My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Lies vs The Reasons

My Lovely Liar episode 8 picks up where we left off, with Sol-hee realizing Do-ha is lying when he says he didn’t kill Eom-ji. She instinctively starts to step back, and Do-ha asks what’s wrong. Before Sol-hee can answer, Deuk-chan barges in, demanding to speak to Do-ha.

He claims it is urgent and is already pissed that Do-ha has ignored his calls. Do-ha points out that he is in a somewhat meaningful conversation, but Sol-hee insists they can talk the next day. Deuk-chan and Do-ha hurriedly head to his apartment, leaving a stunned Sol-hee behind.

At the apartment, Deuk-chan informs Do-ha that Syaon spilled the beans to Sol-hee. Do-ha tells him that it doesn’t matter who said what. He was ready to tell Sol-hee himself and believed she would trust him. Deuk-chan wonders if Do-ha is in his right mind and cautions him not to be too trusting. 

He reminds him about the people in Hakcheon, who turned on him the moment he became a suspect. He is scared that Sol-hee will report them to the police station. He asks Do-ha to consider getting Sol-hee to sign an NDA. Do-ha refuses and admits he likes Sol-hee. He wants to think about himself for once and Deuk-chan can hardly believe that Do-ha is saying this.

In the meantime, Sol-hee can’t stop thinking about her conversations with Do-ha. He tries to call her but she refuses to pick up. The next day, she is still in a haze, sighing around in the office. Cassandra and Chi-hoon worry that she is overworking herself. Chi-hoon is also curious about her talk with Syaon. Sol-hee warns him to watch his back as Syaon is a total nutcase.

At JJ Entertainment, Deuk-chan lays it thick on Syaon. He calls her short-sighted as her blabbering mouth might cost them everything. He learns that Syaon has known the truth for a long time but has kept silent. However, her obsession with claiming Do-ha’s heart made her slip. Deuk-chan orders her to stay away from Yeonseo, especially Sol-hee. 

Back at Yenseo, Do-ha texts Sol-hee and asks to meet her after work. She agrees and spends the day searching about the Hakcehon case. On the other hand, Do-ha spends the day thinking about Eom-ji.  She had threatened suicide and slit her arm with a broken glass at the shore. He got fed up with her emotional blackmail and told her to kill herself if she wished.

Elsewhere, Gangmin’s recent case about an elderly woman being conned reminds him of the first time he met Sol-hee. She came to the station and sided with the woman her mom had hurt. Unsurprisingly, Hyang-sook had an affair with a wealthy married man and was about to be sued for adultery. (It is a civil case). Gang-min had stepped up and protected Sol-hee from her mom’s slaps.  Our poor detective still got it bad for Sol-hee!

Night rolls by, and Sol-hee and Do-ha meet for the dreaded talk. Sol-hee offers him coffee first, and they sit down. Do-ha apologizes, saying he was afraid to tell her the truth. She gives him the leeway to explain. However, they are interrupted by Ch-hoon’s call, and Sol-hee’s recent search shows up as she rushes to silence the phone. She ends up spilling hot coffee on Do-ha and offers to give him first aid.

As she ices his hand, she asks him to tell her again that he is innocent. Do-ha deduces that she picked up what he said the previous day as a lie. He confesses his innocence again, but the bell still rings in Sol-hee’s ears. She drops the ice in fear and says that is the worst lie she has ever heard. She asks why he did it, and Do-ha says he can’t make an excuse. He is afraid anything he says shall be deemed a lie. To that end, they finish the conversation and Do-ha leaves. 

Understandably, he is shuttered because he thought she would believe him. Sol-hee is also having difficulty processing, so she goes to a bar. She is unable to eat her shrimp as she recalls her date with Do-ha at the same bar. She calls Do-ha and asks him to explain what happened over the phone. She wants to believe him but doesn’t want to hear from him face to face. He decides to drive to her. 

