My Love Mix-Up! (Thai) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of My Love Mix-Up! begins with the class president telling the class that they are going to put on Cinderella for the school play this year. The class’ lovebirds are Toon and Tan. When Mudmee joins the art team, Atom tries to get Kongthap to join as well but ends up signing both of them up.

They start working on the play and Kongthap realises that Atom doesn’t draw very well. They have a ‘moment’ when Kongthap pulls an umbrella shut over both of their heads by mistake. When Mudmee arrives to take something, Half arrives to help her out despite Atom’s efforts to make Kongthap do it.

Afterwards, Mudmee asks Atom about his crush. The question startles him into spilling paint on the canvas they are working on. Kongthap arrives along with Half and helps him fix it.

While leaving for home, Atom tries to fix the two of them together again but ends up getting stuck with Kongthap himself. He tells Kongthap that he’s a nice person for all the help he’s offered. They share another moment when Kongthap wipes some paint off of Atom’s face. Atom runs off after that.

Later that night, Atom keeps involuntarily thinking about the moments between him and Kongthap. In school the next day, Toon and Tan send the class a message saying that they’ve both fallen sick. Since the art team is the only department with time on their hands, Mudmee is told to take the role of Cinderella and Kongthap is told to play the prince. Atom gets the role of a servant. But Mudmee has stage fright and even leaves practice early.

While all the students leave, Atom stays to help Kongthap practice his lines. Kongthap has trouble understanding how the prince can fall in love with a woman he’s just met. Atom explains how love just takes a moment, not more. They play the scene again and this time, Kongthap has no trouble looking at Atom with love in his eyes. Even Atom is left with a racing heart.

The day of the play arrives and Atom is stunned to see the handsome Kongthap in his prince’s outfit. Backstage, Mudmee is suffering from stage fright. The play begins and when Mudmee can’t make it on stage, Atom runs out on stage and pretends to be a character named Soduang instead.

After that, the play goes on as usual but with Atom’s character as the main lead. Half plays an angel who helps Atom go to the ball. Kongthap’s Prince is star-struck by Atom and asks him to dance. They sing a song as they do and gaze into each other’s eyes, it’s all incredibly romantic. When Atom forgets to leave his shoe behind while leaving, he comes back on stage and pretends to trip into Kongthap’s arms.

We skip to afterwards and Mudmee apologises to everyone for not being able to go on stage. The other students tease Atom and Kongthap of liking each other and it riles Atom up. Kongthap tells the others off for joking about this as well. When everybody else goes to watch the fireworks, Kongthap apologises to Atom in case he made him uncomfortable. Atom tells him he was happy that Kongthap got angry on his behalf.

Of course, he regrets saying that while walking home and Mudmee has to stop him from walking into traffic. Mudmee realises his mood is off and asks what’s wrong. Atom admits that he’s come to like the same person Mudmee likes. She reveals that the person she likes is Half, not Kongthap!

This is a shock to Atom but Mudmee explains that she had written Half’s first name, Pholkongthap on her eraser but the first four letters had been disappeared with the used part of the eraser. The misunderstanding cleared up, Mudmee promises to help Atom with his crush, Kongthap at the end of My Love Mix-Up! Episode 2.

The Episode Review

This was an incredibly fun and fast-paced episode. There’s nothing like a school rendition of Cinderella to bring two people together. While it is unrealistic that Atom would be able to step in for the play and know all the lines and the song as well, his last-minute pairing on stage with Kongthap made for some really nice moments between the two in My Love Mix-Up! Episode 2. The songs, in particular, were a pleasant surprise and made the play scenes a really good watch.

The overall story trajectory is exciting as well! Atom’s feelings for Kongthap could have led to a rivalry with Mudmee but the reveal that she actually likes Half is a very fun twist. Now, they both can help each other with their respective love lives and there’s no competition necessary. This friendship has definitely levelled up. Meanwhile, Kongthap and Atom’s chemistry is also heating up. All in all, a great episode!

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