My Man is Cupid – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review


Episode 14 of My Man is Cupid starts with Baek-ryeon’s love confession, saying that she loves Sang-hyuk regardless of who he might be. After their romantic moment, they sit down to discuss Sang-hyuk’s metamorphosis, and Baek-ryeon cannot take it when she learns that Sang-hyuk might be gone for ten years. She arrives at the house just when an equally disappointed Do-ra arrives from her date with Dong-gu.

Meanwhile, Sang-hyun finds the cupids arguing and fighting because Dong-chil and Dong-pal made Dong-gu disappear at a critical moment, making Do-ra hate him forever. Suddenly, they start to fade and realise that their arrow is acting weirdly and wonder why. 

Jae-hee arrives at the Cupids’ house after learning from his superior that Sang Hyuk is Cupid. He wants to know why he comes in between Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryeon and why the woman in the drawings appears in his memories. Sang-hyuk tells Jae-hee that he killed him 500 years ago and tried to kill the woman in the drawing.

Sang-hyuk tells him that he also wants to know why they met again in this life, and he says it is probably “HIS” doing. Later, Jae-hee puzzles over who Sang-hyuk was referring to. The following day, he takes his dig for a check-up at Baek-ryeon’s clinic and is silently puzzled over why they met again in this life. Sang-hyuk gets jealous over their interaction, given that Baek-ryeon constantly fusses about the metamorphosis. 

Song Ji-a’s body is found in an abandoned car, and the DNA evidence points to Myeong-sik as the killer. Myeong-sik insists that he is not the killer, and as the detectives show him, the evidence flashbacks show that he got into a confrontation with Ji-a since they were in a relationship and she started seeing other men.

He furiously tried to strangle her, and she scratched his neck, explaining the DNA. He remembers the red notebook, and when the detectives try to ask him about it, he shuts down and no longer wants to be questioned. He goes into a mental breakdown in the cell, mumbling about being safe as long as he is locked up.

Sang-hyuk spots the mysterious possible serial killer lurking outside Baek-ryeon’s clinic and chases after him. Baek-ryeon starts to panic when she leaves the clinic and does not find Sang-hyuk in the car. She is afraid that Sang-hyuk might have disappeared due to the metamorphosis but is relieved when he sees him come back after he loses the killer. Baek-ryeon runs into Sang-hyuk’s embrace and expresses her fear that he might escape before she is ready. Sang-hyuk suggests that they spend the night together, and she agrees. 

Meanwhile, the arrow acts up again when Dong-gu goes to apologise to Do-ra, and he becomes invisible. Her students find the bouquet outside the classroom and give it to Do-ra. She runs outside to look for Dong-gu, and when she does not find him, she drinks alone in the bar since she cannot stop thinking about Dong-gu. Do-ra meets a stranger in the bar, and Dong-gu gets angry when he hears the stranger tell someone on call that he found a girl to spend the night with.

Dong-gu beats up the stranger, making him run away. Dong-gu spends the night invisibly protecting Do-ra and accidentally reveals his identity to him when the charm wears off, and the arrow starts to act up again. When she wakes up the following morning, she does not believe what had happened the previous night and blames it on drunkenness. 

When Sang-hyuk drives Baek-ryeon to the clinic for the night shift, someone is on the phone talking. Something he says triggers Baek-ryeon’s memories, and she remembers the killer’s voice. Meanwhile, Myeong-sik feels unwell and does not join the other inmates during mealtime when someone enters his prison cell disguised as a worker. Myeok-sik panics in fear when he sees him. The detectives search Myeong-sik’s office elsewhere while Sang-hyuk leaves Baek-ryeon at the clinic to follow up on a hunch. 

The detectives get a call about Myeok sik murder at the prison cell. Dae-yoon and Ho-jin rush to the prison to follow up on the report while Min-ho and Jae-hee find a red notebook at Myeong-sik’s desk. Meanwhile, Sang-hyuk arrives at the house where he believes the killer resides, and Yeong-cheol brings a severely injured dog to the clinic. The dog needs blood, but there is none, and Baek-ryeon’s assistant has to drive fifteen minutes to the nearest hospital to get it. 

The red notebook has the word “Jealousy” engraved on top, and a single page inside is written, “I will kill you no matter what.” As Sang-hyuk enters the mysterious house, Baek-ryeon tries to reassure Yeong-cheol that the dog will be okay after surgery.

Yeong-cheol says the words, “You are lying,” and Baek-ryeon remembers his voice as it is the same as the serial killer’s. The episode ends as a terrified Baek-ryeon backs away from the killer, and he picks up the scalpel she just dropped and takes steps, getting closer to Baek-ryeon, who is now backed up against the wall. 

The Episode Review

So much is happening in this episode, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger. Is Yeong-cheol the serial killer, and how is he connected to the story? Why is he so interested in killing Baek-ryeon despite Myeong-sik taking the blame? What does Sang-hyuk find in the mysterious house? Why does Jae-hee not remember his entire past as Prince Lee? Why does Sang-hyuk not know about the little Boy, Courage?

When the arrow flickers, how are only the three cupids affected and not Sang-hyuk? The deity had said that he would not allow Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryeon to end up together, so is he connected to anything wrong happening in the series?

There is still so much that is unknown in this episode. Will the next episode start providing some answers? 

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