He finds her drunk on the street, scolding some bickering lovers out of jealousy. He rescues her from that situation and drives her home. Once they get there, Sol-hee asks if they can meet for breakfast the following morning. She wants to ignore the ringing in her ears and believe him. However, Do-ha is adamant that things are different now. She scolds him for not acting a fool and playing along. Do-ha opts to leave as there is nothing much he can say. By the time, Sol-hee decides to reach out for him, he is already in the elevator, so she gives up.

On the other hand, Do-ha’s mom continues to push through with her political campaign. She projects herself as a down-to-earth single mom who struggled after her husband’s death. One of her sponsors warns her to handle Do-ha’s situation to avoid trouble in the upcoming election. She calls Deuk-chan and sets a meeting. They agree that Do-ha leaving for Germany is best for their interests and join forces. Eom-ho watches them from afar; he might have followed Deuk-chan there.

In the meantime, Do-ha gets a call from Syaon, and he invites her over. She apologizes and explains how she came to see Sol-hee at the cafe. Do-ha asks her not to visit the shop or contact Sol-hee again. Syaon is pissed that Do-ha is protective of Sol-hee and offers herself. She promises to keep his secret and be understanding of the situation. She even claims she can call Sol-hee and lie that she was mistaken. Do-ha asks her not to lie since she also believes he is a killer. He asks her to keep her distance from Yeonseo.

A few days later, Sol-hee is still preoccupied and sighing up a storm. Chi-hoon thinks it is about Syaon and Do-ha, and Cassandra tries to stop him from putting his foot in his mouth. Bo-ro stops by to thank Sol-hee and brings freshly baked bread; he asks her to give some to Do-ha. Sol-hee is too out of it to follow the conversation prompting Bo-ro to leave. 

Chi-hoon drives Sol-hee to the hospital to meet a client, and she coincidentally sees Gang-min heading for his check-up appointment. She approaches the nurse claiming to be Gang-min’s guardian, and asks for an update. The nurse reveals that Gang-min had gastric cancer but is doing better. She soon realizes that Sol-hee lied about being a guardian and refuses to divulge more information. Later, we see that Gang-min’s test came out clear, and he is doing well. Hwaiting!

Sol-hee meets with her client and learns that his family and doctors are lying about the success of his surgery, She tells the old man this, but he is not surprised. The man feigns ignorance because he understands why they are lying to him. He tells her sometimes; it is the best thing to do. Some lies come from a place of sincerity and love. This reminds Sol-hee of Gang-min’s situation. Speaking of Gang-min, he runs into Sol-hee when he leaves the hospital. He lies that he is visiting a friend, and so does she. They agree to meet the following night for dinner. 

Elsewhere, our heartbroken Do-ha visits the jazz club and plays sad music. You can literally hear his pain as he plays the piano with a solemn, distant face. Our resident cupid and love guru, Joon-kyu, checks up on him. Do-ha admits that his complicated past is bringing problems to his new life. 

He is not the only one; young-jae is also pinning over Cho-rok, who used to be his girl during their heydays. He still keeps their photos in his wallet, and the secret nearly comes out when they shop. They agree to continue keeping their past a secret. Cho-rok looks over him, and Young-jae pretends he is a casanova but deep-down, he is a romantic with eyes for only Cho-rok. Ahh, love is hard!

Back at JJ Entertainment, Sol-hee meets with Deuk-chan. He gives her an NDA to sign and claims he needs to protect Do-ha. Sol-hee clarifies that she has no intention of hurting Do-ha by revealing his past. Deuk-chan claims he trusts her, and it is just formality. She, however, senses that he is lying right through his teeth. She goes through the contract and asks him to remove the clause about compensation. She is adamant that she wants no compensation for keeping Do-ha’s secret.

Lastly, she asks if Do-ha is okay since he is no longer at his apartment. Deuk-chan lies and claims Do-ha is busy planning to leave for Germany. Of course, Sol-hee picks up on the lie.

