My Man is Cupid – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Reason You Are In Front of Me Now

Episode 12 of My Man is Cupid starts with the events before Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryeon meet at the cliff. Sang-hyuk reads the hypnosis report and realises Baek-ryeon is the woman in his past life. Meanwhile, Jae-hee arrives at Baek-ryeon’s house, pulls her outside to tell her about Sang-hyuk not being human, and tries to make her stay away from him.

Although Baek-ryeon had seen the same thing happen to Sang-hyuk at the hospital, she did not show Jae-hee that she believed him and chose to leave and return to the house. Inside, she sees the calendar she threw under the bed since she thought she had made 1000 trips to the cliff but had never met a man.

It suddenly occurs to her that she met Sang-hyuk during one of the trips and did not make it all the way to the top; therefore, she was one trip short. Baek-ryeon makes the last trip up the mountain, and Jae-he follows her secretly, watching outside her house.

Meanwhile, Sang-hyuk arrives at her house and runs up the hill to look for Baek-ryeon. As they embrace, Jae-hee, who is spying on the interaction, becomes furious, and flashes of the past as Prince Lee Seon run through his mind. 

The Deity and Boy had the same conversation about a secret they knew about Sang-hyuk and that he would soon go into his final metamorphosis. The Deity insists that the court woman is destined to be with someone else, but the Boy (whom the Deity calls Courage) interfered with fate, and The Deity will ensure that Baek-ryeon does not end up with Sang-hyuk.

Meanwhile, Sang-hyuk drops Baek-ryeon at the apartment, and she tells him that Jae-hee found out about him turning invisible and that she saw it at the hospital. However, she does not think it is real. She might have hit her head, and Jae-hee might have hit his head, too, while he was fighting a culprit.

After bidding her good night, Sang-hyuk meets up with Jae-hee and tells him he is not human and likes Baek-ryeon. Jae-hee tells him he is picking a fight with him, and Sang-hyuk silently thinks he would like to know who Jae-hee is and why they met again.

Dong-chil and Dong-pal find the hypnosis statement, and Dong-chil says that he thinks he saw someone who looks like Prince Lee at Baek-ryeon’s animal clinic. As they discuss, images of Prince Lee are juxtaposed with Jae-hee, and his mannerisms are similar to Prince Lee’s. Dong-pal mentions a secret he will never tell Sang-hyuk about, mentioning that he can never be with a human and refuses to disclose the information.

Sang-hyuk arrives home and tells them that he will stay by Baek-ryeon’s side and protect her as long as he can until the day he disappears. Jae-hee continues to investigate the case of aliens on Earth and calls in Min-ho to help him out. Jae-hee wants his help spying on Sang-hyuk so they can take a video of his transformation. The following morning, Min-ho arrives at Sang-hyuk’s apartment and waits outside.

Inside, Dong-gu ties up Dong-chil and Dong-pal as payback. Sang-hyuk leaves to pick up Baek-ryeon and notices Min-ho following him on the way. Later that day, Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryeon visit the orphanage she grew up in. They bring the children gifts and spend the rest of the day playing with them and helping with laundry.

Min-ho cannot bear to watch the lovey-dovey scene between them, but he must keep following them and report to Jae-hee. Meanwhile, Dong-chil does not stop barking, making the neighbours angry, and they knock on their door.

Sang-hyuk finds a half-burnt poster at the orphanage about the seven deadly sins. He asks the orphanage director about it, and she tells him about a manager who disappeared during a fire in 1993, Hong Ae-kyeong. She used to beat up the kids and make them write self-reflection essays in red notebooks.

Sang-hyuk has a hunch and rushes outside to ask Min-ho to take him to the detention centre where they are holding Myeong-sik. Meanwhile, Jae-hee creeps around Sang-hyuk’s old house and, later that night, runs into Yoo Jeong-ah’s parents, taking the dog that Sang-hyuk had earlier dropped to the veterinarian. 

After talking to Myeong-sik, Sang-hyuk, and Mon-ho, they realise that Myeong-sik has an accomplice and is taking the fall for the other person. The killer is taking out women following the sins written in the pamphlet that Sang-hyuk found. Myeong-sik mentions that the last case will not happen because he is in jail, but Sang-hyuk does not stop thinking about it.

Meanwhile, a mysterious person walks around with a dog, attracting people’s attention on the road, and he arrives at Baek-ryeon’s clinic. At the same time, Baek-ryeon comes back from the orphanage and starts the night shift while Sang-hyuk suddenly figures out that the last case might be about Baek-ryeon. 

Meanwhile, Baek-ryeon is taken aback when the mysterious person arrives at the clinic but still takes care of the dog. Sang-hyuk tries to call her on the way to the clinic, but she does not answer since she is busy. At the same time, Jae-hee drives Jeong-ah’s parents to the Baek-ryeon’s clinic.

When Sang-hyuk arrives, Jae-hee stands with his back to the door, and Sang-hyuk thinks he might be dangerous. Therefore, he rushes in and stands between him and Baek-ryeon but is relieved when he realises it is Jae-hee. However, Jeong-ah’s mother recognises him as the detective who always brought her flowerpots after Jeong-ah’s death. 

The Episode Review

The episode enhances the crime mysteries by introducing a possible twist about the real killer. Does Baek-ryeon recognise him? Why is she surprised when the mysterious man enters the clinic? Sang-hyuk finally knows that Baek-ryeon is his first love, and they have been separated twice since the threads of fate do not determine their romance story. Will they make it through after they are re-united for the third time?

The next episode will most likely provide many revelations about the missing woman’s past, present, and mysteries, enhancing the thrill of My Man is Cupid. The episode continues to solidify the elements of fantasy, romance, and mysteries, which have kept viewers glued to their screens since the first episode. 

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