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I Was Her Dream

My Lovely Liar episode 9 starts with Sol-hee confessing she believes Do-ha. He is worried that she endangered herself by coming to his apartment. Once Eom-ho leaves, they return to Do-ha’s house. There, Do-ha reinforces that it was a bad idea for her to come. Sol-hee hears him, but she is busy checking out his vast, luxurious apartment. Sol-hee is glad that he is safe and says as much. She asks Do-ha about Eom-ji and what kind of a person she was. 

Do-ha explains that the relationship with Eom-ji started back in high school. After they graduated, Do-ha left for college in Seoul, and Eom-ji began to feel insecure. She would not be joining Do-ha in Seoul and asked him to visit her every weekend. Do-ha kept his promise and visited every weekend. 

However, Eom-ji was not placated with his visits; she wanted to move to Seoul with him. Do-ha told her this wouldn’t be possible since he was staying at the dorm. They started fighting about how hard it was for him to travel to and fro. Eom-ji only thought about herself and emotionally blackmailed Do-ha into staying with her. 

That fateful night, Eom-ji took Do-ha’s phone and texted all the female contacts on his phone. She acted like he was sending rude messages, asking the ladies to keep their distance from him. This was the final blow for Do-ha, who got furious after learning how obsessed she was. He left, and she followed him as he walked on the shore. He asked for a break-up, saying he couldn’t take it anymore. 

However, Eom-ji was set on him and said he was her dream. She argued that he had been cheating on her. To end things, Do-ha admitted to the false accusations, but Eom-ji insisted on knowing who he was cheating with. Do-ha started to walk away, and she took a broken glass lying around and slit her wrist. 

After seeing this, Do-ha returned and tried to stop her. She begged him to continue the relationship, saying she would die otherwise. A furious Do-ha got tired of the emotional blackmail and told her to kill herself if she wished. He left her crying at the shore and never looked back. He was afraid the cycle of emotional blackmail would never end if he returned to her.

The following day, he was arrested on murder charges, and out of guilt, he admitted to killing her. His mom was against this and asked him to recant his statement since there was no evidence that Eom-ji was killed. Later, Do-ha recanted his statement and was set free by the prosecutors.

Nonetheless, Do-ha still blames himself for what happened to Eom-ji and thinks her death is his fault. Sol-hee comforts him and tells him that it is not his fault. She hugs him as he cries.

He also tells her about Eom-ho and why he is chasing him. He is worried that Eom-ho recognized her as the lady on the bus in Hakcheon. This is when Sol-hee remembers her first meeting with Do-ha. She finds it strange that he remembers her and teases him a bit. Do-ha asks her to sleep over and uses Eom-ho lurking around as an excuse.  Sol-hee agrees to spend the night at his place. He lets her have the bed and says he will sleep on the sofa.

Later, Sol-hee is unable to sleep out of hunger. Do-ha cooks her some ramyeon, and they watch a game together. They are so adorable as they joke and tease each other.  They ask questions and get to learn more about each other. They end up sleeping on the sofa after watching their game.

Elsewhere, Eom-ho is still trying to find Kim Do-ha. He keeps a detailed diary about his investigation into the man. He still believes Do-ha killed his sister and wants revenge. He is fuelled by his anger. After learning that Do-ha moved apartments, he visits Jin-soo and asks if he knows more about Do-ha. Jin-soo is shocked by Eom-ho’s rudeness but admits he knows nothing more.

The next morning, Cha-sook drops by Sol-hee’s house, but she is not there. She visits the tarot cafe and talks to Cassandra and Chi-hoon. She is curious about Sol-hee’s dating life, but they refuse to tell her anything. Cha-sook believes Sol-hee is dating her handsome neighbour and worries he is only a good-looking man with nothing to offer. She fell for the same thing with Tae-seob and doesn’t want Sol-hee to make the same mistake. Speaking of Tae-seob, we see him living his best life in the forest, chopping some firewood and looking strong for a man his age.

Back at Do-ha’s apartment, Sol-hee wakes up and admires his handsome features. She is about to leave when she slips on a remote and lands on his lap. Talk about a safe landing!

