’s sad that his wife’s body is yet to be found. He claims the world is unfair, seeing that the culprit has not yet been apprehended. Jae-hee says the blood in Myeong-sik’s car is just circumstantial evidence and cannot be used against him. He asks to meet the witness, but Jae-hee refuses since they don’t want to pressure the witness. On the other hand, Sang-hyuk explains that the culprit targets people around him. We are briefly shown the mysterious man who has pinned Sang-hyuk’s pictures in his room. 

Elsewhere, Myeong-sik’s staff goes for her medicine, and he bumps into her. On the other hand, Baek-ryeon is followed by a junior detective. She asks him about Sang-hyuk and if he seems sad, but he tells her he’s irritated and someone might have upset him. At home, Sang-hyuk is busy cooking while Dong-chil recalls what Sang-hyuk has been doing with Baek-ryeon. He reminds him that he should not skip his last metamorphosis. 

Do-ra teases Baek-ryeon on her first kiss with Superman. However, this is different from how she wanted it to happen. In her imagination, she wanted it where both could look into each other, wanting each other and kiss passionately. But in this case, she kissed him by force. Do-ra suggests that could be the reason Sang-hyuk is avoiding Baek-ryeon. He could also be feeling violated. 

Meanwhile, Do-ra lectures the three guys and tells them their physical appearance matters. They need to learn how to ask a girl out for a date and even how to get physically intimate. So, she takes them out for a shopping spree to choose the clothes. Dong-gu is pleased to get his first touch from a woman. Once they’re done with their hair treatment, Dong-gu approaches Do-ra, but a passing child makes him almost fall. This mistakenly makes him kiss Do-ra, creating another first-time kissing experience. When he goes home that day, Dong-chil notices his mood, only to realise he’s delighted to kiss a girl. They watch a kissing episode to make him learn more about kissing. 

Elsewhere, Sang-hyuk and Jae-hee learn that Myeong-sik had gone to the hospital for physical therapy, and Eun-seo attended to him. That’s where he seduced her but later accused her of adultery. The two go to a restaurant for a meal. Sang-hyuk asks him why he likes Baek-ryeon, and Jae-hee doesn’t hesitate to say she’s pretty and cool. At first, he liked her because she was pretty. However, her bravery in helping in the case of Eun-seo made him love Baek-ryeon more. But when it comes to Sang-hyuk, he hides his feelings, which Jae-hee terms as cowardice. 

Baek-ryeon is at the clinic and keeps on checking her phone. She hopes Sang-hyuk will reach out, which he hasn’t done so far. She recalls her behaviour the night she was with Jae-hee and feels ashamed. She usually becomes erratic when drunk, which she did that night. On the other hand, the cupids are having their meal when Dong-gu asks why people kiss, yet it seems disgusting. This topic makes Sang-hyuk nervous by remembering that he kissed Baek-ryeon. Dong-pal asks him why his face is red, but he dismisses it. Dong-chil is trying hard to ensure Dong-pal and Dong-gu don’t know that Sang-hyuk kissed a woman. 

In the meantime, Eun-seo’s husband approaches Baek-ryeon after leaving the clinic. He’s asking her to tell him what his wife said that night. According to him, Eun-seo was an angel who became a nurse. However, Baek-ryeon remains silent. As she walks home that night, Ho-jin keeps her company as usual, but Sang-hyuk, who has been following them, asks Ho-jin to leave. She’s surprised to see him! She tells him that Eun-seo’s husband wanted some information, but she didn’t say anything.

As they walk home, they find a fighting couple, who kiss later. This creates an awkward moment, and Baek-ryeon finds Sang-hyuk’s lips synching with the kiss. She gets home, and Sang-hyuk follows her. But he’s yet to find the courage to express his feelings towards her. 

On the other hand, Dong-pal is concerned that Sang-hyuk has crossed the red line by falling in love with another woman. Dong-chil diverts the topic by talking about Dong-gu, who is determined to get a girlfriend in the next three months. He has preserved his lips for the past 500 years. When he recalls his past, he remembers how girls never smiled at him. Do-ra’s smile is opening a new, exciting world for Dong-gu. 

At the police station, Baek-ryeon dresses up with makeup, making her stunningly unrecognisable. She asks Jae-hee and Sang-hyuk to follow her to the alley. She says that a schoolgirl was attacked there, and the culprit buried her in the mountain. While there, she also punches a guy who has weird habits towards school-going girls.

Shockingly, Sang-hyuk says that Jeong-ah lived there, making Jae-hee more confused about who Sang-hyuk is. He claims that used to be his place and goes where Baek-ryeon follows. While standing alone, Jae-hee is approached by a woman who says the house is occupied by four guys who seem like fairies. While there, Sang-hyuk recalls how Jeong-ah used to smile at him. 

In the meantime, the lady brings a photo, and Jae-hee is shocked to see the dog. She says its name was Ddaeng-chil, the same one he met at the clinic. It surprises him to the core, and he immediately goes for Baek-ryeon. He warns her to stay away from Sang-hyuk. The duo sits on a wall, and Sang-hyuk wants to shoot them with a cupid arrow. But he recalls how it ended in tragedy 500 years ago. Sang-hyuk also recalls the deity telling him that it will end tragically if he opens his heart to any woman. 

The Episode Review

Episode 9 continues the series’ spicy and exciting mood. The characters keep up with their roles while maintaining the initial flair. The storyline flows seamlessly. In this episode, the personality traits of the lead cast are exposed, with Baek-ryeon showing her courage and bravery. She didn’t back off from being a witness, and she’s willing to help despite knowing that the culprit is killing witnesses. 

On the other hand, Sang-hyuk is in a dilemma. Although Jae-hee thinks he’s a coward for not expressing his feelings, he knows opening his heart will come with consequences. Will he shoot Baek-ryeon and Jae-hee with a cupid arrow, or will his jealousy stand in the way? We can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!

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