My Love Mix-Up! (Thai) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Atom Gets Jealous

My Love Mix-Up! Episode 4 starts on the school rooftop where the oblivious Half takes it upon himself to tell Kongthap that the eraser thing was all a misunderstanding. He then leaves the two boys on their own to talk things out. Atom apologises but Kongthap says it’s a relief that it was a misunderstanding, which stops Atom from revealing any more.

Later, Atom tells Mudmee about everything and beats himself up for how things turned out. He vows to get over Kongthap, gives Mudmee his eraser and runs off. While searching for him, Mudmee bumps into Half. When Half says that Atom dug his own grave by not telling the truth, Mudmee gets angry and slaps him.

Later, Half complains to Atom about it. He first presumes that Mudmee likes Atom and then that she likes Kongthap. Atom just rolls his eyes at how very wrong his friend is.

The mid-term results come out and Atom is ecstatic to see he that passed his maths exam. He excitedly shares the news with Kongthap but then reminds himself that he has to stay away from Kongthap. Just in time, the class seating changes and Atom is glad to see he and Kongthap are on opposite sides. Of course, in reality, he’s pretty bummed about it.

After his basketball practice, Kongthap’s friend asks what’s troubling him. He tells him about the eraser misunderstanding and how it’s still on his mind. He’s never liked someone before so he doesn’t know what it’s supposed to feel like. His friend promises to get more information.

Since Atom’s marks jumped by a lot, his teacher suspects him of cheating on the maths exam. Kongthap arrives and says that he helped Atom study, proving him innocent. The teacher then asks Atom to become the basketball team’s interim team manager.

Atom begins his job as manager. Mudmee arrives at the basketball court and gives Atom a bunch of yellow objects because his horoscope said it was the auspicious colour for love. When Kongthap is left without a water bottle, Atom runs out to buy him a drink. But he can’t because he left his phone and money behind. Luckily, his auspicious bag of yellow things includes a drink which Kongthap takes. (Yes, this is a product placement segment.)

While Mudmee is in her baking club, Half approaches her and asks why she slapped him. From her reaction, he realises that Atom actually likes Kongthap. He regrets being a terrible friend but Mudmee explains that Atom was just afraid of losing Half.

He then asks Atom about it as well and realises Atom was worried about his opinion. Half assures him that there is nothing wrong with who he is and promises to help him get with Kongthap. He also returns Atom’s eraser on behalf of Mudmee who sent a message telling Atom to keep the Eraser Alliance going.

We then see Kongthap getting ready for a basketball match with another school. As their manager, Atom is there as well. The other school turns out to be Kongthap and his friend Khao-pan’s old school. Kongthap also gives Atom his old Jersey to wear while cheering for the team.

However, things change when Claire turns up. She, Kongthap and Khao-pan were really close and used to play together here. Now, she’s the basketball captain. Atom gets jealous of how well they know each other, even more so when Claire tells Kongthap they need to talk. Khao-pan later tells Atom that she and Kongthap have one-on-one matches every time they meet. He thinks Claire is using the match to win a bet against Kongthap and get him to date her.

Back in school, Half gives Mudmee a drink and thanks her for helping him come to his senses. Mudmee reached out to touch his cheek again and he flinches. But she apologises for slapping him. He assures her he deserved it.

When the basketball team start training, Atom realises that Claire bought Kongthap the towel that he uses. He’s disheartened because he’d actually got a new one for Kongthap himself. As the team begin to practice, Atom and Claire talk and he gets more jealous of how well she knows Kongthap. She even predicts his plays on the court while Atom gets it wrong.

Afterwards, the team wins the match and they pile back onto the bus. Kongthap says he’ll go home on his own because he has to meet Claire. Khao-pan tells Atom that Claire is probably going to confess. In a flurry, Atom tells the bus to stop and pretends he forgot his phone back at the school. He runs all the way back and reaches right in time to get in the way of Claire’s winning shot.

But then Claire reveals the real terms of the bet — if Kongthap lost, he was to help her pursue Khao-pan. Khao-pan is the one she really likes. The towel was a gift that she got for Khao-pan but to cover her feelings up, she gifted one to Kongthap as well.

When they ask Atom why he rushed into their game, he clumsily pretends that he was passing by and just wanted to join in. Khao-pan rushes in and tells Atom that he left his phone on the bus. Atom welcomes the interruption and goes back out with Khao-pan. After they’re gone, Kongthap asks Claire what it feels like to have a crush on Khao-pan.

Three of them, minus Claire, get on a bus home again. Khao-pan looks relieved that Kongthap won’t be competing with Claire anymore, making it obvious that he likes Claire too. Kongthap then asks Atom why he came back to see him. This time, he gives Kongthap the towel. He explains that the cat on it reminded him of Kongthap’s cat. Kongthap accepts it gratefully and promises to use this one instead of Claire’s. Atom’s face breaks into a smile and, suddenly embarrassed, he pretends to sleep.

A flashback shows that Claire told Kongthap it’s pretty easy to tell when you like someone. She says his heart will tell him. In the bus, Atom ends up sleeping on Kongthap’s shoulder and the latter smiles. His heart starts beating faster and Claire’s words ring in his ears at the end of My Love Mix-Up! Episode 4.

The Episode Review

My Love Mix-Up! Episode 4 is a well-written episode that has a sweet and heartwarming narrative. Jealousy is always a fun emotion to watch protagonists grapple with and Fourth does a great job of portraying Atom’s. He makes Atom’s jealousy feel real and authentic while ensuring its pettiness is entertaining to watch. We also see more of Kongthap’s POV this time and it’s nice to see him try to figure out his feelings.

Half and Mudmee share a wholesome storyline in this episode as well and the former comes across as a really good friend as he finally figures out what’s going on with Atom. There’s a poignant depiction of what coming out to one’s friends can be like but the show infuses it with lightness and hope, making sure the tone of the series doesn’t get more serious. A lovely episode all in all!

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