The TV accidentally turns on, and a camping advert takes Sol-hee. She wishes she could go to one, and her face lights up as she talks about it. 

In the meantime, Yeon-mi tries to reach Do-ha but is unable to. She focuses on her campaign, and Do-ha decides not to call her back. 

Do-ha is a little preoccupied with his dating life. He takes Sol-hee on a camping trip, and she is flustered as she watches him set up the tent. He is not good at it, but is so cute, trying to figure everything out. After setting up the tent, he cooks them a meal, and they laugh and flirt about. Sol-hee thinks they met again thanks to fate and is glad he is in her life.  

Do-ha is curious if she can detect lies in promises, and she responds that it only happens when one doesn’t mean it. She, however, clarifies that concise and precise answers/statements are better. He confesses her love for her, and they kiss, leaving us blushing. These two have great chemistry!

Elsewhere, the police are on the move to arrest a man accused of stabbing a woman. Since Sol-hee turned him down, Gang-min is not in a good mood. During the stakeout, he watches a video about the Hakcheon case and recognizes Do-ha as Kim Seung-ju.

Deuk-chan is also not in a good mood after learning his wife is having an affair. He, however, decides to say nothing about his discovery. Lastly, we also have Cho-rok, who is sad after her date failed to ask her for a second date. She is unaware that O-baek still has feelings for her and vents to him. She ends up embarrassing herself on the dance floor, but O-baek joins her to help her.

Meanwhile, Syaon nurses her heartbreak at a bar and wonders why Do-ha doesn’t see her as a woman. She ends up singing a few songs at the club, and people are surprised by how amazing she sounds live. On her way home, she is kidnapped by Eom-ho, who asks about Do-ha’s whereabouts. Syaon insists she doesn’t know and refuses to betray Do-ha even though it means death. She is ready to protect him at all costs.

As the night progresses, Do-ha and Sol-hee return home and kiss goodnight before entering their respective apartments. Do-ha is still thinking about Eom-ho, and he checks his phone.  Do-ha is about to sleep when Syaon calls her. It turns out to be Eom-ho, and Syaon warns Do-ha to hang up. Do-ha asks Eom-ho to spare Syaon and asks to meet with him. 

Do-ha heads out to what looks like an abandoned auto yard. There, he meets with Eom-ho, who demands to know what happened to Eom-ji. Do-ha explains that he doesn’t know, too. He believes Eom-ji killed herself because he failed to meet her expectations. He insists that Eom-ji saw him as her dream, and she couldn’t handle it when things went south. 

Concurrently, Sol-hee wakes up from a nightmare and looks at her phone. She sees Gang-min’s message asking her to contact him but ignores it. She also sees Do-ha’s message, which he sent pictures of them at the camping site. She is unaware that Eom-ho is about to exact his revenge on Do-ha. Eom-ho promises to kill Do-ha just like he allegedly killed his sister.  

Do-ha insists he is innocent and asks Eom-ho what he was doing to help Eom-ji as her big brother.  Eom-ho draws out his knife and rushes towards Do-ha. His eyes showing his murderous intent.  Suddenly, Gang-min shows up, giving Eom-ho a flying kick and stopping him in his tracks.

The Episode Review

This has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, we giggled at Do-ha and Sol-hee’s kisses; the next, we wondered if Do-ha would live to see another day. Thankfully, Gang-min shows up and saves the day. We can only hope that Eom-ho takes off and doesn’t insist on fighting Gang-min. Our man is still recovering, and we have no desire to see him back in a hospital. 

We are also curious how Gang-min came to find Do-ha and Eom-ho and what he will do next. He can’t arrest Do-ha over the Eom-ji case, but technically he can bring both of them in for questioning. He found Eom-ho assaulting Do-ha, and it is his responsibility as a cop to de-escalate the threat.

This episode greatly focuses on Do-ha and Sol-hee; we are not complaining. However, it would be nice to see Deuk-chan’s backstory and what he decides to do about his philandering wife. 

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