My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Kim Do-ha? 

My Lovely Liar episode 2 picks up where we left off with Do-ha accused of being Yeonseo’s Neighbourhood pervert and Sol-hee stepping forward to help him. She stops Cho-rok from grabbing Do-ha’s mask and clarifies he is not the infamous pervert. 

The neighbours demand to know why she is so confident in his innocence and Cassandra comes forward and starts sniffing Do-ha. She tells the neighbours she mistakenly used her perfume on the pervert instead of pepper spray. She can’t smell her scent on Do-ha therefore he is not the pervert. 

O-baek offers to follow the scent as he is good with smells. He starts sniffing everyone and they are able to find the culprit. It turns out he was wearing a two-sided hoodie and had tried to mix in with the crowd acting like a concerned neighbour. Cassandra attacks him and he passes out before being arrested.

As the crowd moves its focus on the culprit, Sol-hee informs Do-ha he can take his leave. He asks her why he helped her and she argues she only told the truth. Do-ha remembers her from their bus trip in 2018 but, it seems Sol-hee has long forgotten about it. He quickly leaves and heads home, grateful that he is safe. 

We learn that he moved to Sol-hee’s neighbourhood as per Deuk-chan’s advice. He is now Sol-hee’s neighbour. Sol-hee admits that she found him odd even though he was telling the truth. She also wonders why he hides his face. 

As Sol-hee wonders about Do-ha’s unique behaviours, he is next door looking for updates on the Hakcheon Beach Missing Persons case. There are no updates so he settles on eating some almonds. As he gets comfortable, there is a power cut and he ends up being startled by his own shadow.

The commotion causes Sol-hee to wonder what is happening in the next house as she thought it was vacant. That night, Do-ha is able to sleep well for the first time in ages. The next morning, he wakes up refreshed. As he watches the neighbourhood from his balcony, he can’t help but feel its serene vibes. 

Meanwhile, Sol-hee helps one of her clients from being conned while buying land. She uses the payment to buy a gold bar and adds it to her safe. She then receives a monthly expense notification and she gets frustrated. She goes to meet with her mom and finds her in a restaurant trying to con a doctor. She puts a stop to her mom’s conning scheme and informs her she won’t be paying for her costly monthly expense. 

Her mom is pissed that she ruined her con scheme with the doctor. Sol-hee demands that she gives up on her conning schemes and asks for her card back. Her mom scolds her saying she has earned the right to spend as she sees fit. She warns Sol-hee not to interfere with her business and refuses to stop her conning career. 

She points out that she even went to prison for Sol-hee so she is in no position to judge her. Sol-hee tries to give her an ultimatum by threatening to cut off ties. Her mom calls her bluff and angrily storms out of the restaurant. Sol-hee heads home and finds some relief after receiving some postcards from her dad.

Elsewhere, Deuk-chan is pleased to hear that Do-ha is having a good time in Yeonseo. He promises to send him some of his things the next day. Syaon tries to grab the phone to talk to Do-ha but he quickly hangs up. Deuk-chan advises her to find a man who likes her instead of pursuing Do-ha. She, however, argues that he is yet to realise he has feelings for her and refuses to give up. 

Speaking of Do-ha, he visits a jazz club and plays the piano for the revellers. One of the club’s customers accosts him, demanding to see his face and grabs his glasses. Thankfully, Do-ha is prepared and grabs another from his jacket and the lady is unable to see his face. The club owner, Joong-kyu, retrieves the glasses and returns them to Do-ha. Joong-kyu seems to understand Do-ha’s plight and tries to encourage him to live freely. 

The next night, both Do-ha and Sol-hee tune in to watch their teams go against each other. They order food and run into each other as they collect their food at the door. Sol-hee is surprised to see she has a new neighbour and it is the man in a mask. Do-ha explains he moved in the previous night and Sol-hee finds it strange. 

Do-ha goes on to explain his things will arrive the next morning. Later, they realize the deliveryman mixed their orders and exchange their food. Do-ha gives Sol-hee his cheese balls because the restaurant forgot hers. By the end of the night, Sol-hee is excited since her team won and Do-ha feels dispirited after his team loses.

The following morning, Do-ha waits in his car as the moves bring in his things. He calls Deuk-chan to thank him for his help and Sol-hee walks out and sees the movers. She is curious as to why he has a piano as she thinks it doesn’t fit him. Chi-hoon drops by to pick her up and notices Do-ha’s car. He is fascinated to see such an expensive car in the neighbourhood and insists on taking a photo.