Immediately after Sol-hee leaves, Deuk-chan calls Do-ha and asks where he is. He is shocked that the songwriter is back at his Seoul apartment. He heads over and gives Do-ha a piece of his mind. Do-ha finds it strange that Deuk-chan is overreacting about the Syaon dating scandal. Things have calmed down, and the paparazzi are on their next target. This is when Deuk-chan tells him the truth. 

Eom-ho, the desperate, revenge-driven brother of Eom-ji, is in Seoul and has been getting too close to the people around Do-ha. Deuk-chan is sure that Eom-ho wants to kill Do-ha. Do-ha is shaken to hear that Eom-ho is in town. He asks how long Eom-ho has been sniffing around, and Deuk-chan floats around the Germany option. He explains that it will be best for everyone, including Do-ha’s mom.

There is also the added factor that the Entertainment company can go down if the truth is revealed. Deuk-chan argues that hell will freeze over once people learn Do-ha is a murderer.

Do-ha points out that he specifically called him a murderer and not a murder suspect. Deuk-chan tries to correct his choice of words, but it is too late. It is apparent that Deuk-chan doesn’t believe his innocent either. Do-ha tells him he is tired of hiding and ready to face Eom-ho and the world. 

Later, Do-ha recalls Eom-ho attacking him and stabbing him with a knife. He wanted to know where Eom-ji was, but Do-ha had no answers. In the present time, Eom-ho is still sleuthing around. He leaves a message for Do-ha’s mom to meet him at the restaurant in her office building. He signs the note as Kim Do-ha, and once he sees her arrive at the restaurant, he is sure his hunch is right.

Back in Yeonseo, Gang-min and Sol-hee go out for dinner. Sol-hee asks why he never told her the truth about his condition. She cries and apologizes for misinterpreting the reason for his lies. Gang-min assures her that he is fine and he only wanted to protect her. He argues that it would have been painful for her to watch him get treatment.

They later go for a walk, and he asks her to return to him. Unfortunately, the man on Sol-hee’s mind is Do-ha, even in this situation. After hearing this, Gang-min advises her to confess to Do-ha and return to him quickly. He promises to wait for as long as it takes.

That night, Sol-hee thinks about the reason why Do-ha is lying. She opts to drive to his Seoul apartment, but upon getting there, she realizes she doesn’t know his house number. She calls him to ask, and a guard approaches her. It turns out to be Eom-ho dressed as a guard. Do-ha hears his voice over the phone and warns Sol-hee to drive back. They get disconnected, and Do-ha rushes out to assess the situation.

Sol-hee pulls her car back and then sneaks back into the apartment building on foot. She finds Do-ha looking around. He mistakenly calls out to Eom-ho, thinking he is a guard. Eom-ho starts chasing them around the building. He is about to get to their hiding spot when another guard realizes something is wrong and calls him over immediately.

While hiding in the confined space, Sol-hee and Do-ha were just inches apart and looked like they were about to kiss. However, they don’t. Sol-hee tells Do-ha that she believes him. She is sure there is a good reason he is lying, but she doesn’t want an explanation either. She chooses to believe him blindly. Is this what the Wisemen meant when they said love is blind?

The Episode Review

The plot thickens as we get to the middle of this rom-com mystery. We are most curious why Sol-hee hears the bell when Do-ha confesses his innocence. Is it because he feels guilty for what he said to Eom-ji at the shore? Maybe, he believes it is his fault she died. At this point, we are not even sure if she is dead. She could be sipping margaritas on some island, watching Do-ha’s life crumble from afar.

For all we know, she might have tried to commit suicide but was saved and now has amnesia. In the case of Eom-ji’s fate, we are like Jon Snow; we know nothing. We only have theories; what are yours?

Interestingly, Sol-hee chooses to stay by Do-ha’s side even though he is related to a murder. It is not lost on us that she dumped Gang-min for less, but maybe she has grown more accepting. Besides, what the K-dramas writers have put together, let not viewers put asunder! 

Gang-min made a mistake hiding his sickness, and we don’t absolve him. He owed the truth to Sol-hee, especially since he was remotely aware she could sense lies. Sadly, their love story ends there. We can only hope he finds his happiness soon.

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