My Love Mix-Up! (Thai) – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

A Love Triangle

Episode 1 of My Love Mix-Up! begins with a voiceover about how if you write your crush’s name on an eraser, your love will come true. We then see a young student named Atom who has a crush on a girl named Mudmee. A flashback shows Mudmee offering Atom a cupcake she made. Since that day, he’s had a crush on her. At present, the teacher announces a pop quiz but Atom doesn’t have an eraser.

Mudmee gives him one of hers, winning his heart even more. But not for long because he sees that she’s written a name on the eraser – Kongthap, the student who sits in front of Atom. Which means she likes him. At that moment, Atom drops the eraser and Kongthap picks it up, noticing the name. In order to protect Mudmee, Atom lies and says the eraser is his.

Later, Kongthap thinks about how Atom kept asking to copy his homework and assumes that way of hitting on Kongthap. Outside class, Mudmee realises that Atom saw the name. Atom encourages her and she asks him to keep it a secret. Just as he’s about to make the promise, Kongthap arrives. Atom takes him aside and warns him not to tell anyone. Atom tells him to forget all of it but Kongthap says his feelings aren’t worthless. He mistakes Atom’s frustration for romantic feelings.

Later, Atom asks Mudmee why she likes Kongthap. She says it’s because he’s kind and doesn’t give up easily. When the sports coach tells the class to play doubles badminton, Atom pairs with his friend Half. He then insists on going against Kongthap, who is a talented sportsman.

Kongthap is distracted during his basketball practice. On his way out, he sees that someone has left a cat on the side of the road. Half comes by and Kongthap asks him about Atom, if he has a crush on anyone. Half says Atom wouldn’t tell him. Half then realises that he has dinner with his dad and can’t go practice badminton with Atom. Of course, Kongthap steps up.

Atom is surprised to see Kongthap at practice but ultimately agrees. He’s determined to make sure Kongthap loses. It doesn’t work because Kongthap turns out to be really good at badminton. Atom then takes Kongthap out for a meal to try and find his weaknesses.

He learns that Kongthap doesn’t like spicy food and Kongthap learns that Atom doesn’t like vegetables. Before they leave, Kongthap gives Atom his racket since Atom’s is too heavy. Finally, Atom stops questioning why Mudmee likes him.

The day of the PE assessment arrives and Mudmee and Kongthap end up paired together since both their partners are absent. Now, Atom and Half face off against Mudmee and Kongthap. Towards the end, Atom remembers that Kongthap said his ankle felt sore. Half comes up with a strategy where Atom must do a drop shot so Kongthap would miss his shot.

Unexpectedly, Atom recalls his memories of Kongthap being kind to him and doesn’t follow through. Kongthap and Mudmee win the match! Afterwards, Kongthap asks Atom why he didn’t do the drop shot. Atom says it’s because Kongthap told him sports was about sportsmanship.

Atom then offers to drop Kongthap home on his bike since his leg is in pain. On the way, Atom mentions that he had seen a cat left on the street. He couldn’t adopt it so he left his umbrella as a shelter instead. It’s not there anymore though, so he’s glad it found a home. Kongthap reaches home and we see that he’s the one who adopted the cat. He also has Atom’s umbrella.

Sometime later, Atom catches Mudmee watching Kongthap from afar. They talk about her crush and Mudmee asks Atom who he likes. When he’s hesitant, she gives him a new eraser to write the name on.

Atom is musing about everything on the school roof when he accidentally throws his eraser over the wall. He climbs over to see where it went and suddenly, Kongthap pulls him back. He thought Atom was going to jump but Atom explains the situation. He tells Kongthap to forget everything once again but Kongthap says he can’t. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have feelings for anyone.

Atom sees an opportunity to bring him and Mudmee closer together. He finds out about Kongthap’s type and it matches Mudmee. Then, Kongthap takes Atom by surprise by asking him to wait for Kongthap’s response to his feelings as he wants to consider them seriously. He gives Atom the umbrella and walks away. Atom begins to picture himself dating Kongthap and then yells in frustration at the end of My Love Mix-Up! Episode 1.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of My Love Mix-Up! starts out a bit slowly but establishes all of its main characters quite well. We get a good idea of who the main players of the game are – Mudmee, Atom, and Kongthap. Atom instantly comes across as a well-rounded protagonist, he’s kind to someone who inadvertently rejected him but he also feels jealous of and angry with Kangthop.

Overall, the show has a light and friendly feel to it. It’s got a wholesome vibe and is definitely going to pull viewers back in for what is sure to be a fun rom-com. On the flip side, the background music did feel a bit out of place in a few scenes and the episode is a tad lengthy too.

This adaptation definitely doesn’t have the crispness of its original Japanese source. It’s full of silly filler-like escapades like the scene where Atom competes with Kongthap over food and the badminton match. For the first episode, these worked well but hopefully they will be used in a balanced way in the future.


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