He accidentally drops his phone and the car gets scratched. Luckily, Do-ha comes out and tells them it is okay. Sol-hee finds his forgiving nature strange. 

Back in Seoul, Deuk-chan runs into Mr Park, who is feeling petty after his drunk rants at the award afterparty made him look like a fool. He questions the relationship between Syaon and Do-ha and records Deuk-chan admitting the two met at night. There are already rumours that Syaon and Do-ha are dating and if the recording goes out then things will get more hectic. Mr Park demands to meet with Do-ha by the end of the week. 

Meanwhile, Do-ha goes grocery shopping and is shocked to find Deuk-chan waiting for him in his house. Deuk-chan explains the situation and they come up with a plan to deal with Mr Park. Do-ha agrees to meet him but worries his car stands out so they agree to exchange cars. Sol-hee sees Deuk-chan doing a playful chokehold on Do-ha before taking his car and assumes he is on the run from lenders.

Do-ha explains that they only switched cars because he felt his car stood out too much. Once again, Sol-hee wonders what is wrong with him. On the other hand, Do-ha is relieved she guessed his secret wrong. 

Later that night, Do-ha gets a call from his mom asking to meet. He drives to see her but they only talk in the privacy of his car. His mom gives him kimchi and checks on how he is doing. She asks for Syaon’s autograph since she needs it to close a business deal. She also warns him about dating Syaon. 

She points out they are in this predicament because of the girl he dated before and hopes he will choose a better partner next time. She promises to have a meal with him the next time they meet but he turns her down. His mom is shocked when he tells her that he is aware that she is afraid of him and asks if she thinks she will kill her too. 

The next day, Mr Park visits the tarot cafe and hires Sol-hee. He asks her to eavesdrop on his meeting with Do-ha and signal to him when he lies. 

Elsewhere, Eom-ho is arrested for impersonating a police officer and brought to the police station. He is still not over what happened to his sister and feels the police are neglecting her case.

One of the officers asks him to try and move on but Eom-ho accuses him of letting the culprit off to get a promotion. They lock him in a cell and he starts banging his head on the grills demanding they at least find his sister’s body. The police officers try to save him before he seriously hurts himself. They can’t help but understand where he is coming from. 

Night rolls by, and Do-ha meets with Mr Park while Sol-hee listens in from another private room. Mr Park demands that Do-ha drinks with him and proceeds to ask him about plagiarizing his songs. Do-ha is adamant he has never plagiarized anyone’s work and Sol-hee signals to Mr Park that he is telling the truth. However, she learns that Mr Park is lying about his work ethic, he is the true plagiarizer. 

At the end of the meeting, Mr Park is frustrated that he got nothing worthwhile from it. He tries to make Do-ha take off his glasses while he takes a secret picture but fails thanks to Sol-hee’s quick thinking.  Mr Park embarrasses himself and Do-ha leaves. Sol-hee warns Mr Park to pay his balance before she ousts him for plagiarism. 

She then heads out and tells Chi-hoon that she knows that Syaon and Do-ha aren’t dating. Chi-hoon questions how she found out and learns that she must have met Do-ha . He starts remembering seeing a man walk out of the restaurant and directing the cab to take him to Hannam where Do-ha is rumoured to reside. 

He loses it and starts following the cab, much to Sol-hee’s chagrin. She orders him to stop the car and threatens to fire him if he ever pulls such a move again. He quickly apologizes and Sol-hee opts to drive herself home.

Upon arriving home, she finds Do-ha passed out in front of the building. She notices he looks a lot like the man who met with Mr Park. She takes an even closer look and is more convinced he is indeed the mysterious Do-ha. She decides to take off his mask and is finally able to see his face. As she puts his mask back on, he wakes up and grabs her arm. 

The Episode Review

Things have started to get more interesting and pique at our curiosity. At this point, it is clear that something might have happened to Eom-ho’s sister but we are not sure what role Do-ha played in her fate. Is she dead? And if so, who killed her? Did the police let Do-ha go free or is he a wanted man and that is why he is hiding? Is the girl in Do-ha’s nightmares Eom-ho’s sister? We have so many questions but we will need to exercise patience as the story unfolds over the next few weeks.

It will also be fun to see Sol-hee’s past and what happened between her parents. Will she remember Do-ha as the man she helped in a bus back in 2018? Well, let us know what you are most curious about and what you thought of the first two episodes in the comments below!

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