My Love Mix-Up! (Thai) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Confessions at the School Camp

Episode 5 of My Love Mix-Up! kicks off with the school’s camp day. As Atom and Mudmee feel tired walking to the campsite, Kongthap and Half help carry their bags. Privately, Atom and Mudmee hope that this camp will allow them to spend time alone with their crushes and maybe even confess their feelings. Just then, they see an injured man being taken away on a stretcher. This does not bode well.

Finally, at the campsite, they are introduced to Sergeant Yod. He promises to teach them how to be tough. He has set up obstacle courses for them and anyone who doesn’t pass will be kicked out. Each course has points.

The first one is a rope crossing over a river during which Atom and Mudmee both fall into the water. The second is a wall of tires. Atom climbs it easily but fails because he’s too scared to climb down. He and Mudmee both get an F. They assume they’ll be sent home but the sergeant tells them they can stay on, but as losers. Which means they don’t get the same, delicious food the others get. Of course, Kongthap and Half smuggle out some good food for them. The two ‘losers’ are eternally grateful.

However, when it’s time for bed, they are given flimsy tents while the winners are sleeping inside the building. But Mudmee’s tent is broken, and the sergeant allows her to go inside, leaving Atom alone in the outdoor tent. As Atom shakes in fear and tries to sleep, someone opens his tent.

It’s Kongthap! He tells Atom that they’ve made extra space for him inside their accommodation. He’s grateful and ends up sleeping between Half and Kongthap. When Sergeant Yod checks on them, Kongthap hides Atom under a blanket and holds him close, while Half distracts the sergeant.

The next morning, Atom smiles while thinking about his moment with Kongthap. Later, Mudmee tells him that she learned that this place used to be full of fireflies. The legend says that whoever spots the fireflies together will end up falling in love.

Then it’s time for the next obstacle course. This time they have to work in teams of four and Kongthap and Half join hands with Mudmee and Atom. Determined to not drag their crushes down, Atom and Mudmee make it through these obstacles. When Kongthap asks what got into them, Atom says he’s turning into the new Atom who doesn’t keep his feelings to himself. He agrees to tell Kongthap about it after all the courses are done.

Unfortunately, the sergeant announces that the next one is the most ruthless course. He tells the students to send their bravest student and to everyone’s surprise, Atom volunteers. His challenge is to go up a tower and then zipline across a river. He does his best but the fear makes him pass out.

When he wakes up, he’s back at the campsite. Mudmee tells him their team failed but praises him for being brave. The sergeant comes in and tells Atom and Mudmee off for being cowards and giving up before they even start. He offers them one more challenge so they can pass the course.

He then announces the final obstacle — the students must pay their respects to the nature deities despite the ghosts present in the woods. Two students enter the woods and are promptly scared by an evil spirit – which is Atom in disguise! But the real challenge, the sergeant tells him, is that Atom must stay here alone and scare every last student.

Elsewhere, Half tries to scare two students but they are unaffected. Mudmee however, does a great job scaring them. Atom is on his own though, trying to fend off his own fear, when Kongthap comes by. He says the sergeant said all the students are done so they can change back into their uniforms.

Later, Atom and Kongthap take a walk. When Atom laments not being able to test his own bravery, Kongthap brings out incense sticks. He says they can still do the course and pay their respects to the nature deity. The two of them go and light their sticks, officially completing the course.

While walking back, Kongthap asks Atom what he was going to say after all the courses were done. After deflecting a little, Atom brings up the time when Kongthap said he was relieved the eraser thing was a misunderstanding. Kongthap explains that he was just glad that Atom didn’t have to worry anymore. Atom confesses that he was upset at the time. The eraser thing was a misunderstanding at first but…Atom isn’t able to complete his sentence due to Kongthap looking at him closely.

He runs further away and makes himself yell out the words: “I started to like you for real”. However, Kongthap hadn’t been able to hear and had come closer to Atom. Atom is shocked to see him that close when he opens his eyes. He trips backwards and Kongthap reaches out and the two tumble through the forest.

When they get up, Kongthap turns out to have been bitten by a snake. Atom tells him to wait while he runs to get help. In order to get to camp faster, he climbs the tower and uses the zipline to get to Sergeant Yod. Later, Kongthap is all better and the sergeant assures him the snake wasn’t poisonous. The sergeant then praises Atom for overcoming his fear and gives him a plushie toy as a gift for being the bravest.

When the sergeant is gone, Half congratulates Atom for being brave and Atom inadvertently reveals that he did it for Kongthap. Half and Mudmee leave the two boys on their own and go for a walk. Half wonders if he could have a special someone as well. This prompts Mudmee to strum up the courage and tell Half that she has something to say.

Elsewhere, Atom apologises to Kongthap for all the trouble he’s caused him. He gives Kongthap the gift he received as well. He then describes how he started liking Kongthap before he knew it. Kongthap hands him the gift back and asks if Atom would go out with him. He proposes they date, as more than friends but less than boyfriends.

He now knows that thinking alone isn’t enough for him to figure out if he likes Atom and spending time together and talking would be better. Atom is more than happy and agrees. Just then, a firefly flies past them and they see a horde of fireflies in the trees at the end of My Love Mix-Up! Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 makes it clear that My Love Mix-Up! is not a show that can be taken seriously or looked too closely at. The entire camp sequence involved a random set of obstacles, some of which were as silly as crawling through a tube while the sergeant throws fake lizards inside.

The rules, the punishments, and the whole setup is unlike any real school camp and feel vague and unstructured. Even Sergeant Yod telling Atom and Mudmee off for being cowards sits oddly, after all, they have been trying their best and not just sitting on their hands.

That said, the camp does put our characters into situations that challenge them and push them to change. Atom and Mudmee end up building the courage to tell Kongthap and Half how they feel. Kongthap as well, realises that simply thinking about the situation won’t help him figure out his feelings.

The core foursome of the show is so wholesome and portrays a powerful friendship. They continue to be the heart of the series, which ultimately makes it easier to ignore technical flaws like shoddy editing, badly CGI-d fireflies, and logical mishaps like how someone could get bitten by a snake while rolling down a hill.

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