My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Good & the Bad Lies

Episode 16 of My Lovely Liar starts with Hyang-sook dropping by Sol-hee’s cafe and asking if she saw the show her dad was in. Sol-he is caught unaware and watches the video, but is unsure if the man is her dad. Hyang-sook insists she didn’t cheat on Tae-seob and is offended her family thinks she did.

She explains she only had a meal with a man at a hotel. She says she needs to see Tae-seob. Sol-hee warns her not to start drama if she doesn’t plan to get back with Tae-seob. She is getting married anyway and Sol-hee wishes her the best.

What Happens to Tae-seob & Hyang-sook?

Initially, Hyang-sook tries to deny her feelings for Tae-seob but decides to go see him. Tae-seob plays hard to get and Hyang-sook is disappointed, deciding to push through with her wedding. Watching her parents fight without being able to distinguish if they mean what they say is hard for Sol-hee. 

In the end, Tae-seob changes his mind and decides to fight for his ex-wife. With the help of Do-ha and Sol-hee, the couple reunites. They end up starting a popular noodle restaurant in the forest. Hyang-sook is happy as long as she has Tae-seob and is making money. 

What happens to Gamg-min and the people in Yeonseo neighbourhood?

Gang-min finally understands that there is no chance of getting back with Sol-hee. They finally get to have closure after talking. He decides to leave and they wish each other happiness.

Cho-rok thinks it is best to let O-baek go but she struggles with only being friends. It is evident that she wants to give him a chance but Sol-hee feels sad since she can’t help. She wishes she had the ability to help Cho-rok and O-baek speak their truth. Luckily, Cho-ro decides to trust O-baek and give him a chance. She ends up feeling happier than before and they grow steady as a sweet couple.

Boro continues working at his bakery shop and joins a reality show to find love.

What happens to Do-ha and Sol-hee?

Do-ha and his mom talk and apologize to each other. Yeon-mi admits she was wrong not to trust her son and bribe the police. She is ready to cooperate with the investigation and is willing to pay the consequences. 

Do-ha also visits Deuk-chan in prison and learns about the last message on Eom-ji’s phone. Eom-ji was ready to let him go and kill herself before she died. Do-ha is happy that Eom-ji was thankful for him even in her last moments, she no longer blamed him for the end of their relationship.

Do-ha is able to finally let the past go and focus on his career and relationship. He decides to work with Young-jae and Ethan. He helps Ethan make his debut and return to the music industry with a big bang. His collaboration with Ethan earns him another award as the Best Composer.

Sol-hee has a hard time without her ability. She is sad when Chi-hoon leaves to work for Syaon but is also supportive. Syaon became the CEO and Chi-hoon promises to help her manage her new schedule. In the meantime, Sol-hee continues to work with Cassandra at her cafe until her ability returns.

How does My Lovely Liar end?

Although her ability returns, Sol-hee refuses to continue to use it to make a living. Once she and Do-ha get engaged, she notifies all her clients about the end of the VIP services as the Liar Hunter.  She acknowledges it has not been easy to live with this ability and she has learnt not all lies are bad. She wants to let people keep their secrets. The episode ends with her and Do-ha on a bus being all lovey-dovey. 

The Episode Review

My Lovely Liar takes a bow with a perfect ending. Everyone got what they deserved and the truth set many free. Even though this last episode focused on Hyang-sook and Tae-seob, we got to see what happened to the other characters too. 

Throughout this series, we have seen how Do-ha’s life had been affected by a lie and Sol-hee’s ability saved him. While we might have mixed reactions to her ending her Liar Hunter services, we have to admit that it might be the best thing to do. She doesn’t have to use the ability to make a living and can focus on her happiness. 

My Lovely Liar didn’t necessarily stand out but it was a heart-warming drama. Kim So-Hyun and Minhyun’s chemistry was intriguing and carried the show. The supporting cast also did an impeccable job. Let us know your favourite moments from the show. We always look forward to hearing your views.

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