My Love Mix-Up! (Thai) – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Study Sessions and Sleepovers

Episode 3 of My Love Mix-Up! begins with the class being told to pair up and sketch each other’s faces. Atom asks Kongthap to pair with him. We flashback to when Mudmee and Atom cleared up their misunderstanding about Half and Kongthap. Mudmee assures Atom that there’s nothing wrong with him liking Kongthap. She then gives him some advice. First, she tells him to write Kongthap’s name on his eraser. Atom does this during the sketching class.

Next, she tells Atom to use the eraser as much as he can. Atom does so but his frantic erasing makes Kongthap think he’s busy and hence walk away. When Mudmee tries it, Half does come over but only to tell Mudmee she dropped her pen.

Later in class, Atom gets a really low score on a test. He and Half end up asking Kongthap and Mudmee for help in studying math and English respectively. They go to Kongthap’s place to study and Atom sees the white cat in his room. Half recognises him as the one that was left on the street which makes Atom happy. Atom then asks Kongthap to play the guitar but he refuses as they need to focus on studying.

As the study session goes on, Atom notices the chemistry between Mudmee and Half and laments that there isn’t any between him and Kongthap. But when Kongthap leaves the room, Half surprisingly calls Mudmee out for having a crush on Kongthap. He couldn’t have it more wrong! Mudmee is about to say the truth but Kongthap returns and she rushes out of the room, excusing herself with a phone call.

Atom goes out and consoles his friend. Mudmee reveals what made her like Half in the first place. During the high school admission examinations, Mudmee was upset because she forgot her exam card. Atom, who has forgotten his too, made her smile and even spoke to the teachers to make sure she could take the exam. At present, Atom tells Mudmee to not give up.

The study session continues and Mudmee and Half eventually finish up their bit and leave. In his haste to push Mudmee and Half together, Atom doesn’t realise that he’ll be left alone with Kongthap.

Outside, Half asks Mudmee if she wants a ride home on his scooter. She says no but then forces herself to say yes, so she can spend more time with him. Back inside, Atom finds it hard to concentrate on the math problems. He admits he’s nervous about being alone with the person he confessed to. Kongthap lets it slip that he’s been thinking about Atom a lot and Atom inadvertently admits the same, although he’s extremely embarrassed about it.

Later, while leaving, Atom meets Kongthap’s mother. She recognises him from the Cinderella play and tells Kongthap to have him over for a meal. Kongthap ends up saying that they’re not that close and are only classmates, which ticks Atom off and he leaves in a huff.

The students are back in their sketching class and Kongthap muses over his relationship with Atom. He can’t seem to picture them as boyfriends. Atom sees that Kongthap has drawn his sketch really well while his own is a bit cartoonish. He ends up crumpling it and throwing it in the bin.

Later when Kongthap and Half are talking alone, Half realises that Kongthap may like Atom. Of course, since he doesn’t know the truth, he goes to Atom and tells him about it. Atom tells Half about the whole eraser debacle but doesn’t mention his real feelings. Half tells Atom he should let Kongthap know the truth.

That night, Atom stays up late unable to stop thinking about Kongthap. He wakes up with a fever and doesn’t go to school. Kongthap overhears this during a phone call between Atom and Half. Later, he turns up at Atom’s house himself so that Atom can finish the sketch that needs to be turned in the next day.

They start sketching and Kongthap notices a guitar in Atom’s room as well. Kongthap finishes his but Atom is still working on his sketch. When things get too quiet, he tells Kongthap to say something otherwise he can’t focus on drawing. Kongthap picks up the guitar and begins to play it, singing a song. Atom seems to fall in love a little more. When Atom is done sketching, he shows Kongthap the final result — a drawing of Kongthap playing the guitar.

Then, it’s time for Kongthap to leave but since it’s late, Atom tells him to stay the night instead. When they’re in pyjamas and settled in, they chat about Atom’s guitar. He confesses that he can’t play it. His father gifted it to him but one day, he packed up his things and left Atom and his mother. Atom admits that love feels scary to him. Kongthap then opens up about his father, who’s in Japan most of the time and how his mother misses him. They agree that love can be a good thing when you find the right person.

Suddenly, Atom’s mother comes home from work. This time, Kongthap introduces himself as Atom’s friend. It makes Atom happy and Kongthap later admits that he only said ‘classmate’ earlier because he wasn’t sure how Atom felt. He’s actually considered Atom a friend for a long time. But Atom sees him as more than a friend, right? Of course, Atom evades the question and goes to bed.

The next day, Atom tells Mudmee that the power of the eraser is working. Just as they are celebrating, Half arrives and drags Atom to the roof where Kongthap is waiting. Half, the ever-oblivious friend, encourages Atom to clear up the eraser misunderstanding as Kongthap awaits a response at the end of My Love Mix-Up! Episode 3.

The Episode Review

My Love Mix-Up! Episode 3 gets all the protagonists much closer to one another and gives us more of a glimpse into their characters. Rather than focusing on the plot, the story uses the study session and sketching assignment to explore the characters. We learn what made Mudmee fall for Half, what happened with Atom’s father, and even some of Kongthap’s thoughts about Atom.

This episode definitely makes the foursome feel like real, flawed people. It also allows the dynamic between the main couples to develop, with Atom’s whimsical behaviour and open-heartedness matching Kongthap’s more serious, introverted demeanour. We see them officially move from classmates to friends and the whole process of miscommunication makes the episode quite a fun watch.

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